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Who does Tao Baibai, Tang Qiyang, Testing Constellation, Sina Constellation, and Constellation Goddess said the most accurate?

A survey of the “China Youth Daily” Social Survey Center showed that 70%of participants said that there were many people who like constellation culture, and more than 50%of them said that they believed that the constellation was mainly to “understand themselves through the constellation.”

Different from the religious beliefs that parents went to the temple to watch the fragrant worship, this young man seemed to find water rebels, good luck, and crescent wishes to come true through Western numerology tools such as astrology and Tarot. Recently, a star blogger Tao Baibai appeared on Weibo hot search. Netizens marveling that “I know me than my mother, it’s too accurate.”

So, is Zhan Xingzhen so magical as netizens say? Who is consulting the star? Does the astrologer have some special abilities? Titanium Media APP interviewed a 9 -year -old psychological astrologer -ginger panda to solve the mysterious veil of the psychological astrologist. The following is the self -report of the ginger panda, and the titanium media APP is sorted out.

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I was not determined to be a psychological astrologer at the beginning. I started to study out of curiosity. The first study was 9 years. I have invested in this matter for more than 10,000 hours.

At that time, many classmates liked to watch the constellation plates in the magazine. What constellations were paired, Zhou Yun, Monthly, and New Year’s luck. How could I believe that college students who had educated higher education at that time believed in constellation fortune?

Before I didn’t know enough, I never denied it, so I conducted in -depth research, and then found that the constellation was just an element of astrology.

There are many planets such as the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, and Mercury in the astrology, and they are in charge of different fields in their personalities.

Many celebrities on the Internet only conduct constellation research rather than astrological research. Zhan Xingxue has meticulous logic. Like any discipline, it can be insight and taught.

It is a philosophical system.

It opened a door to a new world for me.

After entering the workplace, I used my spare time to watch the astrolabe. More and more people feedback said that it was accurate, inspiring, and helpful, so I started to treat the astrology as a sideline, until the side income exceeds the main business, I also hope that I also hope that You can create greater value, and remove the halo of “the youngest director of the company” and start the path of occupation of the astrologers.

I have always thought that no company can buy my time and labor with annual salary.

In addition to work, I also want to live seriously

我是心理占星师,占星不是玄学,是一套缜密的大数据体系 | 新职业研究所

, Learning and thinking, help more people see their own advantages and talents, and lead more people to live a abundant life.

Look back now,


It’s not that I have a plan for deliberate choices, but I have always focused on my interests.

我是心理占星师,占星不是玄学,是一套缜密的大数据体系 | 新职业研究所

Until I developed it into the most ideal column of the four -level quadriority -that is, I like it and can do well.

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Who is using psychological astrology consulting services?

Many people think that the mainstream audience of the astrology is young people+emotional issues, but my customer group is not.

Most of them are the mainstays of society over 35 years old. Most of them inquire about career development, career choices, life planning … Emotional consultation only accounts for a small part,

This is related to my head users.

I have been engaged in cloud computing and the Internet industry before. Most of the circles are science students. The educational background and cognitive level of these people are above the waist of the pyramid. Science students either do not recognize numerology at all or feel the energy transmitted by numerology. As the saying goes, “without suffering, do not believe in God and Buddha.” When they found that many things in life are not relying on intelligence

As well as


Methodism can be solved. At this time, they will choose to see what kind of explanation and guidance will give in the third perspective.

Astrology is not mysterious, and there is no need to get mystery,

我是心理占星师,占星不是玄学,是一套缜密的大数据体系 | 新职业研究所

I am just a translator of the stars, a transmitter of a message, and the content I read from the astrolabe will talk about it to my customers in detail. I do n’t need chicken soup, let alone conceal.

It’s just that the language of the translation can be beautiful or sharp.

I will make adjustments based on the inner affordability of the owner. When I encounter a strong inside, I will bluntly say that when I encounter a fragile and susceptible disk owner, I will be Huai Rong’s strategy and guidance with positive psychology to guide them to see and use their character advantages and virtues.

In fact, the psychological occupation of star consultation is the same as psychological counseling, answering doubts and expanding life width; the method of charging is the same, because everyone encounters the same problems and situations. It takes 1-2 hours. Specific forms can chat or remote according to the needs of customers.

In these years I have been engaged in the star, I have hardly took the initiative to get customers, most of which are introduced by old customers. This is related to the particularity of the numerology industry. It is not allowed to not say it by the numerologist himself, but it is evaluated by others.

We just need to focus on ourselves and never stop. If you are not good at integrating others, we must make ourselves ability to be integrated people.

In addition, the numerology circle is mixed,

If you want to learn or choose a numerologist, I can give two standards for reference.

First, the numerologist you choose, his consultation/guidance makes you feel that life is full of hope. How about it. We should not be used by others in any case.

Second, whether he is only profitable to guide irrational consumption. As a numerologist, no matter where the teacher is

How long is the study

Where is the faction, you should understand what Jide is and what is the manufacture. If there is no awe, only the numerology is only used as a means of making money, so it will be scuttered by the big waves.

In psychological occupation, you can be a solution or a life coach. If you choose the latter, you need to never stop learning


Real combat and advancement, otherwise there is only one consequence of repeated fried rice -was eliminated by the times.

A large number of consultations made me see a hundred state of life. It helped me expand my knowledge, increase my knowledge, and improve my mind.


The star occupation career also brought me additional benefits -habitual diligence

Essence I want to give you an easy -to -use “overtaking model”: input+thinking+practice*time, and you will see your growth with your naked eye.

But if our lives are filled with work, even sufficient sleep becomes extravagant, where can we still have time and energy to expand our boundaries? so,

Life needs to be reduced, so as to study a more magnificent proposition, think more deeply, and make a farther future.

(This article starts the Titanium Media APP, Author | Guo Hongyu)

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