Can resource coffee also return to spring? Jing Tian Zhang Binbin staged a master -servant love, “Si Fu” reputation reversed

“Even if the drama is fluttering, the actor will make it” (dog head)

Most people may not dare to say this,

But can it really be appropriate to put it on Jing Tian?


“Glory of the Tang Dynasty” has been gone for four years,


The male director Jialun also turned red by “Under the Jinyi”,

Ah, do you ask big sweetness?

Is she really filming?

It can be said that her work in the past two years was brushed out by “Si Teng”.

Reuters …

Netizen: Looking forward!


Stills …

Netizen: So beautiful!

Trailer …

Netizen: Regardless of whether you flutter or explode, you have made money!

It’s all up to this,


Why do you have to see how many points of answers have been handed in?


At first glance, I didn’t hold back and laughed.

Are the heroine advertising Green Arrow Gum?


It’s okay, the male lead looks beautiful like a spaceman.

The problem is, who can bear the same effect of this 5 cupp for the transformation!

You say you can bear it, but you can save people with a rattan in the public, right?



Jing Tian, ​​the heroine is quite pretty.

Adapted from the female frequency IP “Half Demon Si Teng”,

In the novel, Si Teng was the white vine who was killed during the Republic of China.

After more than 70 years, the blood of the male lead Qin Fang was resurrected by the blood accident.

She saved the male lead with a demon,


The male lead has become a follow -up to find the demon.

Most of the plots in the play are retained, except …


The heroine turned into a “alien”, and the Demon Taoist family became a “hanging door.”

#U KNOW, you cannot become fine after the founding of the People’s Republic of China#

The male lead has become a wealthy architect,

As a humanoid ATM machine, it has greatly facilitated the “Miracle Si Tengto Show Show”.

#Conservative estimation, there are 15 sets of episodes of 6 episodes#

The original “master and servant love” was retained,

It has increased the cuteness of sleeping for many years and unreasonable people today.

Raise the eyebrows,

Jade hand dumped,

The most suitable BGM that sounds “I am the queen, confident to put light” …

Queen of noble, proud toxic tongue, stable

Look at these posts again

Isn’t it strange?



However, five years ago,

Orange is a day when Jing Tian can’t think of Jing Tian …

At that time, she summarized in one sentence–


Due to mysterious and unpredictable anti -sky resources and rich and rich private jewelry,


Nicknamed the “Eighth Miracle in the World” by netizens.

Let’s briefly review the main points …

Money and money

The daily shapes are almost all big names, all of which are expensive.

As soon as he debuted, he put on Eliesaab.


The Jaeger -LeCoultre watch with a real diamond and priced at 5.65 million also worn several times,

A whole set of carving high -level custom models is naturally not wrong,

Do you say that clothing jewelry in public depends on all?

The private server also carrys various styles of Hermes bags …

#On luxury goods that can be preserved, his home ranks first#

We need resources to have resources

In 2008, she was still a freshman in Nortel,

Stown in the first TV series “Epic a Woman”.

At that time, Zheng Shuang, who was in the same class at the time, could only play a youth film like “Thunderstorm”.


She partnered with Zhao Wei and Liu Ye, and the names on the poster were larger than the male lead.

Later, the heroine was all!

Although the routes of each stage are different, they will always be female No. 1.

In the first stage, smash big names-

A “Warring States” is a movie tailored for her,

Sun Honglei, Wu Zhenyu, and Jiang Wu have a few old drama bones, plus Jin Xishan, the old Korean qualifications,

They all set off the “unique heroine” graduated from the senior year.

In all kinds of large -scale scores,

Zhou Runfa and Nicholas Tse became her escort group,

Donnie Yen and An Zhijie have given her the left and right protection,


Jackie Chan will also help her walk the red carpet,


This is still not red, but I won the gold broom nomination?

In the second stage, the heroine of Mary Su–

In 14 years, he followed Yu Zheng’s popularity and performed “The Legend of Ban Shu”,


In the same year, he starred in the Qing Palace “Legend of the Big Jade Er”,


Basically, the routines of most male characters,

It can be said that the ministries are all stars, and the sets are Mary Su.

