Beautiful fairy tale tasting Van Cleef & Lea enamel craft lady watch

[Watch House Watch Tasting] Van Cleef & B. After creating a high -end jewelry series inspired by Charles Pero’s fairy tales, “Princess Donkey Skin”, it was inspired by this dream story to create a model to create a model to create a model. Unique watch. At the 2015 Asian Advanced Watch Show, Van Cleef & Apin exhibited this Lady Arpels Peau D ‘ANE FORET Enchtec watch, which is amazing.

Lady Arpels Peau D ‘ANE FORET ENCHANTEC Watch

This watch adheres to the traditional craftsmanship of Van Cleef & Arpels, and will be integrated into the watch production in the future. The watch case is inlaid, dazzling, and the dial is made of exquisite forest scenes with enamel technology. The exquisite case of the watch is matched with the elegant and mysterious blue strap, making the watch more elegant.

美丽童话 品鉴梵克雅宝珐琅工艺女士腕表


美丽童话 品鉴梵克雅宝珐琅工艺女士腕表

The exquisite and compact crown is inlaid with a round beauty diamond, which is magnificent and abnormal; the side of the crown is modified with pit patterns to facilitate grasping the adjustment time.

Blue strap

美丽童话 品鉴梵克雅宝珐琅工艺女士腕表

The watch strap uses a soft and tough leather strap. The strap is mysterious and elegant blue. The natural texture is modified and beautiful.


The watch buckle adopts a needle -type buckle. The buckle is inlaid with diamonds as decoration. The needle -type buckle is not only convenient for opening and closing, but also can be adjusted as needed.

美丽童话 品鉴梵克雅宝珐琅工艺女士腕表


The watch dial is the enamel process depicting exquisite patterns. The dial reproduces the green green forest scenery in “Donkey Skin Princess”. There are many kind and friendly animals in the forest. The scene of new forests. There is no time label on the dial, only simple time, pointer indication time.


美丽童话 品鉴梵克雅宝珐琅工艺女士腕表

The watch uses a straight -line surface ear, the lip ear and case connection, and the ends of the surface of the surface. There are diamonds inlaid, which is not only beautiful but also reflects the case.


The back of the case uses a closed surface to fix it with screw bolt; the screws and patterns on the bottom of the table are meticulous and exquisitely carved.

美丽童话 品鉴梵克雅宝珐琅工艺女士腕表

Summary: What such a beautiful watch shows not only the superb craftsmanship of watchmakers, but also shows the high -level art grasp of Van Cleef & A. The watch is inspired by fairy tales, and the exquisite and accurate enamel craftsmanship presents the exquisite and charming fairy tales on the dial. The diamonds inlaid on the watch are matched. The watch is exquisite and charming. (Figure/Watch House Zhang Sen)

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