Want the baby to play more smarter? These 8 children’s puzzle toys won the heart of Bao Ma

Toys are not expensive, but in the age, which can inspire interests, and help babies know the world, and let them play unique creativity and infinite potential in the process of free and happy play. So which puzzle toys are the most suitable for babies What about it? Today, I will take a look at a wave of high -quality puzzle toys.


Children’s puzzle toy, a must -have on the road of baby growing up

Lego building blocks are very helpful for children’s intellectual development, hands -on ability and imagination. The baby enjoys the sense of accomplishment brought by toys in the process of playing Lego.

This LEGO Lego Mickey and friends can also successfully arouse the interest of children. In their eyes, they seem to be the owner of this Lego Castle. While doing it in person, the consciousness of “home” and “masters” gradually formed.


I believe that every boy has a dream of exploring space from an early age. If your baby also dreams of becoming an astronaut in the future, then you may wish to send this Playmobil Mosi 9488 Mars mission rocket toy. Not only the rockets and astronaut models are included in the set, but they are even equipped with launching grounds, which will definitely make the baby open.

Although the baby’s personality is born, it is also closely related to the environment of life since childhood. If your baby is too restrained, then you may wish to start a desktop game to play with him. This ICECOOL penguin checked game is suitable for babies over 6 years old. The game time is 20 minutes and can exercise the brain.


This GAMEWRIGHT children’s collaborative reasoning board game suitable for 5 -year -old children can also effectively exercise communication and expression ability and logical thinking ability. Maybe, through this small game, you can find that your baby also has the talent of Holmes’s general detective!


Each baby is a natural artist. If your baby has shown the sensitivity to color and the artistic talent beyond his peers since he was a child, then you may wish to buy him this Crayola painting. Go further from dreams.

This set of chess enthusiasts, the Umbra Wobble international chess set is Bai Yueguang in Bao Ma’s heart. The excellent chessboard texture and round chess pieces make a lot of babies love it. In addition, playing chess can not only fully exercise the baby’s brain, but also exercise logical reasoning ability.


Have you ever thought about why children like dinosaurs? I think it is because the dinosaurs have long been extinct in reality, and no one knows what the real dinosaurs look like, so they have room for the baby to have imagination. To satisfy the children’s reveries and take them back to the ancient Jurassic era.

The cargo is more affordable than the three houses, and the cost is slower than that of puzzle toys


The above recommended eight puzzle toys that are suitable for children in all ages. I believe that the mothers can’t wait to put each one into the pocket, so how can I choose to avoid stepping on the mine? Here is a wave of multi -platform comparison operations. Taking this Jurassic World TOYS Jurassic World Real Canglong Toy as an example, the price on a certain treasure is 359RMB. 247RMB (excluding tax), the price is full!

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