How to choose eye cream at different ages? 20 hydration, 25 anti -aging, 30 anti -wrinkle, the right selection is effective

How to choose eye cream at different ages? 20 hydration, 25 anti -aging, 30 anti -wrinkle, the right selection is effective

Eye cream is an important skin care product for all women. Every morning and evening skin care work, eye cream is a commonplace, and every beautiful girl will insist.

However, in the face of a variety of eye cream products on the market, if you do not choose the eye cream according to your age and skin condition, you may not see the effect of the eye cream for a long time.

Although the effect of big -name effects is relatively comprehensive, if these eye creams are used for too young skin, not only do you not have a good effect on your skin, but it will cause excess nutritional fat particles.

So how can I choose the eye cream that suits you? In fact, in the face of this problem, the more insurance approach is based on age and skin state.

The eye skin problems of girls around 20 are relatively small

What needs to be done at this age is the work of basic moisturizing and hydrating, and the eye cream you choose does not require much effect.

As long as the hydration work is done, the skin is usually smooth and elastic, and the dark circles will become less due to sufficient hydration. If you usually like to stay up late, you can choose to remove edema with excellent eye cream.

The moisture of girls around 25 years old will slowly become less

Therefore, in addition to moisturizing and hydrating, it is also necessary to pay attention to the eye creams that resist the old effect. This can prevent dry lines and fine lines in advance to a certain extent.

If girls at this age do not pay attention to moisturizing and moisturizing work, when smiling and facial expressions are large, there will be fine lines and dry lines, so the nutritional content of eye cream should be increased, so as to do a good job of delaying aging skin care. Work.

Everyone knows that the age of 30 is a watershed of a woman. After 30 years of age, the state of the skin will become more and more relaxed and the metabolic ability will gradually weaken.

Therefore, when choosing skin care products, it pays more attention to comprehensiveness. Eye cream with basic hydration can no longer provide sufficient nutrition.

On this basis, tension and anti -wrinkle eye cream can make comprehensive protection of fragile eye skin. If you can choose an eye cream with excellent texture at this age, even at the age of mature age, the skin condition of the eye will look younger than his peers.

Eye cream products on the market are relatively large, and each eye cream has its unique effects and applicable people. So

What kind of eye cream is good for the items?

Intersection Here are some eye creams with good effects and word of mouth for everyone. Let’s take a look at what are!

01. AHC seventh -generation eye cream

The seventh -generation eye cream of AHC is generally a relatively cost -effective eye cream. It contains 18 kinds of hyaluronic acid ingredients, which can achieve a good moisturizing and hydrating effect on the skin of the eye.

In addition to this effect,

It can also be applied to the decree pattern and eight -character pattern to play the role of fading the fine lines throughout the face


02. Keyan Avocado Eye Cream

Just like its name, Kyan’s avocado eye cream

It is rich in avocado ingredients

It has a good effect on moisturizing the skin of the eye.

It is also

Contains precious vitamin E ingredients

It is very suitable for people with dry eyes 20 to 25 years old.

03. Yiliser Eye Cream

This eye cream in Elsell is one of its brand products. It contains high concentration of retinol composition, which is very friendly to people with dry and fine lines on the eyes. Many people report that this eye cream is used. In the future, the fine lines and dry lines have been obviously reduced.

In addition to having a good anti -wrinkle effect on eye skin,

It has a light line on the entire face

However, this eye cream requires a certain tolerance to the skin, which can be applied in the early stage, and then slowly increased to allow the skin to adapt to this eye cream to have a better effect.

04. Lediei Caviar Eye Cream

Ledie’s caviar eye cream is a lady’s eye cream,

Its effect is also very omnipotent

Essence This eye cream contains

Fish seeds, peptides, caffeine, avocado and other nutrients

It is much richer than many eye cream on the market.

Caviar eye cream is more suitable for mature people over 30 years of age. It not only has excellent moisturizing and hydrating, anti -aging anti -wrinkle effects, but also has a good effect on the dark circles around the eyes.

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