How is scraping music printing and how is it confidential?

The scratching printed process is very complicated, comparable to printing RMB.

A tons of white paper on one roll, after 20 processes: the primary ink, jets and prize symbols, printing coverage ink, color printing, folding pages, inspection, tailoring, packaging … eventually become one Exquisite scraping.

Why do you brush 20 layers of ink? It turned out that the prize symbol was printed between the layers of ink, like “sandwiches” to protect the prize.

Features 1: Ink: Special anti -counterfeiting, strong confidentiality


Scraping music is produced with the world’s most advanced lottery printed equipment. Its coverage layer is printed with a multi -layer special anti -counterfeiting ink, which has the characteristics of high -resistance light, anti -counterfeiting, anti -transmitting vision. Only to see the password below.

Features 2: High -speed jet of closed space

The winning prize is in the unmanned closed space, and the computer is automated by high -speed jet; after the printing, it will immediately cover the printing. Printing speed is generally up to 100 meters per minute, up to more than 200 meters per minute. There is also 24 hours without dead corners. Once abnormal, immediately call the police.

Features 3: International standards for printing quality

During the production process, “sample tickets” are also required to send quality monitoring stations for inspection. Take a certain number of lottery tickets for foreign testing per year, and the quality of printing has reached international standards.

Just like everyone has their own ID number, each scraping music also has their own data coding. The printed scraping music can only be sold only after the data encoding information is encrypted and transmitted to the Fucai Center; after verification and confirmation by each betting site, it can be sold.



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