Is it still afraid of locking the car like this? 13 simple steps of bicycle locking anti -theft

Is it still afraid of locking the car like this? 13 simple steps of bicycle locking anti -theft

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Those friends who have been worried about their car have been stolen! Today I will tell you how to lock your bicycle safely. There are too many people on the Internet as asking “how can I lock a car to prevent theft?” “Where is the safest to lock the car?” In my opinion, many people don’t know how to lock the car and how to use the car lock reasonably.

Not only in the UK, but the car thief is all over the world! According to data from crime surveys, since 2017, Light England and Wales have as many as 300,000 bicycles each year. A high -quality car lock is not enough to resist the carbal thief, so let me teach you several ways to lock the car correctly.

▲ This picture shows several cities with the most car stealing cases in the UK

Whenever I go out to see some people’s difficult -to -describe car -locking methods, I feel that his car will contribute to the car stealing thief in minutes. Therefore, friends who have experienced the experience of losing a car should be more time to read this article, and try not to give the car thief to take advantage of the opportunity.

If you don’t know how to use a high -quality car lock reasonably, then the car lock is similar to the car stealing thief.

If you can’t see the way of locking this car at a glance, don’t worry, after reading this article, you will naturally become a “car lock expert” to choose a place that you find it appropriate to lock the car. Remember, you must not compromise on the issue of safety.

Below, I will teach you how to lock the car correctly. I hope that some of the practical anti -theft car lock skills I introduce can bring you some help to you when locking outdoors.

Teach you 13 simple steps to lock the car safely

It is definitely not safe to put the bicycle in a place where no one cares! You know, there is a bicycle stolen every 90 seconds in the UK, so no matter how superb skills are guaranteed. Fortunately, some of the techniques introduced here can effectively help you reduce the probability of being stolen by bicycles. Let me take you one by one.

1. Choose a place with a lot of bicycles to store

You usually keep your bicycle in where you are very close to your destination, but this is not a good habit. It is better to try your bicycle in a place with a lot of bicycles, such as bicycle parking lots. In this way, your bicycle will be drowned in the vast “bicycle sea” without highlighting it.

Regarding the place of storage, try to choose those people to come and go. If you put your car in the downtown area, you will be safer, and these places usually cover monitoring facilities, and the traffic is large.

▲ Generally there are CCTV monitoring coverage in the downtown area

Another reason is that with other bicycles, there must be people who use the car locks worse than you, and the way to lock the car is simpler than you. Although it seems a bit selfish from this, the truth is true. The probability of being stolen by those cars is greatly reduced.

If your car lock thief is cheap or even a trademark, this suggestion is basically no effect on you. Therefore, for those friends who are very rotten, you still recommend that you buy a good lock first, at least you can firmly lock your bicycle.

2. Lock the car on an unmoved object

Even if you have an indestructible car lock, if you lock the car on an unstable object, it is tantamount to facilitating the thief. In other words, how firm the object you lock the car, how safe your car is. If the car locking object is not firm enough, then your bicycle can easily become the goal of the thief. It must be considered to be precepts. Don’t make the same mistake. If you like to put the car where the car is located, then you must be more careful.

I never recommend everyone on the wooden object where the car is located. Although they look strong on the surface, they are really fragile like wooden fences or small trees. So don’t lock on the wood when locking the car.

In addition, it is not good for your car to lock on the tree. Rough bark can easily scratch your beloved car. In turn, the sharp parts of the bicycle may also cause damage to the tree. Therefore, think twice, it is best not to lock the tree outside.

▲ The small tree can be easily broken or saw, so don’t lock the car and the tree together

In addition, it should be noted that you park your car in the private place of others, and some owners will be unhappy. It should also be noted that do not park the car in a place where the sidewalks and other public transportation, which will hinder everyone travel. Try to park the car in a safe area, it is best that you know that there can be parking bicycles and safe enough.

▲ This bicycle not only put it alone on the fence, but also occupied the sidewalk! Try your bicycle in the savings where you can ensure a safe car!

In the center of the city, you often see bicycles deposit. These places are designed to store bicycles. This place is the best choice for you to store bicycles.

▲ Bicycle parking racks are usually stable to be installed on the ground. Generally, it is difficult for thieves to destroy them in a short period of time.

Of course, before you are next to the parking rack, remember to check whether the following parking frame is safe and reliable, and whether it is damaged. Sometimes the car thief can also see the parking rack directly, and then move the car directly. So if the parking frame itself is already at stake, and some careless people still lock the car on it, it is likely that these cars will become the goal of stealing the car thief.

▲ The parking frame is sawn from the middle

▲ The parking frame has been curved and deforms

Remember to check whether the parking frame is firm, whether there are cutting marks, deformation, rust or other damage before parking.

3. Familiar with the environment around the car

If you are not familiar with the surrounding environment, it is recommended that you do not put the car here. I would rather take a few more steps and put the car in a place where you are familiar with and feel safe. Many places are easy to start with thieves, so familiarity with the surrounding environment is important. If possible, avoid putting the car in a strange place.

