show off! Quan Hongxiang is too cute, showing Wang Shun’s flip gloves, handsome guys are enough to steal their heads

After 24 hours of trek, all the people of the Red Wan and the diving team and the swimming team have all arrived in the UAE. After testing, they will start preparing for the short pool World Championships. For the athletes of the diving team, they will come to the athletes of the diving team. It is said that this game is relatively easy, because it is a performance match, more of performances rather than the game, so the team’s mentality is still very relaxed.


On Saturday morning, the diving team and the swimming team were getting up early to catch the early plane. When waiting, Quan Hongyu was sitting with the handsome guy Wang Shun. The two were in the National Games. When I met when I met, I was relatively familiar. Sitting among the two tall swimming team masters, Quan Hongxiang looked very small, as if an adult with a child, but Quan Hongyu’s personality belongs to comparison. Extremely, whether it is with celebrities, teammates, or peers, they can talk very familiar. This time, when waiting, Quan Hongyu also became the one who spoke more.

It seems that everyone hasn’t woke up yet, and Quan Hongzheng is very spiritual. She talked to Wang Shun very much. When she set off in Beijing this time, the weather was relatively cold. I also prepared a glove for herself. This was also she specially selected. It is a knitted glove that can be flipped. It is very warm. When it is not cold, you can also expose your finger. The sister also showed her beloved gloves to Wang Shun and showed him how to use it, as if it was showing off, it was a child!


Sister Red seems to have a kind of self -familiarity and can talk to anyone. This personality is also necessary for the field. You can also reduce her pressure. Maybe even Wang Shun herself did not expect that this little girl herself was that the little girl herself was that the little girl was. In this way, he was enough to steal Quan Hong’s gloves, and next time he also bought a man!

Author: ArticleManager