Brand analysis: How does excavation explorer accurately lay out integrated rainproof camping tent segment?

Abstract: Through the deepening of the dog’s deeper analysis of the explorer brand, how to excavate the explorer how to accurately lay out multi -functional rain -proof camping/tourist/mountaineering tent market, and finally win market sales. The report mainly includes the following content: fundamental research, industry scale and segmentation distribution, user attention point and pain point analysis, brand strategy and benchmark, single product competitiveness assessment, product marketing strategy, etc. The report helps to observe brand strategies, explore competitive opportunities, and play a guiding significance in product research and development and product operation strategies.

The first part of rain prevention camping/tourism/mountaineering tent market

(Data source: decision dog micro data)


1. Rain prevention camping/tourism/mountaineering tent market 463 million markets in the year, it is expected to have considerable future growth

Decision Dog data shows that through the overall sales data of rain -proof camping/tourism/mountaineering tents and the entire camping/tourism/mountaineering tent market, it is found that the total sales of camping/tourism/mountaineering tents in the last 12 months are 463 million, which has increased year -on -year The rate is -8.89%. The sales of camping/tourism/mountaineering tents this month are 54,284,520 yuan, and the sales increase in sales in the past three months is 199.05%. Among them, the total sales of rain-proof camping/tourism/mountaineering tents in the last 12 months were 356.532 million, and the year-on-year growth rate was -3.12%. The monthly sales accounted for 84.96%of the entire camping/tourist/climbing tent market. In the past three months, the increase in three months has increased It was 193.4%.

The rainproof camping/tourism/mountaineering tent market is a comprehensive analysis of the market’s search popularity, purchase heat, brand competition index, and market growth trend. Finally, the market segment is refined from the overall market of camping/tourism/mountaineering tents. Rain prevention was sold by 84.78%of enterprises as the main propaganda selling point. Enterprises used this as a propaganda selling point can greatly drive consumers to finally buy desires; Extensive market demand; rainfall camping/tourism/mountaineering tent market has strong brands, so competition is also fierce. Rain prevention camping/tourism/mountaineering tent market compared with the overall industry that has considerable market growth.

2. Explorers, freedom boat camels, camel/camel, occupying the top three in the market for rainfall camping/tourism/mountaineering tent

Analysis of the TOP10 brand of rainproof market, of which the free boat camel in the last month of the rainfall camping/tourism/mountaineering tent accounted for 95.8%of the entire camping/tourist/climbing tent sales of freedom. The sales increase in the sales of boat camels in the market for rain -proof camping/tourism/mountaineering tent was 1054.45%, ranking second in the rain prevention camping/tourist/climbing tent market. Explorers in the last month of rainfall camping/tourism/mountaineering tent accounted for 98.27%of the overall camping/tourist/mountaineering tent sales of the explorer. The increase was 131.94%, accounting for the first position of rain -proof camping/tourism/mountaineering tent.

3. The TOP10 brand share is fiercely competitive, and the market share of the explorer has remained stable

Part 2 product line layout

(Data source: decision dog AX)


1. Explorers deeply cultivate the travel supplies industry and attach importance to multi -functional rain -proof mountaineering tent segment

The explorer mainly deployed outdoor/climbing/camping/travel supplies, sports pack/outdoor bag/accessories, electric vehicles/accessories/transportation, sports/yoga/fitness/fans and other sub -industries. Among them, the camping/tourism/climbing tent, moisture -proof pads, and sleeping bags are the three largest categories in the market sales of explorers this month, with their sales of 10.549 million yuan, 913,900 yuan, and 357,700 yuan, respectively.

2. Main focus on single -person/rainproof/double segment market

Explorers with the largest layout in the category are single -person camping/tourism/mountaineering tents, rainproof camping/tourism/mountaineering tents, double camping/tourism/mountaineering tents. 22.4%, 5.06%; camping/tourism/mountaineering tent market with the largest market sales in the overall market is family camping/tourism/mountaineering tents, rainproof camping/tourism/climbing tent, double camping/tourism/mountaineering tent, sales possessive The rates were 36.0%, 84.96%, and 40.06%, respectively. By comparing the sales share of explorers and categories as a whole in various market segments, explorers prevent rain and camping/travel/mountaineering tents, double camping/tourism/mountaineering tents, family camping/tourism/mountaineering tents and the entire market The gap is 62.56%, 35.00%, and 33.61%, respectively.

3. Layout the mid -range market and gradually make efforts to the mid -to -high -end market

Explorers ‘camping/tourism/mountaineering tent products are mainly deployed in the market of 200-625 yuan, and the monthly sales proportion of explorers’ 200-625 yuan market camping/tourism/mountaineering tent products reached 21.8%. Compared with the entire camping/tourism/mountaineering tent industry, explorers are more inclined to lay out the market for 625-1500 yuan, and the market layout of 200-625 yuan is less. (Low-end price: 0-200 yuan mid-range price: 200-625 yuan mid-high-end price: 625-1500 yuan high-end price: 1500 and above)

The third part of the brand competitiveness

1. Brand popularity and reputation

2. Brand portrait (including design, attributes, functions, user attention, etc.)

3. Brand competitiveness analysis

4. Brand strategy and benchmark

Part 4 product characteristics

1. Product design trend wind direction

2. Product research and development rhythm

3. User attention points and pain points

4. Mainly push product characteristics


Part 5 The main product analysis

(Data source: decision dog single product compass)

1. Product defect

2. Product sales forecast

3. Market positioning and optimization space

4. Propaganda selling points and optimization space

5. Promotion strategy and optimization space

6. Channel strategy and optimization space

Part 6 Marketing Strategy


1. Product publicity strategy

2. Product promotion rhythm

3. Channel distribution strategy

Part 7 issues and opportunities

(Data source: decision dog AX)


(Data source: decision dog AX)

(Data source: decision dog AX)

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