League of Legends: Why can the ax be used as a logo weapon of Noxus, it has multiple advantages

I wonder if you have found a characteristic of Noxus -weapons. Ax as a cold weapon is extremely widely used in Noxus. Sasha’s hand is using a giant ax, the paranoid corps Captain Kliel uses a long -handle ax, the prisoner Dravin uses a flying ax, the symbol of the Johsas forces of Delorus uses Tomahawk.

So why, can ax of weapons use so widely in Noxus?

All of this, from the environment and conditions of Noxus, why the Noxus Empire was hated because it was a resolute executor of force conquest; why it kept expanding, in addition to human ambitions The geographical environment restrictions, ordinary civilians cannot survive.


Compared with Demasia, everyone has self -cultivation, rich resources, excellent equipment and excellent knight spirit.

But all this cannot be achieved in Noxus, when the inside cannot meet the needs of people’s survival, it can only be plundered from the outside.


So why must it be an ax? Eighteen weapons, no matter the one -inch, one -inch spear, etc., which are the exquisite swords and overbearing unparalleled swords than ax more representative than the ax? This involves the problem of resource. The sword is indeed good, but the more iron they need, the more they need to polish the swords, and the waste of manpower and resources is more.


All this is unrealistic for Noxus, which was lacking in resources at that time. Considering the existing resources and practicality, the ax that is more durable and easier to get has more advantages. Why not eat meaty jokes.

Of course, this is the first reason. What does the Demasian army have the most? The sword is saving. The sword has a special meaning in the cold weapon. It symbolizes self -denial and self -discipline to a certain extent. People are used to decorate.

On the other hand, it is brutal and ruthless that it is hateful, but the point it depends on is also unsatisfactory. People here will not be bound by the so -called knight spirit and peaceful coexistence. The law of strength is the most common. As long as your force is high enough, you are qualified to get the respect of others and the reuse of the empire.


This is reflected in many people. The resurrected undead Saen has no sense of the slaughter, but Swin still “takes care” it at the expense; No one can stop the momentum; not to mention the two brothers of Deluus, it doesn’t matter if he is cruel or perverted.


Different countries have been circulating completely different values. Just like the totem we believe in, we like dragons, but others like eagles.


The third point is the most needed point in the war -practicality. The swordsman is excellent and agile, and its potential is like a wind, but there are very few people in the army. Most people use knives. They do not need to be as fine as swords. But these two weapons have a weak point -thin blade, and the wide swords are also controlled by everyone.

What is the disadvantage of thin blades? It is easy to curl the blade and cannot penetrate the heavy armor, and it is more difficult to get started, and the practicality of the ax is reflected. There are no people who use the sword, because there are few people who play the swords, but the ax -like warriors are generally soldiers. It will be used; in addition to the edge of the ax, the ax also has a characteristic -heavy weapons, which is an advantage relative to light weapons.


In addition to the sharpness of the ax blade to hurt the enemy, heavy weapons can also cause force to attack the enemy, and the weight of the ax itself can make the front blade better to deal with the enemy of the equipment. The effect is better, which is also a need for the battlefield. Of course, it also lacks the flexible and fast advantages of light weapons, which is bulky and not suitable for light dressing.

The last advantage is that the ax itself is low and extensive. Sometimes the war is not only tested by the combat ability of both sides. Those who have played strategy games know that they will allocate certain resources when sending troops, such as food, currency, etc. If it is more detailed, it also includes the camps, construction of work, layout of traps, and so on.


All this requires tools to complete.

It is larger and small, and there is risk of rolling blades with a highly high sword; and the puncture weapons of spear guns are not suitable for daily tools, and fine cutting operations cannot be performed. Different ax can be more mass -produced, and the ax blade in the previous paragraph can be competent for most of the cutting operations, and the weight can be carried out, smashed, and so on.

So that’s it, the ax, as a symbol of force, has become a major symbol of Noxus.

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