The shared insulation cup that can be used for use fees appeared in Jeju Island, South Korea

People’s Daily Online, South Korea, May 14th (Reporter Zhang Yue) “Use the ‘Blue Cup’ to open a journey without waste!” In front of a coffee shop at Jeju International Airport to the hall, a blue slogan is very eye -catching Essence

The disinfection cabinet in the coffee shop is neatly placed in a row of blue shared thermal insulation cups. Tourists only need to scan the code of instant messaging software in South Korea to use the shared thermal insulation cup for free within 7 days. There are 42 coffee shops on Jeju Island to provide rental and refund sharing cup services. These coffee shops also provide varying degrees of discounts for tourists who use the shared insulation cup to buy beverages.

The launch of the shared insulation cup serves a Jeju public welfare entrepreneurial enterprise called “Blue Cup”. Han Jingji, the person in charge of the company, said that in 2018, there were a total of 1,856 coffee shops in Jeju Island. According to data from the Ministry of Environment, about 63 million disposable paper cups were generated every year on the island. The population of Jeju Island is only about 680,000, and the per capita domestic garbage emissions ranks first in South Korea. In order to reduce the garbage emissions of Jeju Island and practice the concept of green tourism, the company launched a shared insulation cup project.

In order not to increase the burden on tourists, the “Blue Cup” is currently exempted from the use fee for tourists. It only needs to pay the deposit of the South Korean instant messaging software that is paid by WeChat -like to pay the deposit. However, if the tourists have not returned the “blue cup” for more than 7 days, the company will automatically deduct the deposit through instant messaging software.

Han Jingji said that in order to ensure the hygiene of the shared thermal insulation cup, the insulation cup uses a non -dead corner design that is easy to clean, and the enterprise will clean and disinfect the recycled thermal insulation cup before distributed to the cooperative coffee shop. The cup will always be stored in a disinfection cabinet before leaving the customer.

Tourists who have used the “Blue Cup” said, “This cup can not only keep insulation but also keep cold, and is more suitable for travel than ordinary disposable cups. It is also very cute in shape. I feel very meaningful for environmental protection. “

In recent years, the environmental protection awareness of young Korean people has continued to improve. In order to practice environmental protection, many young people choose to use a shared thermal insulation cup, and are very happy to share their environmental protection experience. “The shared insulation cup is a kind of attempt to practice ‘non -waste travel’. Hope that tourists who come to Jeju Island can share their environmental protection experience, convey the concept of environmental protection, and call more people and enterprises to contribute to creating a ‘non -waste scenic spot’ ‘contribution Power. “Said Han Jingji, the person in charge of the” blue cup “company.

Source: People’s Daily-International Channel Original Draft

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