Precautions for using high and low temperature intercourse damp -heat test box

High and low temperature and damp heat -changing test box is a high -temperature and low temperature environment used to simulate artificial conditions to detect the durability and corrosion resistance of related instruments and materials. So in actual production, what are the consequences of the normal use of high and low temperature and humidity test box? The following editors will tell you.

1. Please note that the machine must be safe and ground to avoid electrostatic induction.

2. Avoid turning off in three minutes before turning on the freezer.

3. If the heating test product is placed in the box, please use the power supply to the power supply. Do not use the power supply directly.

4. Circuit circuit breaker, ultra -temperature protector, provides test products of the device and the safety protection of the operator, and require regular inspections.

5. Forbidden test explosion, as well as combustible and high corrosive substances.

6. In addition to opening the lighting light, the rest of the time should be turned off.


7. Before doing low temperature, you should dry the studio and dry at 60 ° C for 1 hour.

8. When doing high -temperature tests, when the temperature exceeds 55 ° C or more, avoid turning on the cold.

9. On any cross -section perpendicular to the dominant wind direction, the sum of the test load section area should not be more than one -third of the work section of the work.

According to the above, we can only ensure that the high and low temperature intercourse damp -heat test box can be guaranteed in accordance with relevant standards in accordance with the relevant standards, which can exert its true functions.

Author: ArticleManager