Japanese snacks that make you want to stop

Only love and snacks cannot be disappointed

In Japan, the mouth is not stopped. In addition to the food on the streets and alleys, what makes people even more likely is all kinds of snacks ~ Whether it is eating or being a handful of gifts, it is very suitable!

Today, I will introduce several snacks in Japan. Let ā€™s take a look at what there are! If you eat food, you have to collect it quickly. With these goes to buy snacks in Japan, you must not be wrong!

White lover

This food that listens to the name is very romantic in Japan is a superb product. It is rated as one of the most worth buying biscuits in the world. It makes you feel sweet and unforgettable.

Royce raw chocolate

This chocolate can be regarded as a relatively famous local specialty in Japan. In Japan, 11 of ten people have eaten this chocolate. The super positive chocolate, the taste is awesome, it is almost impossible to describe it.

Kitkat Qiaoyuzhi Chocolate

This snack can be said to be all over the world. The matcha flavor has become its sign. It is particularly delicious. It is really the best prestige. Each bag has bubble paper. Serious and meticulous.

711 Crispycake biscuits

The cake cake biscuits are also a snack that is planted, and it is also a super -hot net red snack. The biscuits taste very soft, and it feels exactly the same as the cooking feeling. The layer of the middle clamped is cream. It will not feel greasy with the sweet and sourness of the upperri. It will feel too sweet. It is easy to buy this biscuit, and there are convenience stores everywhere!

Hori cantaloupe jelly

A food with a slightly expensive price, but it is definitely worth trying. It has 5 years of gold award, the highest -level fruit in Hokkaido, and a wonderful taste will definitely give you a different taste.

Uha juice fudge

Those who love fudge must not miss it. It is not like QQ sugar in China. The taste is really very good. Even people like me who do nā€™t love sweets are directly planted by it.

Calbee Vegips vegetable

Many people now like to find foods that are not added and nutritious, so this one is definitely in line with your requirements. The crispy and non -greasy taste will definitely be your true love.

The shepherd bocca white balloon pudding

It sounds like a snack that will be delicious and crying will never disappoint you. The feeling of Q bombs takes you back to the feeling of childhood. The strong milk flavor will definitely make you feel happy.

Hokkaido black tea in Japan

There are almost ten packs of this bag, and there is no strong milk flavor. It belongs to the light taste and the fragrance of black tea. This milk tea will not have that kind of milk flavor. It looks like three or four hundred yen. Almost a person who went to Japan would have a hand. It was particularly suitable for sending people. You must buy in Japan!

Tohato tyrant super spicy potato 圏 圏

Friends who like spicy food must taste it. It is known as the hottest puffed food in the snack industry. What are the reasons for you who love spicy?

Three fries

Many people say that this is the best fries in the world, and the taste is very crispy. It is a fries that are worthy of tasting. In Japan, there is also a phenomenon of out -of -stock. Try it! Maybe it will open the new door of the French fries world.

BIMISMILE Japanese Shrimp Film

For those who like to eat shrimp films, this is a snack that must not be missed. The unique lobster tablets are definitely a conscience product with Japanese native wheat flour. What are the reasons not to try it.

Bourbon Burbourne Quqi

Compared to the white lover that has been pushed, this cookie will be relative to the niche. There are boxes and bags. One by one can be eaten, the size is right, it will not be sweet and not greasy. There are milk fragrance and tire flavor, biscuits do not feel hard. Basically, every supermarket is sold. You must buy it. It is very delicious!

Prince Mochi Fish Strip

The Japanese -loved wine series is also the most popular product in Hakata Ming Taiguo. It uses Japanese -produced titles to match the Ming prince fish eggs. It is an excellent gift that can’t stop at a time temperature and lightweight. I believe that even friends who don’t drink will like it.

Vanilla Afga Duo Taste Pudding

This pudding launched by Mori Fruit is vanilla Afa’s flavor. The sauce and pudding of the concentrated coffee are placed in different cups and bowls, respectively. Pour the sauce directly into the pudding before eating. The bitterness and pudding sweetness is really a great combination in the mouth.

The recommendation of Xiaobian is here today. There are still many recommendations for Japanese snacks, such as: Seto Lemon Squid Fathering Robes, Cream Curlot Cascia Biscuits, Fern Cake Strings, Kiln Checked Tower, etc. Wait, Xiaobian will not say one by one!

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