Reba learning baby Yang Mi stays dirty braids.

I saw Reba’s hot dance on a draft yesterday, and I was really amazed

I also tried Swag’s burst dirty braid this time … I announced ten seconds from bending

In the past two days, Reba has been in the public opinion of the deep water. The exposed foodie is designed to pull closer to the distance between ordinary girls … but the entertainment industry sets up this matter, I think fans are not common ~, right?

Aside from the foodie, her recent style I found that it is really different from the sweet mixed -race model in the past … Is this a hip -hop style?

In addition to this dirty braid, the exclusive fluorescent green of this hip -hop person this time has also attracted my attention …

Recently, Reba has a lot of green times. Wow. As the first appearance of the men’s group, I wear OFF-White V-Neck series of mint green tops. It is very salt and salt in the summer ~ Summer ~

Speaking of green, the popular color of this spring and summer can not be missing it ~

In the spring and summer 2019 popular color released by Pantone, in addition to the coral orange figure, there is also this refreshing green

This spring and summer can be a colorful season ~ all kinds of bright color tide seem to be piled on the body … OMG

I thought about such a eye -catching color pile and it would be very rustic … but I didn’t expect ..

Really fragrant

In the sunny spring and summer, this green green green is indeed very beautiful! Unlike the coral orange sweet, and there is no 泫 雅 ~

Whether it is a hot color in the spring and summer of the major shows in spring and summer

Marc Jacobs spring and summer 2019

Marc Jacobs’s spring and summer series truly shows us a garden show ~ mint green, cherry blossom yellow, it is really a visual feast ~

CHANEL 2019 spring and summer

I have to say that Chanel’s spring and summer series is my dish ~ Various tender candy colors, especially this series of lake green bags! Intersection Intersection I can’t afford it, I can only lick the screen on the screen

Rejina Pyo 2019 spring and summer

Rejina Pyo’s spring and summer show is even bolder ~ Various macaron colors and green collisions.

Zuhair Murad 2019 Gao Ding

Zuhair Murad Mermaid Fairy Skirt, which was occupied by the hot search the day before yesterday ~ blue -green pink gradient, mermaid tail effect folds

I bought Karma, what kind of fairy picture is this! Intersection Intersection

The magazine also flocked recently to present a different spring and summer breath with green

Ivyplume x Bao Wenjing

Bao Wenjing’s blockbuster to Ivyplume, wearing a green dress of Marcjacobs, echo the large lotus leaf edge and grass green, this visual effect is too fairy!

Nylon japan May

Nylon’s recent monthly magazines are also very fresh. Jin Zaizhong is a cover map taken by the Maylon Japan May issue. Is this little brother who took preservatives?

Nylon China April

Nylon China April Magazine also uses bean paste green with golden velvet vest, which is different from the freshness of green presented in the past. This combination is super SLAY ~

Vogueme April

Ouyang Nana shot this inner pages of the April issue of VOGUEMES.

Of course, there are many brand SS series lookbook, which can also find this green figure

Beauty & Youth 2019 SS LOOKBOOK

In addition to wearing accessories, makeup embellishments, even the home decoration of the home decoration can play a very eye -catching effect

It’s almost summer ~ It will look cooler to put some green elements at home ~

It is recommended to choose deep cold tones such as moss green or mint green, which will be more elegant!

Loewe x Paulea

The green gradient or contrasting color this summer is more bolder and more bolder.

Based on different skin colors, you list a few kinds of green systems this year. There are warm colors and cold tones. You find the suitable green green!

Warm skin optional

Pantone17-0542 TSX

The first thing to say is that this year was placed in the first pepper stalk green in Pantone ~

This green is a yellow tone mixed with high brightness, warm, so warm skin is also suitable for wearing! The yellow -green tone is very skinny, super youthful! Intersection Intersection

Add this color to the body and feel ten years old

Pantone18-0416 TSX

Moss green is also green with brown -yellow tone, but because of the low degree of light, it will appear more stable. The office workers are the first choice for commuting ~

It has a peerless advantage is that it is white and invincible! I think the little fairy who takes the cold literature and art and this kind of green is a perfect match ~

Cold skin optional

Pantone14-5714 Lucite Green

OMG, this color is my life! Fresh and explosive, white and invincible, pretending to be tender weapon!

Cold leather little fairies must have green shai ~

Of course, the cold white skin little fairy, you are casual ~ all the color of the color system is suitable for you

No choice for leather

Pantone18-0135 TPG

If you don’t know what green you will wear, you will step on the thunder, then the green green is your first choice!

