The baby’s second car before school — “Children’s Electric Vehicle”, the advantages and disadvantages are available

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The small carts used by the baby, to the children’s electric vehicle to today, to the baby’s tricycle scooter, to the pedal tricycle, and the balancing bicycle without pedals. What knowledge and reserves should my dear parents make? How to use the key growth period of baby to educate? Let your baby develop good habits from an early age, and seize the concept of letting the baby know the rules during the critical period. for example

Children’s electric vehicle

It is necessary to develop a traffic system. How to be a “little good driver”. What are the shortcomings that parents must know?

What is a children’s electric car

Toy data

Mainly refers to a type of toy car driven by a motor that can be drove and can be taken, which is a kind of baby who can sit on the throttle and brake control.

toy car.

There are doors, steering wheels, rearview mirrors, brakes, and speakers as real cars.

What models are there

Mercedes -Benz, BMW, Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Wrangler, Maserati, Audi, as long as you think of them, they have all the way to the movie “Ant Man 2”. Essence

What do you think of people from all walks of life

Views abroad:

Many parents are willing to buy such children’s electric vehicles for their baby. This is the most important reason for foreign gardens. Babies will have a lot of fun, very high happiness, and can cultivate the baby’s curiosity and exploration ability.

Domestic view:


Many families in community squares in China will choose to buy, because children’s electric vehicles are much safe than scooters. They have seat belts. They are not afraid of hitting them bigger than their children. They are not afraid of babies and other children.

My point of view

: Buy children’s electric vehicles made by big brand merchants. The battery is a children’s electric vehicle for brand merchants. Plastic materials are non -toxic children’s electric vehicles. There are children’s electric vehicles with separate Bluetooth remote control. Children’s electric vehicles buying vacuum tires have waterproof Children’s electric vehicles with leakage protection, motor explosion -proof children’s electric vehicles.


The advantages and disadvantages of children’s electric vehicles

Advantages 1. For the baby’s body

If others can also reduce and avoid the transmission of bacteria brought by kisses, the baby’s hand, feet, and brain can be more flexible during driving to make the baby’s brain more flexible. Do hands and feet collaboration


“Eye fast -handed disease”


Advantages 2. For your baby’s body and mind,

Let the baby have a lot of fun and fun, such as driving a reversing, walking the line, letting the newcomer wait

Advantages three: For parents of babies,

Make mom and dad have more free time to handle their own affairs.

Disadvantages and misunderstandings



Plastic material:

In the past few years, there were many manufacturers in the market, and the small brands of fish and dragons were sloppy. They used cheaper toxic plastic, causing the baby’s skin allergies and seriously leading the baby to vomiting.


Wire line:

In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers have chosen the market that has begun to aging, so that the use of the wire circuit has a short period of use and often poor contact. More serious is that some manufacturers do not do waterproof waterproof at the wire interface. occur.


Electric fire:

Some bad manufacturers, in order to reduce the cost directly elected the sub -product, causing the baby to fire in the process of using the child’s electric vehicle, causing the baby to burn.


. Brake failure:

Don’t look at children’s electric vehicles. Some cars have been used for a long time. It is easy to hit the wall or drive down the stairs and roll over and wrestle.


Speed ​​too fast:

Some merchants were adjusted too fast in terms of speed. As a result, the aunt dancing in the square hit a wrestling. A child knocked down the 60 -year -old man who fell too quickly and caused a fracture, and finally paid 24,000 yuan.


Zaobao card:

Although this network has not been reported, we cannot rule out the possibility of no occurrence. It is very dangerous to stuck and do not jail.


High environmental requirements:

Generally, the ground needs to be relatively flat. If there are too many differences in height, it is difficult to ride happily.


. Maintenance trouble:

Don’t look at the toy car, we still need to get on the oil regularly, the battery needs to be cleared.


Battery use:

Listing alone is that improper battery use is prone to fire, especially if it is charging for a long time, there will be a danger of family fire.


Remote control, Bluetooth control:

Many now

There are control functions, and Bluetooth is also easy to be connected by other devices. Mistakes occur and accidents occur.


Can’t leave the sight:

Fortunately at home, if you play in the square, you must pay attention to the bad guys to catch the baby away, and prevent the baby from getting lost everywhere. They are more afraid that pedestrians will hit their mobile phones and kick their baby’s body and face and head.

The final summary:

Parenting is a seemingly simple thing, and it is also a very professional and particular artistic work. I have been happy for a lifetime and regret it for a lifetime. Today’s content is mainly the advantages and disadvantages of children’s electric vehicles.


11 major disadvantages. Parents pay more attention. purchase

Before the car, you must read all these shortcomings, and you must better do a better psychological plan to buy or not buy it. After discussing with your family, you must buy it. You must be clear about fun and risks to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

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Children’s electric vehicle

Children’s electric vehicle

Children’s electric vehicle

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