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Car waist


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Car waist is very necessary for the owner, a suitable seat cover or laving cushion, which has a significant role in improving the sitting and increasing comfort. It can also prevent the wear of the car original seat, and it is well cleaning. And for a long time driving driver, the waist, legs and neck are more tired

Using car waist can better relieve fatigue, reduce soreness, and improve driving experience. Talk to you today and talk about the role of car waist and purchase methods.

First, what is car waist

As the name suggests, the car waist is placed on a mat on the back of the car seat, so that the waist of the human body can only be directly placed on the car cushion, not the original car seat. So you can use the car waist to adjust the contact surface of the body and the seat, and the waist is shackled through the car waist, thereby effectively relieving the waist fatigue and improving driving experience.

Second, the material, appearance introduction of car cushions

1, the material of the car cushion: The surface fabric is generally cotton, linen or flannel; fillers are generally high quality memory cotton.

2, the appearance of the car cushion: common square, round, double peak type. Its shape design is very particular. Generally high-grade car cushions, compare stress comfort and protection, the appearance shape will specifically designed according to the ergonomicization, such as the apple type of the Bowova, can be heated according to the human back curve design, more suitable Winter use, can effectively share 50% of the waist while effective protecting the waist is not cold

Third, why do you want to install a car waist? what’s the effect?

1. Comfort of the waist of the car: the driver is driving the waist, the legs and neck are more tired when driving, especially the waist! Because the leg waist and arms must be extensive when driving, most of the activities of the body need to rely on the support of the waist. So long-term driving, there is an incorrect sitting position, which will cause the soreness of the waist.

! The car cushions can better alleviate fatigue according to ergonomic design, healthy and comfortable, reducing soreness, and improving driving experience.

2, health protection function of car waist: usually in a long-term driving population, lumbar spondylosis (lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation, etc.) is also very high, and a good car cushion can be used. Let the waist are engraved with reliance, it can better protect the normal S curve curve of the human spine.

3, car lumbar dress function: a fashionable, unique style of car waist is undoubtedly effective to improve the ornamental effect of the whole vehicle! This dressing function catering to the needs of the majority of car owners. Because the car waist can also reflect the cultivation and taste of the owner. Therefore, the car waist can simultaneously hold the above three functions, which can effectively protect the waist, provide comfortable driving sensation, and can embellish the internal space, and install the use of flexible installation, which makes the car waist to pay attention to the owner of the owner. And favor.

Fourth, how do you buy and use?


According to the data, in 26% of the rear-end accident, the waist or neck of the driving personnel will be damaged, and in the rear-end accident under the same conditions, the car is properly used to use the car to use the car to use the car. Pillians feel pain. The probability is reduced by 40%, and the quality of the use of poor use of inferior pillow is reduced by 24%. It is important to prevent the cervical vertebrae, lumbar injury caused by traffic accidents. In addition, the low waist pillow of the waist is also great to alleviate driving fatigue. So, how should car waist should buy and use? Let’s recommend a function of functional car suitable for winter use!




Winter car seat plush memory cotton hot waist pillow

This hot-compressable car waist, according to the perfect bonding waist back curve according to ergonomic design, using new heating thermal applications, let our waist are supported while supporting, very economical and practical

. Cold air is coming soon, there is no baby who has prepared the car cushions to get started! There is gray, Tibetan, powder three colors can be selected, the office is sitting, the baby driving for a long time can be used, send relatives, friends, family is a good choice!



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