The classification and specifications of the Hanjian and its long cultural history

In the ancient and long history and culture of China, the development of each dynasty and the prosperity left some things to learn from future generations. The development of the weapon industry cannot be ignored. Therefore, Han Jian was more prosperous at the time. In the current historical museum, we can see more historical and cultural products left in that period. Han Jian is a kind of wearing items that flourish in the Han Dynasty. It was mainly made of steel. Everyone had to wear a Han sword among the cultural and military officials at the time.


There are many types of Han swords, mainly divided into short swords, long swords, long swords, and long swords according to the different length specifications. The length of these swords is very different. Generally speaking, the short sword is about 50 cm to 70 cm. The short sword in the Han sword is relatively thin and thin, mainly decorated with copper wares. The Chinese sword is a sword from 70 cm to 90 cm, which is not very common. The long sword is a more frequent Chinese sword specification. The blade gradually changes from width to narrowing, and there is obvious waist on the part near the sword head.


The variety of Han swords, the corresponding value and role will be very different. According to historical materials, the Han sword needs a certain amount of sword fires for decoration, such as jade gear and copper, etc. These are comparable Common decorations. The Hanjian has a long history. This is a sword suitable for battlefields suitable for the battlefield. The main rise was due to the improvement of the steel smelting process at that time, which led to gradually replacing the bronze sword on the battlefield.

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