National snow carving competition ended: Dan Hao team works “Hongyan”

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Zhongxin Net Harbin January 14th (Song Yunjun reporter Wang Lin) On the 14th, the 28th National Snow Drug Competition came to an end in the Harbin Sun Island Snow Expo. The Danhan team’s “Hongyan” is “Hongyan”, which has been expressed in the past two years because of the epidemic, and the people who work outside the hometown are difficult to reunite.


The whole world ice and snow team work “shout” won the second prize Song Yunjun

The national snow carving competition is one of the important events of Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. It is also the highest domestic-grade snowcot event. Nearly 60 players from 19 representative teams from Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Jilin and Heilongjiang and other places participated in the competition. In the four-day fierce competition, the snow carving elites and snow carvings enthusiasts, smashing cold, with excellent skills, rich imagination, excellent creativity, complete 19 style, unique unique excellent Snow sculpture works for the 34th Harbin Sun Island International Snow Electric Expo.

Zhiyuan works “Racing Winter Olympics” won the second prize Song Yunjun


After assessing the Ice and Snow Art Experts, the Danhan team’s “Hongyan” won the first prize, and his works show that the migratory birds have been replaced by the day, causing the feelings of the prostitute and the hurt of the priest, thus nearing two Due to the epidemic, the people who worked in the outside of the wandering homesickness.

Shen Yun ice and snow team works “Time Turning” won the best creative prize Song Yunjun

In addition, the whole world ice and snow team “shout”, Zhiyuan work “Racing Winter Olympics” won the second prize; Jiang Xiaobin’s Ice and Snow Art Studio work “殇”, north latitude 45 team “Flying on Yunxiao”, Zhuo Yiwei works “嫦娥 5 “Won the Third Award; Changchun Team” Spring “won the best performance award; Shen Yun ice and snow team” Time Turning “won the best creative award; deaf people’s ice and snow magazine team” Shenzhou “get the best skill award . (Finish)

The deaf people’s ice and snow carving team work “Shenzhou” won the best skill prize Song Yunjun

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