A switch that can be remotely controlled — Cooltouch wireless smart switch

The switch is an indispensable thing in our lives. The start and shutdown of the electrical appliances must be controlled by it. In the era of adding intelligent elements in this thing, things that we have to touch every day will definitely not fall behind.

Cooltouch, a wireless smart switch developed by Orange Park (Shanghai) Smart Technology Co., Ltd.. Through the experience, this small switch is really great in smart homes. Let me take you to understand this product


First of all, the black and orange colors are combined on the outer packaging. On the front, there are four characters and Cooltouch English logo on the front. Because Cooltouch is a smart socket, it can help control through the app. Cooltouch supports control methods such as WeChat control, JD WeChat APP, and Cool Cloud APP. It is recommended that you use JD.com to control it, because this can be connected with each other when there are many smart appliances

Open the tiraram -style packaging box, and the Cooltouch on the second road is stable in the box. Black tempered glass panel with a silver frame makes the switch look beautiful as a whole


The accessories contained in the packaging include switching host, fixed screws, qualification certificates, warranty cards, installation diagrams, and JD WeChat introductions. The three -month change, the promise of two -year warranty also reflects the trust of the merchant’s product quality of their products

The size of the Cooltouch uses the national standard 86 (86mmx86mmx43mm), which can directly replace the traditional switch in the home. A 3mm black tempered glass on the front, and the two curved buttons in the middle were surrounded by a lap of LED background lights. The shutdown state is light blue breathing light, and the state is turned on. Even if this design is used at night, there will not be a situation that cannot be found. And the panel uses anti -fingerprint nano -coating, so that the switch is beautiful at any time

The COOLTOUCH base uses the shell of the highest flame retardant V0 in Bayer Bayer in Germany. There are also many open -hole design in the design, which can effectively heat dissipation. The label on the back shows us the official model of this switch is CTSS-WMJ2-X. The input voltage range is AC 90-220V, the maximum resistance load is 500W/path, and the capacity load power is 200W/path. In terms of popular point, if the switch is strong, the Cooltouch switch can be transformed into a controller that controls most of the household appliances that meet the power requirements

From a structural, we can see that the Cooltouch switch uses the design of the separation of control and the mechanical part. After unloading the lower panel with a screwdriver, we can see that the main control module has a PCB circuit board to achieve. The power supply is provided by the mechanical part, and the PCB circuit version is also very neat


Integrated integration is well done. With less light lines, it can also improve the safety and stability of the product. Another advantage of the separation design is that if the panel fails, you can directly replace the panel instead of the entire switch to be scrapped

The Cooltouch switch requires a separate zero line during the wiring. The terminals use high -quality copper materials. The characteristics of less impurities and low resistances ensure high -conductivity. The wiring line number is marked on the base


Wiring diagram

After the wiring schematic diagram is connected, it is fixed on the wall. Cooltouch is very good with the interior layout subject, and the color is versatile. For safety reasons, you must pay attention to the state of power off during the wiring process. When it comes to security Cooltouch, there is another place to mention it. During the work process, the contact of the Cooltouch is not dependent on the mechanical contact of the traditional switch, but the work of relay. The advantage is that there is no need to worry about the phenomenon of contacts that occur after a long period of use.


In the actual trial process, I will demonstrate the use of Jingdong Micro Union to control Cooltouch


You can bind products by scanning code or Jingdong Micro -connected software. The switch can be turned on and off by software. In the actual trial process, the software turning off and manual touch reaction speed has basically not been delayed. This also confirms the response time of the official data of the merchant. Relying on this feature, we can turn on the electric light through the APP before entering the house, solve the troubles of finding the switch after each entering the house.


There are also some special features of Cooltouch on the app. The human body induction setting can set the induction distance between 0 and 8 meters at will. For example, you can choose to detect the opening of the human movement in the stairway, and the person will automatically close after leaving. Just customize according to personal preference. Actual use is also very sensitive

If you feel that the breathing light affects the rest, you can also close it manually. The power -saving mode is also more user -friendly and can be automatically closed in a ten -minute monitoring. The combination of software and hardware is very mature


Open the closing function regularly. Relying on the Jingdong Micro Union APP, we can create a perfect scenario home mode. If there is a smart speaker at home, you can set up linkage. After turning on the bulbs regularly, the audio play soothing music. Welcome the new day with a beautiful mood and enjoy the convenience of intelligent life to us

The overall experience of the experience, although the Cooltouch is not large, it function meets our definition requirements for smart homes. And the combination of product quality and software and hardware is also perfect. Summarize the Cooltouch relay characteristics

1. Open, Guan Minmin, delayed small

2. Remote control, convenient life


3. Beautiful appearance, waterproof

Looking forward to Cooltouch can continue to bring us more smart hardware in the smart home field

Author: ArticleManager