“Micro Interview Essence Review” Mochemical creature: 20 years of achievement of natural plant extraction fields to accelerate the construction of a large health industry ecosystem

“Micro Interview Essence Review” Mochemical creature: 20 years of achievement of natural plant extraction fields to accelerate the construction of a large health industry ecosystem

In 20 years, focusing on the field of natural plant extraction, the sales of supreme biological leading products of chili red, chili essence, and lutein in the world have ranked first or forefront in the world for many years. Through continuous research and development and technological innovation Or the first variety, big health industry such as big health products, Chinese medicine extraction, etc., and strive for the goal of “building the world’s natural extract industry base and contributing to human health”.

At 3:00 pm on March 9th, Masukuki Biological Director, Secretary of the Board of Directors and Chief Financial Director Ms. Zhou Jing’s guest Securities Times · E Company micro -interview, and introduced the company’s business layout and development strategy.

Review of Live Essence

1. As a leading enterprise in the natural extraction industry, what is the company’s business segment and product structure? What is the market share of each product in the segment?

Zhou Jing, director and chief financial officer of Chenguang Biological Director, Secretary and Chief Financial Director of Directors: Chenguang Bio has focused on the field of natural plant extraction in the past 20 years. Cover more than 80 products.

At present, the company has formed a rich product echelon: the global market share of the leading products of pepper redness exceeds 50%, ranking first in the world for 12 consecutive years; chili essence and lutein have ranked at the forefront of the world for many years; pepper extract products The export breakthrough and continuously promoted the strategic cooperation with large customers such as Haidilao, and the sales volume has achieved rapid growth. It is currently ranked second in the industry; the sales of lycopene, clockwise and other products have reached cooperation with world -renowned customers. Phenol protein is a well -known domestic brand and is in the stage of rapid development; sales of sweet chrysanthels, chrysanthemum powder, grape seed extracts, etc. are the key variety of large -scale production in the company; Anti -feed additives such as large and high -value -added reserve varieties.

2. The company has just released the 2019 performance Express. Whether we can briefly introduce the operating situation of Chenguang Bio in 2019.

Zhou Jing, director and chief financial officer of Chenguang Biological Director, Secretary and Chief Financial Director of Directors: According to preliminary estimates, the company’s total operating income of 2019 was 3.267 billion yuan, an increase of 6.63%year -on -year, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 193 million yuan, an increase of 33.14%year -on -year, and operating income was operating income. Both profits have reached a record high.

The sales of chili redness of the main products of more than 5,900 tons, ranking first in the world for twelve years; lutein sales of more than 440 million grams, an increase of about 26%year -on -year. The company strengthened the development of the international market and improved the product echelon. Among them, lycopene, curcumin and other products reached cooperation with world -renowned customers. The export breakthroughs in peppercorns extract products have continued to promote strategic cooperation with large customers such as Haidilao. The sales volume has grown rapidly, ranking second in the industry. Actively develop planting bases in Xinjiang, Yunnan, India, Myanmar, Zambia and other places, and ensure the supply of raw materials for the company’s main products.

In 2019, the company’s research and development has achieved remarkable results. Complete the processing development of chili red pigment to remove sediments and the development of food -grade colacea differentiated products, broadening the application field; new progress has been made in microcapinomatization research, and the content and acquisition rate have been greatly improved; At the same time, a new Di-CQA new ingredient is added, which is a revolutionary innovation of the industry; the CBD production process is completed from the laboratory small test to the middle trial release; Active progress of plant extract of antibiotics and chemical synthetic antioxidants will provide new solutions for the animal husbandry industry to cheat, and it is expected to become an important economic growth point of the company.

3. What is the current situation of the company’s resumption of work? How does the epidemic affect the company’s production and operation?

Zhou Jing, director and chief financial officer of Chenguang Biological Director, Secretary and Chief Financial Director of Directors: The company actively carried out the epidemic prevention and control work in accordance with the epidemic situation and production needs, and organized resumption of labor in accordance with government guidance and customer orders. From February 14th, the work will be resumed. The entire cottonseed protein sector of the group company has begun to produce, and sales logistics has also begun to ship in Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an and other places.

In terms of subsidiaries, Xinjiang is an important raw material for Chenguang creature. In order to miss the spring season, seedling has become the most urgent and most important task. The managers responsible for the planting of Wanshouju in Xinjiang will return to Xinjiang in advance on January 30. After the isolation, it will be prepared to prepare Wanshouju seeds in the early morning of February 15th.

Overseas subsidiaries such as India, Zambia, and other overseas subsidiaries are less affected by the epidemic. At present, the company’s overall production and operation is normal.

