Ingenu’s dream “Fantasy Westward Journey” computer version opens non -heritage guardian plan

Ingenu’s dream “Fantasy Westward Journey” computer version opens non -heritage guardian plan

The treasures of Chinese civilization are like a sea of ​​smoke, and countless outstanding works and skills are worth remembering. As a background with ancient Chinese mythology “Journey to the West”, which is based on the Tang Dynasty, the computer version of “Fantasy Westward Journey” has many gameplay and plot of traditional culture, such as the imperial examination competition, Han Modan Qing, and Journey to the West. The combination of traditional culture with gameplay is combined to help the guardian and inheritance of culture in the way of young people understanding.

Recently, the computer version of “Fantasy Westward Journey” officially opened the “ingenious dream · non -heritage guardianship” plan, and the theme of the first stop chose the blue -printed printing and dyeing skills that also followed the Tang Dynasty, and invited the national non -genetic inheritance Master Wu Yuanxin, jointly created a blue printed cloth with the theme “Flying to Dream”. In the future, this printing and dyeing skills will also combine gameplay to give players the opportunity to experience intangible cultural heritage in the game.

Wu Yuanxin is creating “Flying to Dream” for the computer version of “Fantasy Westward Journey”

Flying Dream Millennium Blue Printing Flower Show a new theme

The blue -printing printing and dyeing technique is a method of anti -dyeing printing in the blue flower cloth. The origin has been more than a thousand years. This skill has both practicality and aesthetic value and is loved by the people.

It is learned that the game background of the computer version of “Fantasy Westward Journey” is based on the Tang Dynasty. Many players have a high degree of acceptance of traditional culture. Master Wu Yuanxin was glad to accept invitations and began to create this “flying sky into dream” blue printing cloth. He is dedicated to the inheritance of the blue printing cloth for more than forty years, and also hopes that more young people can understand this traditional skill through this work.

Master Wu Yuanxin was inspired by Feitian murals, connecting various elements with a ribbon

Wu Yuanxin’s “Flying Dream” blue printing cloth, inspired by the flying murals of Dunhuang in the Tang Dynasty, uses flying tapes as a bond, cleverly connecting various elements on the print. Wu Yuanxin also spent a lot of thoughts on the effect of the cloth. In order to make the final picture have a layer of dark and blue, he decided to use the white blue flower technology. On the basis of the original blue and white colors, he used it boldly and innovatively. The method of stopping the dyeing and secondary scraping makes the words more three -dimensional and clearer.

The new combination of ingenuity creates a new idea of ​​non -heritage guardianship

As the treasure of the traditional Chinese cultural industry, the blue -printed printing and dyeing technology has been certified as the first national intangible cultural heritage. This set of hand -made processes along the Tang Dynasty, from stereotypes, tung oil, scrape, dyeing, hand -shaved ash, and drying, each link is the wisdom of millennium inheritance. Following this set of ancient methods, Wu Yuanxin realized the complete presentation of the theme elements of the computer version of “Fantasy Westward Journey” on the blue printing cloth, and also completed a new combination of traditional skills and modern games.

“Flying to Dream” Blue Printing Flower adopts the most traditional manual process

When talking about the experience of this joint creation, Wu Yuanxin said: “The guardian and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage is to send hope to young people. This game that many young people love allows more people to understand non -heritage and even join the team that develops non -heritage. “

In addition to letting more young people understand non -heritage, this joint creation also brings new ideas for traditional craftsmen to bring new ideas for content creation and technical inheritance. Wu Yuanxin said that he was also inspired by this cooperation. In the future, he will try more ways to love young people to make the blue -printed cloth a trend again.

The work of the Westward Journey to carry the tribute to help the non -genetic inherit

The colorful traditional culture, as the epitome of the splendid history of my country, is not only a treasure trove of the computer version of the “Fantasy Westward Journey” computer version, but also a road sign that guides young people.

As the opening work of the computer version of “Fantasy Westward Journey” computer version of “ingenuity, Dream of Dream · Anti -Heritage Guardia”, this time with Master Wu Yuanxin, he created a blue printed cloth, which is intended to encourage players to understand the traditional skills behind this blue and white elegance. It is hoped to promote more young people to guard and inherit the intangible cultural heritage together.

Behind the blue printing cloth, the wisdom and persistence of ancient folks condensed

The source of Chinese culture is long and long. The computer version of “Fantasy Westward Journey” will find more intangible cultural heritage in the future, make more combinations inside and outside the game, give players a rich spiritual feast, and the guardian of Chinese culture With inheritance. (Li Zi)

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