Fire first without selling? The central bank’s “520 commemorative coin” is here. What about the rare dragon and phoenix Chengxiang theme model?

On May 13, the People’s Bank of China announced that the auspicious cultural commemorative coin in 2022 will be officially issued on May 20. Since 2020, there is always a heart -shaped commemorative coin in the auspicious cultural gold and silver commemorative coin series, and the issuance time is located near May 20, so the series is also known as the “520 commemorative coin” by the market.

Chinese reporters from securities firms learned that each year’s “520 commemorative coins” of this series are often sought after by collectors because of the novel “fire out of fire” and are sought after by collectors. This year is the first rare dragon and phoenix to present the theme commemorative coins. Senior collectors on a lot of a lot, “Dragon and phoenix themes are very popular in the people, but this type of gold and silver coins in China is rare. To be a ‘explosion’. “

However, he is more optimistic about the value and hobbies of the collection of commemorative coins. “This time, the theme gold and silver commemorative currency of Longfeng Chengxiang issued up to 20,000 and 50,000, respectively. Everyone must reserve an appointment and subscription ratio with an ID card. Some time -oriented coins that are strong and easy to encounter, have higher collection value, the “heart -shaped ‘coin design is beautiful and novel, and the value of aesthetic ornamental is also very good.”

Many commemorative currency enthusiasts are already trying to see what these “520” heart -shaped commemorative coins look like and how to make an appointment.

Rare Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang Gold and Silver Coins are not sold first when they are sold

A total of 7 auspicious cultural series of gold and silver commemorative coins issued this time, including 3 gold commemorative coins and 4 silver commemorative coins, all of which are legal currencies of the People’s Republic of China. According to the issuance announcement, the specific specifications of the auspicious cultural commemorative coins are as follows:


China Gold Coin Network announced the commemorative currency version at the same time, with a strong sense of design and high face value. Among them, the most important thing for this is the two heart -shaped commemorative coins, which are 3 grams of heart -shaped gold “Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang” commemorative coins. 30 grams of heart -shaped silver “Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang” commemorative coin with a denomination of 10 yuan and a maximum circulation of 50,000 pieces.


Official introduction: 3 grams of heart -shaped gold “Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang” commemorative currency back pattern is a pierced pattern of the treble spectrum, dragon, and phoenix decoration, and published the words “Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang”. It is a refined coin, which contains 3 grams of pure gold, 18 mm in length of a square edge, and 99.9%in color.

Official introduction: 30 grams of heart -shaped silver “Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang” commemorative currency back pattern on the back of the currency is butterflies, dragons, phoenixes, round lights, curtains and other decorative combination patterns, and published the words “Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang”. It is a refined coin, including 30 grams of sterling silver, 40 mm in a square edge of the outer side, and 99.9%in color.


It is not difficult to find from the past historical release records that the theme auspicious culture series has continued to be released every year since 2015, with 4 themes each time. There are commemorative coins Tibetan friends introduced, “Because of lack of changes and many specifications, it has gradually received the cold encounter of Tibetan friends.” Until 2020, China Gold Coin Corporation innovated the design of the heart -shaped commemorative coin and set the issuance time in May On the 20th- “520 Commemorative Coins”, it was born, attracting the attention of the public, and also lived outside the commemorative currency circle.

This heart -shaped commemorative coin is the annual explosion of money, and this year, there are rare dragon and phoenix theme commemorative coins, which attracts eager vision.

Senior collectors on a lot of the auction platform bluntly stated that the advantages of the subject matter are obvious. The probability of signing in the appointment is expected to compete fiercely. “The theme of the dragon and phoenix is ​​very popular in the people, but the domestic gold and silver coins are rare. ‘Explosion’. “

Perhaps the 520 commemorative commemorative “not sold” this year, the circulation volume increased significantly. The amount of 30 grams of 520 commemorative coins (silver “dragon and phoenix” commemorative coins increased from 30,000 to 50,000. Last year, the Bamboo Bao Ping’an Ping An had 15 grams of silver coins. For the first time, the porcelain process was used to attract attention, and the circulation increased from 20,000 to 40,000.

Where is the value of commemorative coins?

The commemorative currency in the shape of a caring shape is not hot. Although the circulation (silver) has increased by nearly 70 %, it still attracts many people to pursue snap -up. In the eyes of the above -mentioned senior collectors: on the one hand, the subject advantage, “beautiful appearance, good design concepts, good intentions”; on the other hand, investment value and collection value are good. “Not all commemorative coins have a collection value, but scarcity can be encountered.”


According to statistics from the central bank’s issuance plan over the years, the auspicious cultural gold and silver commemorative coins were issued from 2015 to 2021. In 7 years, a total of 23 gold coins (styles), 28 silver coins (styles), and one dual metal coin (style), one A total of 52 (styles). From the perspective of the issuance price, the total price of these 52 styles of commemorative coins is less than 200,000 yuan.

Chinese reporters of securities firms noticed that in 2021, the “520” Heart shape commemorative coins (Qinse and Ming themes) were two issues of 2520 yuan and 560 yuan, respectively. The premium rate is equivalent to 11.11%and 82.14%.

The so -called commemorative currency is generally the state’s statutory currency issued by the country to commemorate the country’s politics, history, and culture, outstanding figures, famous monuments, rare animals and plants, sports events, etc. Coins (including metal and commemorative banknotes), ordinary commemorative coins can be circulated, but precious metal commemorative coins cannot be circulated, and can only be transferred on some lot of lot. In the opinion of the above people, the total amount of commemorative coins (banknote) is generally not high, the appreciation space is difficult to be high, and the profit space is very limited, so “it will not be fired.”

The central bank issues two or three commemorative coins a year. According to the central bank’s plan in 2021, the 2021 New Year’s Commemorative Coins are issued, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and the commemorative banknotes of the 24th Beijing Winter Olympic Games. A reporter from securities firms also reported before that at that time, the banknote surface was printed with Bingdun Dudi Winter Olympics commemorative banknotes, and the appointment quota was grabbed for half a day. In their opinion, this year’s 520 commemorative coins (Longfeng Chengxiang) are estimated to have a hot grabbing situation.

According to the official website of China Gold Coin, this set of gold and silver commemorative coins was cast by Shenyang Mint and Shenzhen Guobao Mint Co., Ltd., and China Gold Coin Group Co., Ltd. was sold. In addition to the direct sales channels of China Gold Coin and a number of Chinese gold coins retailers, there are also Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, CCB, Bank of Communications, Postal Savings Bank, Minsheng Bank, China Merchants Bank, Industrial Bank, China UnionPay.

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