4. With a good quality car lock

How much does a good car lock cost? In fact, it’s not as expensive as you think. Of course, the better the car lock is as good as common sense, but the better the car lock can better protect your bicycle. I will recommend using Sold Secure Silver or Gold rated car locks. If your current car lock is not rated by a solirt, then I suggest you change it.

If your budget at hand is not enough, let’s take a look at the following three relatively cheap car lock evaluations. They all have a solid secure Gold rating and can provide enough reliable safety guarantee for your bicycle.


Advantages: cutting design, SOLD certification, LED key

Disadvantages: heavier than ordinary D -locks, the overall installation effect is not good

Weight: 4.1LB (1.86kg)

(2) Kryptonite Evolution Mini 7 with Flex

Advantages: dual chain design, lifetime warranty, can replace the lock core

Disadvantages: The lock -up is bulky, not completely anti -cutting

Weight: 2.5LB (1.13kg)


Advantages: multiple lock design, 10mm hexagonal chain design, can lock multiple cars at the same time, SOLD rating

Disadvantages: The car lock is bulky and does not prevent cutting

Weight: 6.94LB (3.15kg)

5. Lock the part of your bicycle valuable part

Generally speaking, the frame is the most expensive part of the entire car, followed by wheels. So when locking the car, you should consider locking the frame first, and then consider locking other parts. Once you lock the frame, you can consider locking the second valuable parts, usually the wheel set. No matter where you lock the car, you have to follow this order.

▲ I use ABUS COBRA. When I lock the car, I have been locking to the front and rear wheels.

If your bicycle is self -organized, for example, you are equipped with a set of expensive carbon fiber wheel sets, knowing that the price of the wheel set is very expensive, then you can decide where the lock is used at the level of the part when locking the car. In this way, locking a car can effectively reduce the probability of your car stolen. Thief seeing such a car locking method is naturally discouraged because he knows how you really know how to lock the car.

If you can, you can lock the cushion and handlebars together. You know, some extreme thieves will dismantle the car and stole them one by one.

▲ This case locks the frame and rear wheels with a D -lock, but he paid a heavy price for this, and everyone attracted it.

6. Take away or lock your small parts of your bicycle

Just said, some thieves stealing those parts that are good at starting. Especially like those parts that can be quickly disassembled: wheels, seat rods, pedals, code watches, lights, etc. All those who can take away, the thief does not go empty.

A good light light is not cheap, and the thief wants to get a lot of money, so don’t leave them on the car when you leave. A car light can be disassembled in a few seconds, let alone a thief. Remember to take it with you when you leave.

▲ Remember to take it down when the lights are walking

Some relatively large parts, like a seat rod or cushion, usually require a hexagon wrench when disassembling. But this does not mean that they are safe to stay in the car. So let go of you as soon as you leave.

7. Cover the car with a bicycle jacket

Thieves usually choose those bicycles that seem easy to steal, because they usually have a short stealing time. The most direct and effective way is to buy a cheap car jacket to cover your bicycle, so that the bicycle can effectively prevent the discovery of the car thief. A good quality car can not only help your car dry and avoid unnecessary wear, but also allow your bicycle to stay away from the sight of the thief

Unless the thief wants to sneakly open the car to check what kind of bicycle is inside, this will inevitably attract the attention of others, and it will increase the chance of being caught by the car thief. This method is very effective in the parking lot of public bicycles, because compared with other bicycles without cars, thieves will subconsciously choose those bicycles without a car jacket.


Park your car in a place with CCTV monitoring

When you learn how to lock a car, you often ignore the importance of the surrounding environment. Many times, choosing a suitable place to park will greatly increase the safety factor of your bicycle anti -theft.

You must know that not all parking sites will cover CCTV monitoring, but if you are lucky enough to install the monitoring facilities if you are lucky enough to deposit the car, it is absolutely worth it to put the car there.

▲ If CCTV monitoring can effectively prevent theft. If the vehicle is stolen, the monitoring can help you restore the incident

The car thief is also known. They know that if the area is surveillance covered, then his stolen behavior is likely to be photographed throughout the process, so that he has nowhere to hide. If you are planning to save the car, you have not covered CCTV monitoring, it is strongly recommended that you consider whether to continue to put the car here.

Tell you a truth, the more expensive the CCTV system is, the better! In fact, as long as the thieves see the camera there, even if it does not work at all, it can play a great deterrent effect. Therefore, on the safety problem of bicycles, it is worth investing in a set of CCTV systems with high sensitivity and cost -effective.

9. As much as possible to lock your bicycle parts

One of the mistakes that many people will make is to leave the frame with only locks. Many times they do not know how to develop the potential of locks. I have mentioned it on it. But you will still be surprised that many people will not use space when locking the car.

