The electric vehicle cannot be modified and configured.

Since the implementation of electric vehicle management regulations, many cities have begun to implement unified and standardized management of electric vehicles. Then, electric vehicles have also been included in formal management. There is a certain harmful, and it is also illegal, so that the owner cannot be ignored. The editor summarizes it into four points, hoping that everyone can use electric vehicles reasonably.

Installation and modification electric vehicles are illegal acts

According to the relevant provisions of the “Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the “Regulations on the Management of Electric Bicycle”, electric vehicles and electric bicycles are not allowed to be installed or modified on the device that are issued. While returning to the original state of the vehicle, it will be punished.

The standard of the new national standard electric vehicle

According to the “Technical Conditions of Electric Bicycles”, the configuration of the new national bicycle electric bicycle is provided.

1. The power of the electrical appliance must not be greater than 400 watts;


2. The speed of the vehicle must not be greater than 25 kilometers per hour;

3. The quality of the vehicle must not be greater than 55 kg;


4. The vehicle needs to have a pedal function;

New Guoben -bid electric bicycles are planned as non -motorized vehicles. Driving on the road does not require a driver’s license. The owner only needs to apply for a legal number plate for the vehicle.

The harm of installing and modifying electric vehicles

1. Harm caused by modified batteries

Modification batteries will increase the battery life and power of electric vehicles. When electric bicycles collide, the impact force will also increase, directly threatening the personal safety of drivers and passengers and other traffic participants.

2. Installing windshield and mobile phone brackets affect safety


When electric vehicles are installed on windshields, mobile phone brackets and other objects, it will directly affect the sensitivity of electric vehicles and there will be hidden safety hazards.


3. Add windshield to expand the blind line area

The installation of windshields in electric vehicles will lead to the expansion of the area of ​​the vehicle, block the driver’s sight, expand the driver’s sight blind zone, affect the mobile flexibility of the vehicle’s turning, and increase the incidence of the accident.

4. Installation will make the vehicle lose balance


Electric vehicles are not proper to install parasols. When extreme weather such as strong wind comes, devices such as parasols will increase the resistance of electric vehicles. Drivers often accidentally cause accidents due to difficulty controlling driving balance.

The correct practice of electric vehicle use


Electric vehicles are usually divided into three models: electric motorcycle, electric light motorcycle, and new national bicycle electric bicycles. Each model of electric vehicles has different requirements, so the correct approach of the owner is as follows.

1. According to the local electric vehicle management regulations, choose the electric vehicle that suits you to avoid the problem of the vehicle that is difficult and difficult to get on the road.


2. Use any type of electric vehicle to apply for a formal number plate for the vehicle. If it is a motor vehicle, you need to get a driver’s license.

3. Electric vehicles are a type of transportation. When participating in transportation, you must abide by traffic rules. If you violate traffic rules, you will also be punished.


4. Since the implementation of the new national standard electric vehicle, electric vehicle drivers and people driving on the road need to wear safety helmets in accordance with the law.


Summary of Li Ziqi:

During the prescribed period of the new national standard electric bicycle management, if electric vehicles and electric bicycles are modified and installed, they not only belong to illegal acts, but also bring the above “4 points” harm to the vehicle, which involves the safety of the vehicle. It is not allowed to ignore the owner. Electric vehicles should be used legally and reasonably, which can not only make traffic smoother, but also meet the usual mobility needs.

Do you have different opinions on the acting and installation behavior of electric vehicles? Talk about your opinions and opinions, welcome to discuss.

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