For long boots that are necessary this winter, as long as you remember these 3 points, you can also wear

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Winter is the season of wearing boots. It is not only kept warm, but also has a high degree of fashion. A lot of simple clothes, because of the embellishment of boots, also became different.

This year’s boots are quite hot, and many stars love it.


But many sisters say,

The legs are so thick, it’s too hard to buy boots


Don’t worry, because I am a particularly thick body, but this year I have passed unremitting efforts,

Finally found a pair of boots that can be worn

, I really moved to cry.

Today, I will tell you all the secrets of picking boots. The sisters who hope that the thick legs will be beautiful in winter ~


The style of long boots that are popular this year


Trouser pipe boots


Although I don’t understand the design of pants pipe boots, it is really hot this year.


The pants boots are named after the combination of boots and trousers. Many brands have launched this style of boots.

Although its boots look very loose, it seems quite suitable for slightly fat figures.

However, this too loose boots style will also make our lower body look very bloated and thick.

Like our rough legs, don’t try it easily.


Cavaliers boots

Cavaliers boots have also been hot in recent years, and it still has no intention of fading this year. I personally like it.

The height below the knee,


Give people a handsome and casual feeling


It is okay whether it is casual or ladylike.


Because its style is neutral


So even with it with black stockings, it will not look too charming, but it has a sense of alienation, which is quite cool.


Denim boots

Denim boots have a wild beauty and retro feeling.

Its length is just in the middle of the calf. so

Sisters with thick calf, don’t try it

It is easy to expose your leg shortcomings.

If you really like denim boots, but you are worried about sisters who show thick legs,

You can wear pants to wear

The problem of thick legs is not so obvious.

How to buy thin boots on both legs

Cylinder width


Sisters with thick calf, be sure to buy boots with width.

I belong to a small body with a small thigh, my calf is 38cm around, and the general boots are really difficult to wear.

For the calf rough star, before buying boots online,

Be sure to measure your legs first

, Then when you buy it, compare the tube of the shoes,

This can reduce the risk of buying wrong.

Sisters with thick legs, directly on shopping apps

Search for large size women’s shoes

You can find a lot of long boots with large bumpers.


I don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of being unable to wear this time.

The material is hard

Judging from the experience of buying boots,

Hard -made boots will be thinner.


Because of the hard material, it will not easily outline our leg shape,

It is very suitable for sisters with thick legs and lack of legs.

Don’t try strap boots

I tried it for you, and it really exposed my thick calf belly.

Although the material elasticity of soft leather will be relatively large, it will also highlight our leg shape. Anyway, what is your leg shape and what you look like.


So this soft leather boots cannot play any modification effect on the leg shape.


Boots with too many ankles are also best to avoid. Because it will not only look stubborn, but also super thick legs.

High heel

Sisters who wear high -heeled shoes must all know,

High -heeled shoes will stretch our legs, and there will be illusions to make the legs thinner visually.

So when we choose boots, we

Try not to choose the flat bottom

Instead, you need to choose a heel with a high level of boots, so that your legs are not so thick.

Boots with low heels, we can pad a pair of heights inside, this trick

Especially suitable for sisters with short legs

Essence And the pads are not so “eating legs”.

It should be noted that if you want to increase the pad, the shoes may be squeezed. It is recommended to buy a big size.


Alright, let’s talk about it today ~

In winter, which style of boots do you like best? Welcome to exchange discussions in the comment area ~

I can wear pills, pay attention to me, and learn more beauty skills.

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