What about the water pipe of the toilet cabinet? Five kinds of storage artifacts, the items are storage properly posting

The problem of the cabinet storage under the bathroom and the kitchen platform has always been very headache. Not only because the space is humid and dim, but the items inside are easy to mold and stinky; it is because the water pipe below is surrounded. no. Today, I will introduce a few storage artifacts inside the toilet cabinet that watched the straight shot, so that you no longer have to worry about the items you put in!

1. The storage artifact in the drawer



The drawer is the most common cabinet style in the toilet. A row of cabinets under the sink, which is worrying and ensuring sufficient storage space. Some cabinets under the sink will bring this compartment style, which can be placed different items according to the size and shape inside.

If not, you can choose to buy this transparent classification box. According to your own needs, you can choose a style of different sizes to customize the structure inside the drawer and be more humanized.

2. Packaging box


In fact, you do n’t need to spend extra money to buy a storage box. You can do n’t throw the packaging boxes bought back. Of course, if the box is too large, it may not be applicable.


Of course, you can also intuitively consider drawers with classified storage functions. For example, a vertical drawer like below is very friendly to the hair rolling rod, and the push -pull design can easily see clearly.

Second, the storage artifact of double opening cabinets

If you want to cover the water pipe under the sink, you need to cover the cabinet, but due to the obstacles of the water pipe, there is no way to make a very regular shelf in it, so you can only do nothing. There is no storage tool in it. It is very easy to mess up and reduces the available storage space.


1. Pluttering rack


Put a rack on the pulley under the cabinet to serve as a deeper cabinet, and you can put some miscellaneous objects that can be used in the bathroom.

Replaced the basket with a change of clothing, which neither takes up external space, but also increases the function of recycling dirty clothes, which is beautiful and practical.

Or make a simple multi -layer drawer, which uses the above space, and the storage space has increased.


2. Rotating table

The design of the rotating table can be more convenient to get items, but there is no way to put a lot of items, and you can put some nursing supplies you usually use.


3. Hanging frame

In addition to the space in the cabinet, you can use the storage tool to make full use of the space. The space on the side of the cabinet door can also be set up by setting up the shelf, but the disadvantage is that the items that cannot be put on the cabinet may be damaged due to weight.

What about the water pipe of the toilet cabinet? Five kinds of storage artifacts, the items are storage properly! These storage artifacts mentioned above are best to choose waterproof and moisture -proof materials, such as stainless steel or plastic. The bathroom environment is relatively humid. If you choose not carefully, it will easily be moldy. Of course, the use of the use of storage tools is not the same, or the most suitable artifact should be selected according to your own environment.


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