What top is tight -fitting high -waist jeans with good -looking matching

Tight -fitting high -waisted denim trousers in spring and summer are very popular basic costumes. It can decorate the leg shape while lengthening the proportion of the legs, which is very tall and thin. So, what top is tight -fitting high -waisted jeans? Next, let’s learn 8 sets of fashionable tight -fitting tights.

look1 black short sweater+black bottom high waist tight jeans+daddy shoes

Tight jeans wear: comfortable black hot girl wind girl short waist sweater, the lower body match

The black jeans of the small straight tube are generally slim, the calf part is the design of the straight tube. The high waist is really high, and the length of the legs is thin. The ankle is thin.

look2 black slim knitted knitted+blue gray tight waist jeans+black boots

Tight -fitting jeans: Slim sweater+high -waisted tight jeans+boots,

Wearing a huge legs like this, the long boots are comfortable, lightweight and comfortable, and the soft leather wrapping will be better. Put on the modified leg shape and thin, match the blue -gray high -waisted tight jeans, like his metal buttons, Quite texture!

look3 khaki suit+black short vest+black high -waisted jeans+canvas shoes

Tight jeans wear:

This small black pants are a small -footed straight version, which is thinner than ordinary tight pants. Bei -pants are just in the middle of the calf belly. The fabric bounces tightly, and the upper body is comfortable and has no sense of restraint! Simply match the Khaki suit jacket and black short vest, fashionable and casual!

look4 white bubble sleeve shirt+light blue for jeans+black hair shoes

It is too bad for this high -waisted tight jeans, the upper body is particularly Korean, and the version is also very thin. It is very friendly to the sisters of the pear -shaped figure. It is simply matched with a white bubble sleeve shirt and black hair shoes. In the pants waist, the body proportion is more figure.

LOOK5 dark blue sweater+white T -shirt+light blue high waist tight jeans+white canvas shoes

The thin model of Spring and Autumn on the sweater, the version is very good, the upper body will show thin shoulders! The dark orchid color with light colors is very bright, with a white shirt inside to increase the visual sense, and the lower body is paired with blue tight jeans and small white shoes. The pants are very long, the split design+slight mopping feel, lengthen the ratio of the calf.

look6 blue striped sweater+light blue high waist tight jeans+sneakers

The color of the knitted stripe top is very vibrant. It can be worn in spring and autumn. The fabric is very comfortable and not tied. The shallow color is also very suitable for spring and summer, and the elasticity is not good.

look7 green short shirt+blue high -waisted tights jeans+orange single shoes

This jeans are particularly delicate and thin, and the leg shape is also very good. It is a small flared pants with hips wrapped in the hips; the top with light green small sleeves, the green bottom with white pattern, this green comes with spring, It looks intellectual and gentle, and the shoes and bags are decorated with orange, which looks more eye -catching.

look8 pink retro POLO sweatshirt+blue high -waisted tight jeans+pink white color tablet shoes

The retro POLO sports shirt with a little print breaks the dullness, hovering in a piece of pink sea, unable to hide the playfulness and lively; the lower body with blue high -waist tight jeans, stuffed the sports shirts into the waist of the trousers, and the body proportion is more pink on the feet. The tender pairing shoes, retro shape, are also classic versatile models,

Tight jeans wear:

Tight jeans wear:

Tight jeans wear:

Tight jeans wear:

Tight jeans wear:

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