Not only is there a Hummer, this kind of folding paratrooper bicycle is also an important transportation on the battlefield of the U.S. military!

In the battlefield and training camps, various vehicles cannot be lacking, participating in operations, transportation, logistics and other tasks. In inertial thinking, the first thing we think of is that most of the motor vehicles such as tanks and military trucks fight and transport platforms. But have you seen a bicycle on the battlefield?

Bicycles have extremely high dynamics, flexibility and portable characteristics. The army of some countries will use bicycles as single soldiers’ transportation to apply in battlefields, logistics bases and daily training and operations.

Taking the U.S. for example, the army is equipped with a single soldier combat, a folding paratrooper, which is called Montague, is very popular among the U.S. troops.


The U.S. military developed this military folding bicycle in the 1980s. On the wild battlefield, the rugged narrow section makes it difficult for motor vehicles to pass smoothly. At this time, the Montague bicycle with a certain off -road performance with a certain off -road performance shows its ability. For single soldiers who need to be fast and flexible, this bicycle, in the “traffic blind zone” of the combat line, can be said to have played a great role in fast action.

Because it can be conveniently folded, when a single soldier fights, the soldiers can pack them on the marching backpack. Airborne soldiers can directly carry it on the body for skydiving. After landing, it will start quickly and perform quickly.


The US military’s proud Hummer off -road vehicle took care of the general situation on the battlefield, while the folding paratrooper car penetrated it into a subtle place. Its existence successfully solved the “last mile” problem on the battlefield.

Therefore, don’t underestimate small bicycles. In the military field, its role is really not small!


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