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When I browsed Amazon today, I saw a mini desktop trash bin. It was from Meiya Station.



, Seding at 19.99 US dollars, 3557 stars.

Image source Amazon Meiya Station

This trash can uses designs for desktops, which can keep the desktop tidy, and the product is also very simple: the design of the cover cover is convenient to open and close both sides, and it can also effectively isolate the odor. Convenient, so the sales volume is very high at Meiya.

The core design point of the product is: 1. The cover design at the top; 2. the removable top cover.

However, although the product is simple, we cannot rush to the shelves. After our targeted retrieval, I found that it already has a patent of the United States. The picture below is its patent schematic diagram!

Data Source U.S. Patent Office database


It is learned from the inquiry information that this is the US appearance patent that individuals applied at 2020.02.19 and authorized by 2021.09.28. The patent period is valid until 2036.09.28, which is currently approved for validity!

Therefore, although the product is simple, there is already a patent monopoly protection. There are friends who do similar products, and they need to be alert to the risk of patent existence. Essence Essence

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Amazon Explosion-[Mini Desktop Trash] — American Patent Infringement

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