Most 85 flowers are popular with the ancient puppets, and she hasn’t gone up yet?

Then learn Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi, Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing …


In the third stage, break through Hollywood–

The starting station is “Great Wall”, Zhang Yimou’s giant movie, she plays the only heroine,

In the super luxurious card lineup, the position is more than Andy Lau.


The second stop “King Kong: Skull Island”, the only Asian character,

Others are ashamed, and only she keeps her clean face in a few minutes of drama.

The third stop “Pacific Rim 2”, the famous female No. 2,

There is a complete story line, which shows great power at the end and turns the tide.

The big -name actress who has been boiled for many years,

I can only go to Hollywood to make soy sauce and running dragon.

Jing Tian seemed to be hanging …

The more people question, the

The stronger her resources, the


For example, the “Hollywood International Award” with no ancients and those who did not come.

For these disputes, Jing Tian actually responded–

Many actresses work hard and strive for things,

She can easily get it, and summarizes five words:

Fortunately, work hard.

It’s like Lu Xiaokui who will shout “Come on!”


She said she was naturally optimistic and did not like to complain,


See everything very simple and simple,


Facing questioning and suspicion,


I hope to prove myself with hard work,

Like the blogging era around 2008,

She did not have a frustrated self -complaint,

The whole body is naive and happy positive energy,

There is no mysterious power behind it,


The resources are obtained by the audition,

If you must say it,


That is the help of the boyfriend who “is also a teacher, friend and noble person”.


There is also the identity of this noble man …

Road Zheng, 1969 Born in Beijing,

The founder, chairman, and president of Beijing Starlight Splendid Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd.,

Wanda Group shareholders, investing in the film and television industry in 2008.


Orange believes her statement …

The same period of the shares behind the original brokerage company,

This year, Jing Tian’s “luck” began to be downgraded.


During the interview several times publicly responded that I was single,


“Ordinary family situation” returned to the state of “ordinary female stars”.


Originally non -blockbuster cannot be included in the filming resume,

Jing Tian picked up several lineups that were not brilliant.


(You see this style of painting suddenly get younger)

Originally, you must mention a big brand bag every time you travel,


Nowadays, private server has become a tide brand leisure style.


There was almost no scandal, Wang Sicong did not dare to spray,

Jing Tian and Zhang Jike disclosed their relationship.


(Although it has been broken up now)

But the most intuitive change is actually–

After shooting his last blockbuster in 17 years,

A goddess who does not eat the fireworks on earth,

Suddenly it turned into the real sweetness.


Live makeup remover of the natural route

The popular foodiers set up

Is it heavy?


Change to the real life of the pain to lose weight

The same paragraph “real” and there are still–


Walking the red carpet will quietly add flesh -colored autumn pants in the skirt,


Frequently share some photos of flying self and no idol baggage,

With Taobao free shipping head hoop, I want to cover the lens with socks,

The field of artists naturally has also widened …


Once became a live show,

Show the funny atmosphere, surround the city in rural areas,

In the past two years, it has also begun to enter the field of live broadcasts,

When selling double eyelid stickers, I hit a sad frog from the face before hacking,

Hao dangerous later underwent repair surgery, saved the face value,

But to talk about the masterpiece of Zheng’er Ba Jing as an actor?

The previous work that proves that her acting skills are not bad, it is five years ago.

Look at the following names and say one ️ No problem.

Now watching the reaction of “Sito”,


Can Jing Tian more represent the role?

At first it was “the winner of the stars”,


Holded by the unique advantage resources,

I can’t buy the hearts of the audience who are wider and wider,


After playing for so many years, the big female lead, no red,

Still by the acting skills of “Glory of the Tang Dynasty”,

Turn over the strategy of “rural surrounding cities” that follow closely …

What does this mean?

The actor is important to choose the right script,

Resource advantage is just the added value of the actor,

Do n’t you think it is more fragrant to be your own queen?

The last sentence


During the information, she was stunned by her vegan card …


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