▲ I locked the wheels and frames together and took the seat rod when I left

When you lock the car, you must remember to lock as many parts as possible. I took the seat rod and removed the front wheel. In this way, many parts that are easy to be removed can be protected.

10. To lock firmly, don’t let the lock and the car have a lot of gaps

If you leave a large gap between the lock and the car, it is very dangerous. The thief will use the gap to stick into the hydraulic pliers to cut or twist the car lock with a wrench. Hydraulic destruction usually refers to the use of a device with a hydraulic device to disassemble the lock violently by applying high pressure on the chain. Common devices are hydraulic pliers or similar equipment.

▲ Fahgettaboudit Mini is very small after locking, and it is difficult for the thief to reach into the pliers to cut

Violence twisted is also a common means of crime without professional equipment. Usually the thief will pinch the bottom of the lock with a pliers, and then put the lock to the side, so that you can simply twist the chain. By filling the “gap” of the lock, this means that the thief cannot put the pliers in

11. Lock your eyes down

If your lock position is not suitable, it is easy to give the thief a chance. Those who unlock non -technical unlocking, if you find that your car is locked on the ground, it is easy to directly use the hammer or similar large equipment to directly cut off, so it is important to put the car lock on the ground.

▲ If your eyes are facing up, thieves can easily implement technical unlocking

Although this is a bit far -fetched, if you lock your eyes up, it is easy to make those thieves who can unlock technically. So remember to keep your eyes down, so that the thief is not easy to use the tool to lock the core from the bottom.

12. In addition to using locks, you can also use the chain to extend the line

I have never recommended using a chain lock to lock the car. A main lock extension line is the best choice for you to lock those parts of the bicycle. The price is not expensive and safe. Many D -type locks are now equipped with extended chains. Of course, the security of the chain is not so high, but at least it can give you one more guarantee for your bicycle.

Although the small chains are not enough to fully protect your bicycle, to some extent, it can prevent some theft and increase the safety of bicycles. Compared with it, a high -quality car lock extension line can give you the peace of mind you want.

13. Remove and lock your front wheel

Nowadays, the front and rear wheels of the bicycle are equipped with fast disassembly. This is not only convenient to facilitate us to facilitate the thief. Just like its name, it is really easy to remove the wheels.

Even if your bicycle flower drum is not used for fast disassembly, those thieves can also remove the wheels with a wrench. If you do not have the main lock extension line, then you can consider removing the front wheels and lock it with the frame with the main lock.

How to lock a car at home (indoor & outdoor)

Home is where many of us choose to store bicycles. Unfortunately, for many bicycle enthusiasts, locking the car at home is not as safe as you think.

Many thieves like to go to the house to steal cars instead of going to the city, because it is often not easy to be caught in a crime at home. The residential area is usually much quieter than the downtown, especially in the evening, which is more conducive to thief theft. “The British crime survey in 1994 showed that the majority of bicycles were stolen in the residential house or near the residential area.”

▲ When you put your car at home, you must also raise awareness of anti -theft and prevent the vehicle from being stolen.

How to lock the car indoors

If you have the conditions to put your bicycle at home, it is better. This can effectively prevent your bicycle from being seen by the thief, and the theft of the room is relatively small. If your home is limited but wants to put a bicycle at home, you can consider hanging the bicycle on the wall, which can save space and avoid damage to the bicycle.

▲ Bicycle wall hanging is also a good choice for home, allowing your bicycle to be safe and not hindered.

How to lock the car outdoors

Now that resources are tight, many people have limited space at home, and they will choose to put the car on the outdoor near the home, which increases the probability of the stolen vehicle. Your best choice is to “hide” the bicycle. If others can not see your car, it is the safest.

If your home has a back garden, and it is absolutely concealed, there is a good place for bicycles. If you have enough money to buy a bicycle shed, it is definitely an excellent choice to hide the bicycle and directly block all the stealing tools.

▲ Locking into a bicycle can prevent the thief from using a tool to pry the lock and disassemble the car to steal parts

Even so, some thieves can recognize this as a bicycle shed at a glance, and choose the target here. Even if there is a lock on your car shed, I still suggest that you can put the car at home or try to set up the car. No matter where you put the car, you must lock the parts together as much as possible. In the order of noble parts, lock the frame first, then lock the rear wheels, and finally lock the front wheel.

Summary -how to lock your bicycle correctly

▲ Try to use the rear triangle

▲ Use the main lock and extension line

▲ Remove the front wheel

An important principle of locking a car is to lock the parts that can be locked as much as possible. If you lock your bicycle parts from large to small, the thief will naturally retreat, so as to choose those goals that are easier to start. Don’t be stingy on the choice of the car lock. Buy those quality car locks. The evaluation above is available for reference.

Also, do not lock the car on the ground, so it is easy to be damaged by hydraulic pliers. No lock can definitely block the thief, so if your bicycle is expensive, then you still have to spend more thoughts, such as considering buying insurance for bicycles.

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