Currently “thick” at the bottom! Beyond V cotton candy Tmall, but …

With the gradual maturity of Li Ning’s independent research and development, many classic shoes designed by Li Ning have the opportunity to replace the new technology.

While achieving a new sense of foot, it can also inherit the unique retro charm. Many players also look forward to the re -engraving of old shoes.

Among them, Li Ning, who has just been released, “transcend V”!

After the release information of the first color scheme was released before, the “Marshmallow” color scheme, which has received much attention recently, finally launched the Li Ning Tmall flagship store.

The high popularity color matching is definitely a weapon for summer, but the men’s toe pays attention, and you have to wait!

The new “Beyond V” is made of low -top shape, and the rich upper design inherits the temperament of retro shoes.

The elastic integrated knitted upper combines the breathable mesh and the Mono gauze, which is very suitable for summer wearing.

The classic thick -bottom shape, the midsole is added with 䨻 technology.

At the same time, Li Ning is currently equipped with the thickest midsole shoes.

At present, the men’s and women’s models have a variety of color schemes on sale, the pricing is ¥ 599, and some sizes have already had out of stock.

Among them, the most popular “marshmallow” color matching women’s code has been released, but the male code has not been put on the shelves. I believe we will meet soon.

▼ Men’s marshmallow

▼ Women’s marshmallow

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Li Ning surpassed V men

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Li Ning surpassed V women

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