Door lock, door lock

Door lock, door lock

As the saying goes, “Difficulties and Night Family Thieves are difficult to prevent” sometimes you think the most familiar person may be the person who hurts you the most. Recently Criminal films starring Ma Yoko, Liu Huan, and Liu Ye. “Door Lock” today released the preview and poster in all aspects of the dangerous situation facing the current women’s living women. Essence

The protagonist Fang Hui is a solitary woman in a big city. Recently, she found that someone seemed to be monitoring and tracking her secretly, but whenever she went to find it, she could not find the shadow of the other party. The unknown thing was the most horrible heroine. How to protect themselves when facing such a situation. Fang Hui (Bai Baihe), who lives alone, is in a crisis. Several men around him have no intention, and the terrible experiences that Fang Hui encountered is very close to social reality to give people a strong impact and shock. On the other hand In the play, the character in the play starring the guests, Fan Ye, and other plays is very curious. The film will be released nationwide on November 19. The dilemma faced by Fang Hui comprehensively, the preview revealed the fact that the 92 million people lived in my country and murmured “because they lived because they lived” so they learned that there was a man in the family. White and deeply reveal the psychology and survival status of many live women, and the survival crisis of women in addition to living alone is from the difficulty boss, manic agency, and gloomy security disaster. There is no power to do. With the debut of these characters, several starring actors also showed their true appearance for the first time. Among them, the man who followed Fang Hui was performed by Bai Ke. His purpose was unknown and seemed to be sending her home, but his expression was a little panicked; The scars seem to be hidden in many secrets; although Mr. Li played by Ma Yoko is a familiar colleague, it is difficult to distinguish between good and evil, and Fang Hui is nervous. Realistic problems such as wine table culture and workplace harassment have a strong sense of substitution. The house intermediary starring Liu Ye used the cigarette butt directly poke the cat’s eye on the door, which makes people unconsciously tighten the nerves. The tone of the monitoring, the handle of the constant rotation, and the failed to open the door, coupled with the prediction of the last man lay on Fang Hui’s bed, and put her into her arms, good night, good night, as if in her own home, it means ” The family is no longer the risk of the auscultance of the wind port. Where the Fang Hui should go and how can it affect the hearts of the audience, it has continued to rise the popularity of the film. From the trailer, we also see a detail “The person who hurts you is often you most you are the most you. “Familiar person” is, as a person who is working hard in a big city, you always have to make a few friends, but what you may not know is that the so -called good friends around you may have different purposes.

In recent years, the news of being hurt by a single woman is common, and most of them are acquaintances, so here to warn all women, there are many good people in the world, but there are many bad people. Sometimes they cannot believe each other too much. “Door Lock” is the alarm clock that sounds the self -protection of women through the true display of such groups and such events, and calls on the society to continue to pay attention to women’s safety issues. Like this movie to follow me! Or be careful

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