4. What work did Chenguang creatures do during the fight against the epidemic?

Zhou Jing, director and chief financial officer of Chenguang Biological Directors, Secretary and Chief Financial Director of Directors: After the epidemic, Chenguang Biological donated 1 liter of alcoholic disinfection and disinfectant for more than 30,000 pots, 22 liters of alcoholic alcohol to the city and county Red Cross 500 barrels of disinfectant, 15,000 N95 and N99 masks, and 10,000 ordinary medical masks; on March 5, the company donated 19,000 bottles of lycopene soft capsules to the designated hospital for new crown patients in Wuhan. It has the effects of removing free radicals and enhancing immunity, hoping to allow front -line medical workers to protect them.

While donating to all sectors of the society, in order to prevent and control themselves, Chenguang creatures distribute disinfection solution, masks and other epidemic prevention materials to various factories of the group, and distribute masks and disinfectant for employees living in the company’s communities and expert apartments. In accordance with the requirements, spraying drugs for the factory area, the temperature and registration of the person in the factory area, and the physical temperature of employees and family members through the corporate WeChat platform daily.

5. The company proposes to make about ten products in the world’s first or forefront. What are the current layouts of pepper red, pepper essence, lutein, etc., what are the work in the development of diversified products?

Zhou Jing, director and chief financial officer of Chenguang Biological Director, Secretary and Chief Financial Director of Directors: The company has made good progress in the development of diversified products: cultivating lycopene, sweet chrysanthemidin, peppercorns extract, grape seed extract, cottonseed protein, etc. The rapid development of the world’s first or forefront is developing; the development of ginkgo leaf extract, industrial marijuana, rosemary, and anti -feed additives and other reserve varieties will become an important driving force for the company’s long -term sustainable and healthy development.

The company continuously innovates the core technology of plant extraction, increases R & D investment, and promotes the development of diversified products from the following aspects: (1) the development of new varieties. The advantages of the transformation are actively carrying out cooperation with cowinel and pistol products; ginkgo leaf extract, rosemary extract to achieve mass production and sales; , From the sweet leaf chrysanthemum solvent to extract a new ingredient of DI-CQA, which is a revolutionary innovation of the industry; extract lycopene from the peel seeds of tomato skin, and has won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress in key technological innovation and application of tomato processing industrialization; The development of anti -plant extraction products in waste materials has made positive progress; (3) further extend the processing chain to the crystallization, purification, and modification, such as the successful preparation of lutein crystals through technological innovation, breaking the patent blockade of foreign companies, breaking the patent blockade of foreign companies , Becoming the second company in the world to sell lutein crystals; the process development of chili redness to remove sediment and the development technology industry of food -grade codin differentiated products.

6. Recently, the company’s subsidiaries have obtained industrial cannabis planting permits. Can you talk about what considerations are the choice of industrial marijuana? What is the current project progress? What do you think of the market prospects of the project?

Zhou Jing, director and chief financial officer of Chenguang Biological Director, Secretary and Chief Financial Director of Directors: In 2019, the company uses its own funds to set up a new wholly -owned subsidiary of Tengchong, Tengchong Chenguang Yun Ma Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yunma Biology” ), Recently, Yunnan Bio has obtained the “Yunnan Provincial Industrial Cannabis Planting License” issued by the Tengchong Public Security Bureau. The type of permitted planting is Yun Ma No. 7, with an valid period from February 26, 2020 to February 25, 2022.

Industrial marijuana is one of the important new varieties of the company’s layout. CBD products extracted with industrial marijuana have medical effects such as analgesic, anti -inflammatory, anti -spasm, and in the fields of food, cosmetics, biomedicine and other fields. The space is huge.

CBD is a typical plant extraction of items, and most of the production process is similar to the company’s current product process. The company has the advantages of large production capacity, high degree of automation in production lines, low consumption, and high efficiency. Involved in industrial marijuana extraction can give full play to the company’s large -scale and low -cost advantages of technology research and development, equipment facilities, and large -scale production in plant extraction. Accelerate industrial development.

After obtaining industrial cannabis planting permits, Yun Ji Biological will help broaden the company’s industrial cannabis extraction industrial chain, increase the source of raw materials for industrial cannabis, and enhance comprehensive competitiveness. As of now, in addition to the industrial cannabis planting permits, Yun Ji Bio has also completed the early construction of projects, security assessment, and environmental assessment, and is applying for industrial marijuana processing permits. The company’s laboratory has completed the process of industrial cannabis process development, developed small test samples, and was recognized by customers.

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