Especially the black hair little fairy, with the black inside and witch shoes, the retro Modang is full ~

This kind of positive green suit this year is also too hot ~ Spring will pile green on your own!

White leather or black leather exclusive

Pantone15-0343 TCX

Who said that the little fairy of black skin can’t wear green? Light green, you can control it boldly!

Black skin encounters fluorescent color, European and American big honeyfan ears are upper body ~ not limited to clothes, accessories and makeup can be used boldly ~

For different collocation of green, I have summarized it to you from the three aspects of wearing, accessories, and beauty. Please check the following strategies

Like a bright green, you can choose in a small area, such as inside, jacket, or lower installation

Recently, celebrities are very popular with this fitness coach -style interior.

Take a short sleeve top or roll up the jacket and the sleeve exposed that one, there is a cooler, there is no wood ~

Like Zhou Jieqiong chose a fluorescent green sports jacket for embellishment, a transparent gauze skirt is used to collide in style.

However, your face is high or white leather fairies are casual ~ even if the fluorescent green is full of body, it is the effect of Slay ~

The eye -catching fruit green sweater with Da Mi Mi has nothing to do with her ~ ordinary people may have … OMG …

Personally, my little fairy can choose this apple green with high saturation and low -saturation. Remember to use white items as a reflection, it looks super tender ~

You can also choose a contrasting matching method if you love bold style

Miss Song Yanxuan really played Kuku’s bones ~ Whether it is the contrasting color of the green color block or the grass green printed shirt mixed with the green suit, the salt gas burst!

Remember to stuff the corner of the shirt into the pants can improve the waistline ~

For most little fairy, the first choice of soft green is relatively stable

Bao Wenjing, a mint green cardigan, with the Patriarch of Banxiaoxue and a suspender dress, is gentle and feminine. Wow ~

White skin like Zhou Jieqiong is really super suitable for this tender green! Her body is an Evelyn sweater suit, the freshness of the flutter ~ You can write it down and buy it!

Summer is here, the fairy skirt is also prepared

The light and thin gauze can bring a different dreamy effect ~ The elegant feeling floating in the wind in summer cannot be more beautiful!

If you want the immortal effect, you can choose this mint green or light bean -green gauze skirt. It is very suitable to wear during vacation!

Wang Xinling Paris Fashion Week is wearing this Mashama silhouette coat with a gauze skirt, the bold collision of emerald green and asymmetric tailoring design is quite fun ~

Those who like the retro style can try Ni Ni’s deep green suit suit, the modern retro flavor is full ~

This green satin suit, the randomness is even more sexy, the pajamas style is the sense of vision ~

Those who like pastoral wind can choose a grid skirt like spring and summer ~ It looks more age -reducing and fresh than pure green ~

It is not limited to girls. Boys also wore this green green this year. There is no green on the spring and summer of 19 years. It must not be called small fresh meat. The little fairies with male tickets can give you his reference!

In addition to wearing parts, the embellishment of small accessories can often have an unexpected eye -catching effect!

The first thing to say is the bag part! Different styles of different greens are really dazzling ~ I will introduce some of my personal favorite today!

This year’s jelly bag is also an ultra -rammed fashion vane, colorful color, transparent PU material, which is written with a cool summer eulogy ~

The following Marc Jacobs candy green fruit jelly bag I recommend! Super Q

Mansur Gavriel this year’s spring and summer round bag also won my heart. If you have read my previous bag tweet, you should know that this round small bag is simply my dish

This year’s round bag is also an unstoppable trend ~ casually matching clothes is HIN beautiful duck!

Sakura yellow dress with small green bags, the bright colors look like a happy duck!

I like the fairy who likes the cold wind, I want to push this square marble bag!

The fashionable essences in the workplace can consider Wang Likun’s Dior pepper stalk green bag ~ not publicity and not dull, perfectly shine the whole look ~

Friends who like to step out of the slippers every day are the first choice for a portable handbag ~ Is the fluorescent green super has a sense, a casual vacation upper body ~

In addition to bags, there are spring shoes! Going out of the outing, a pair of beautiful and fashionable shoes is your eye -catching magic weapon

This transparent model with mint green background will look thin! The little fairy who loves mixed and match can be worn with various types of stockings ~

This year’s super rammed witch shoes are also indispensable! It is no exaggeration to say that Chinchin’s spring shoes this year are good -looking! My favorite clip is full …

This kind of Maryzhen shoes like this is also a style that can’t be rammed this spring and summer ~ Sweet -winding little fairy can be a pair!

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