[Villa material analysis outdoor chapter] Reserved materials for rational, must be collected by building houses, must be used!

[Villa material analysis outdoor chapter] Reserved materials for rational, must be collected by building houses, must be used!

Back to the hometown to build a villa, you have never cared about the details

Baojia is following

And it is silently precipitated into the standard of the Baojia

The Bao family doesn’t care what others do

I only care about what is good for customers

Word of mouth is king, growing first, low -key and kind

A door, a window, a bucket of paint, a tile, a railing

But you can see the overall material of the product

See the true chapter of the details

Baojiayan: Professional customized copper aluminum outdoor door

A door, open a century -old family business

There are many materials on the market, and the Baojia is studied and tested by many parties.

Finally chose


: Built

Thick and elegant temperament


Super high security


Super stability

▲ Baojia Villa: C1 Real Line Tournament

However, the traditional copper and aluminum doors use rivet stitching doors, locks, and leaf leaves, which not only affects the aesthetics and difficult to disassemble, but also does not have enough intensity installed on the leaf, which seriously reduces the service life of the door.

▲ Traditional copper aluminum doors

Baojia professional custom copper aluminum door

Integrated panel, simple atmosphere, excellent sealing noise reduction performance

Add 3 mm steel plate reinforcement to the edge of the door body pages and the door frame

Increasing the tensile strength of the joint pages, the switching door is virtually increased to use the service life

▲ Baojia Villa: Professional Customized Gate

Strong and elegant temperament: classic style, deep connotation

The reason why copper and aluminum doors have endlessly last because of its strong temperament and never out of date. It is not only a superficial luxury, but also an internal cultural heritage, but also a symbol of identity.

▲ Baojia Villa: A3 real -world entry doors

Ultra -high security: 3C -level safety lock core, integrated anti -pry door panel

In view of the consideration of the environment around the countryside and the safety of the elderly, Baojia determined at the beginning that the lock core with the highest safety factor on the market at the beginning, the C -class lock core, could not be technically open in 270 minutes. Integrated panels, anti -prying and destruction, safer.

Super stability: resistance to anti -corrosion, fire prevention and explosion -proof, 30 years without coloring, no deformation

Copper nature is moist, corrosion -resistant, antibacterial and antioxidant, and is not vulnerable to damage. The elegance of copper and aluminum gate inherits traditional architecture, without losing the solid material, and waterproof, anti -corrosion, the perfect combination of superb copper aluminum craftsmanship with modern technology, super stability.

Baojiayan: Broken Bridge Aluminum Alloy Window

Window, the eyes of the home, the tenderness of all things

Broken bridge aluminum alloy window is due to it

Insulation aluminum alloy profile+insulation and sound insulation hollow glass+independent seal structure

The characteristics of the process have become the choice of many families.

▲ Baojia Villa: C1 Broken Bridge Aluminum Alloy Window

However, the multi -report size, lack of thickness of profiles, insufficient profile thickness, lack of glue glue, and even fakes in the market

Factory is greasy

Essence The chaotic market has made many consumers do not know how to choose materials correctly, and even spent a lot of money.

▲ Baojiayan selection: facade panel

Baojia only purchases from the source of materials

Strict control of materials

Establish in -depth strategic cooperation with Zhensheng brand

So what are the differences between the Baojiayan brand and other brands?

Closerness is better

After the Baojia strictly selected windows are closed, parallel to the entire plane, other brands will have a protruding condition after closing the windows, and the sealing properties will be greatly reduced.

Baojia & Zhensheng

other brands

The sound insulation and thermal insulation effect is better

Aluminum alloy profile

: The mainstream thickness is 1.4mm. The Baojia broken bridge aluminum uses a new type of broken bridge, three layers of sound insulation, and the wall thickness is 1.6mm. It does not deform and does not crack.

▲ Baojiayan selection: broken bridge aluminum alloy window

Hollow glass:

The common combination is 5+9+5, and Baojia specially selected 5+18+5 thickened sound barrier, which refers to the 5mm double -layer hollow tempered glass and 18mm sound barrier. powerful.

The sealing effect is significant: waterproof and lasting effect is stronger

The general sealing glue in the market will be aging and loses the effects of sealing elastic waterproof after a long time. The Baojia compulsory requires the use of doors and windows for special structural glue. The waterproof and lasting effect is stronger, and the sealing effect is more significant.

Baojia Yanxuan: True Stone Paint outer wall coatings

The “diamond cover” of the protector, blessed the long

Many people choose to build a house with tiles to stick the outer wall, and feel more arrogant. However, the price of tile itself is high, and the service life is short, and it is easy to accommodate. After a few years, there will be hidden safety hazards. And it is difficult to make up for porcelain, which affects the overall beauty.

