Is it good to add honey to soy milk? Can I drink honey in soy milk?

Can you drink honey in soy milk? Can you drink honey in soy milk?


Soymilk refueling bar is one of the traditional breakfast matching in many regions, but some people do not like the original soy milk, and want to add some honey to improve it. It’s just that there are always controversy in whether you can add honey in soy milk, making everyone difficult.


There are two versions of the saying that soy milk and honey can not be eaten together. One is that honey and soy milk can cause deafness, and the other is that eating honey and soy milk together will cause diarrhea. The protein encounter will produce precipitation that is not conducive to digestion, resulting in diarrhea.

If you want to know if you need to analyze the nutrients of the two as the rumor said, the field shepherd bee is analyzed for everyone to analyze their nutrients. The main components of honey are glucose and fructose, as well as nutrients such as minerals, amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, and activated enzymes. The main component of soy milk is protein, which also contains certain nutrients such as dietary fiber, phospholipids and vitamins.

From the perspective of nutritional ingredients, it is beneficial to the body, which does not endanger physical health, leading to deafness. Another rumor is about protein and organic acid. At first glance, it really makes sense, but does it feel that it is not right under the fine product?


That’s right, it is not right, it can be reaction, but it cannot be discussed from the dose to talk about reaction, and the two do not make a simple encounter. They need a catalyst. There are very few organic acids. Even if the reaction really happens, it cannot endanger physical health, so it is not a problem to drink honey and soy milk together.

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