Sweet Sweet Summer Fusi Bubble Water Mark 2021CHINAJOY

On July 31st, the 2021 ChinaJoy exhibition is in full swing. At this exhibition, not only the latest video games, computer hardware, and digital terminal products are displayed, but also various types of surrounding products related to entertainment. As a summer drink that meets the healthy diet of young people at the moment, VOSS also brought the newly launched Fusi bubble water to the Z in planet exhibition area at the ChinaJoy scene.

清甜口感畅爽夏日 芙丝气泡水亮相2021ChinaJoy

According to reports, the Voss Fris brand was a beverage brand born in Norway in 1998. Today, the brand’s products have spread throughout 72 countries and regions around the world, and gradually become classic brands that represent high -quality lifestyles and define fashion. With its excellent water quality and unique bottle design, it quickly swept Hollywood after its launch, becoming a loved choice for politicians and celebrities from all walks of life.

At this exhibition, VOSS brings to you the flavors of water cherry blossom white peaches, green grapes, lime ginger flavor and other flavors. They all have a sweet taste and micro -bubble taste. It is worth mentioning that Fusi bubble water products do not add sucrose, and at the same time bring you a new experience of 0 carbohydrates.

清甜口感畅爽夏日 芙丝气泡水亮相2021ChinaJoy

The VOSS brand advocates the attitude towards life of “live up to life.” While you play various wonderful games in summer, you can enjoy the sweet moments of “no burden” by drinking Fusi bubble water.


Author: ArticleManager