▲ Traditional self -built houses: outer wall porcelain slices fall off

The exterior wall coatings have developed rapidly in recent years, which can meet various environments and processes, and water -based lotion

Non -toxic and environmental protection, durable resistance, strong color maintenance,

It has gradually become the main choice of building exterior walls.

After Baojiabin went to many coating factories for in -depth inspections and tests, Bads real stone paint was finally adopted.

▲ Baojia Villa: C3 outer wall surface

The decorative effect of real stone paint is exactly like marble and granite coatings. The imitation stone effect not only enriches the appearance lines and structures of the building, but also because of strong adhesion.

It will not fade for decades


▲ Baojia Villa: C1 outer wall surface

Real stone paint itself has it

Waterproof, fire prevention, acid alkali resistance

The characteristics of the characteristics can show excellent characteristics in a complex natural environment. It is the “diamond cover” of the appearance of the building, and avoiding hidden safety hazards such as radioactive substances.

Baojiayan: Ceramic roof tile produced by Jingdezhen

The world of porcelain, a century -old family business

A piece of tiles, the Bao family has never neglected, and specially adopted the tiles customized by Jingdezhen in Jingdezhen in the world:

Unique waterproof structure, never fading glaze, good insulation

Super hardness

The characteristics are all condensed in a century -old mansion.

▲ Baojia Villa: C3

Unique dual waterproof structure

The bottom structure of the tile valley makes the rainflow flowing faster and smooth, and the tile head has a part of the waterproof effect. Even on the horizontal roof, rainwater reverse flow will not occur.

▲ Baojia Villa: A1 roof tile

Good insulation and sound insulation effects

Due to the perfect leakage system of the tile tube, the bottom of the tile valley is applied to the two cement slurry. The tile tube does not need to be installed with cement. It is suspended and has a good thermal insulation and sound insulation.

▲ Baojia Villa: A3 roof tile

Super strong gravity

The tile itself is more than 200 kilograms of anti -folding, super strong and bearing gravity.

▲ Baojia Villa: A2 roof tile

Little episode: Baojia roof tile laid processing process

Anti -slip buckle on the tile

, Tarnery, and customers generally can’t see it

So many people are unwilling to do it

But this is the Baojia standard

Baojiayan: Professional custom copper aluminum guardrail

The slightest size is a variety of decentness and peace of mind

Copper aluminum guardrail comes with elegant temperament

Perfect cultural heritage with modern style

But the quality of the guardrail on the market is uneven

And the quality does not meet the standard standard of Baojia’s product

▲ Ordinary guardrail on the market

Baojia traveled to major factories and studied in -depth research by many parties

In the end, the professional Baojia copper aluminum guardrail

Thickness is normal

2 times

Better texture

Higher safety and not rust

▲ Baojia strict selection: C1 custom copper aluminum guardrail

▲ Baojia strict selection: C3 custom copper aluminum guardrail

Baojia: solution to integrate various systems

Baojia Cong is just a material for integrating high -quality resources in the industrial chain

To this day, the integration of each system solution

As: and

Oriental Yuhong

To reach a strategic cooperation, the Oriental Yuhong provides the overall solution of waterproofing for Baojia, including waterproof structure, materials and workers;

The foundation through the two rigid waterproof systems of gravel/mortar and waterproof coil/thin film, to prevent the infiltration of groundwater in the house on the front of the house.


Reach strategic cooperation, provides the overall solution of the light environment for the Baojia, including light design and material selection;

Xuanhe Jun glaze

Sign a strategic cooperation, and to open an independent production line by Xuan and Junbiyu for Baojia, and jointly develop environmentally friendly coatings that are more suitable for rural villas;

▲ Baojiayan selection: C1 inner coatings

According to the characteristics of rural villas provided by Baojia, Jingdezhen develops ceramic tiles independently;

▲ Baojia Yanxuan: Jingdezhen ceramic tile

▲ Baojia Villa: A1 Jingdezhen Ceramics Tile (taken in rainy days)

There are also

Golden Cup cable, Le Mai Floor, Yongyu Bamboo Industry, Pie Nuo Cabinet

Waiting for leading companies in various segments


“It has been included in Baojia’s strict selection of building materials supply chains and provided by JD Logistics to the village support.

Baojia Integrated Resources on the Building Industry Chain

Choose only materials source manufacturers

Strictly select green environmental protection materials

Only cooperate with leading enterprises in the field

The whole house is equipped with high -end building materials

Baojia heavy new product: A0 pension villa

The Baojia is about to launch an A0 pension villa, only 1 floor

But no matter how small the villa, the quality is not discounted

As the Bao family has always said

Good house, you should not be priced at a flat meter

But should be according to life experience

For a long time, not just building a house to build a house






▲ Baojia Villa: Professional Customized Gate

▲ Baojia Villa: Professional Customized Gate

▲ Baojiayan selection: broken bridge aluminum alloy window



▲ Baojia Villa: C1 outer wall surface

Product Recommendation: aluminum tile trim profiles

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