The weather is always cold and hot, and it is always messy. Fortunately, sports shoes can take everything

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The recent temperature is really cold and hot, and it is not stable at all. A heavy rain has brought the temperature to the early April. It is said that the season change time is “green and yellow.” Today’s summer dress, change back to the spring tomorrow.

At this time, the editor generally takes the sneakers from the shoe cabinet and placed in the most convenient position at the door.

After all, changing clothes every day is already a headache, and shoes can be done by putting all sneakers!

So many shoes, why do you pet sneakers? It’s still because it’s so good! Intersection After so many years of efforts of fashion idols, sports shoes are reasonable to wear red carpets, so the wearing scenes encountered in your life,

Sports shoes can basically be grasped.

Women in the workplace can only wear high heels to work! Daily commuting is the most comfortable and comfortable sports shoes.

Or in the last period of the summer, I plan to temporarily hold the Buddha’s feet to fitness. At this time, sneakers are also just needed. So today we will talk about sports shoes again!

Today is the May Day Labor Day.

But I have to say that happy holidays are always short -lived, and go to work is the normal.


Therefore, “how to wear daily work” may be more often considered.

At this time, the editor couldn’t help looking back on this old picture of Kendall in 2019! “Putting simple clothes to look good” may be the most needed to master workers.

for example,

Blue shirt with white denim shorts, and a pair of super popular white shoes that year,

Simple and refreshing, everything is just right.


However, it should be noted that bags and sunglasses are best big names. Otherwise, you still cannot distinguish yourself from Style with college students.


Is the super popular white shoes in 2019 that is too angry?


The answer is: No.

Although it has been snatched by Dad’s shoes over the years, when we open those “

Stick to your own dress style


“The blogger’s ins,

Little white shoes are still the most frequently appeared single products

Essence Or,

Little white shoes are still one of the most suitable sports shoes with basic models


For example, bloggers often appear in our article

Anouk yve

, A simple black dress, which is also designed with minimalist and clean white shoes. The comfortable atmosphere does not come!

This group of wearing editors is willing to be rated as “

Top ten good summer dress in migrant workers


“, All are classic!

In addition to her most often wearing white shoes, there are white T -shirts, beige wide -leg pants. There are no popular styles and special designs, but the color styles are high -level (the sleeves of the T -shirt are a small detail worth copying homework).


The latest street shot is basically consistent with the wearing ideas of ANOUK YVE above. Bella’s T -shirt sleeves are also rolled up by her (record on a small book: wear white T -shirts and wide -leg pants, T -shirt sleeves are more fashionable) Essence But Bella’s sneakers are “small black shoes”, which makes the whole better.


In addition to small white shoes, ANOUK YVE often wear this simple plate shoes. In fact, sheds and small white shoes are very similar in style. They are simple and low -key styles, without a strong sense of presence. The toe is round, the soles are relatively thin, and the overall looks lightweight.

This set of self -timer for the mirror interpretation is “one shoe wear more”

Anouk YVE’s dressing style is very suitable for office workers,

If you like her style, you don’t have to buy the same single product as her

, But you can refer to the idea of ​​choosing sports shoes ~ summarize:

The design is simpler and the color matching is cleaned.


After speaking, the classic models that can be worn every year, let’s take a look at a pair of sports shoes that are very popular recently.


New Balance 550


The overall design of this sneakers is relatively retro. The toe is material stitching, and the color matching saturation is low. Its shoe type also belongs to sneakers. It is not as powerful as white shoes, but it is also very good.

Elsa Hosk

Recently, she wore a pair. She went out with a shirt and leather suit. This is also a must -have item for office workers.

In fact, choosing shoes mainly consider the harmony of color matching

Elsa Hosk, these pairs are black and white, basically equivalent to not picking clothes color!

Spring and summer with blue shirts with light khaki color is really extinct!


Debora Rosa


Use the same color matching idea as Elsa Hosk. But her pair of New Balance is not 550. This sole is thicker, and the advantage is that it can help the young girls effectively increase.


If you want to expose the thick -bottomed sports shoes, you must consider the color matching. Debora is a low -saturation color matching with obvious gray tone, which echoes it naturally.

Or you can use black and white and gray clothes to match color sneakers.


In short, the office workers wear sports shoes, the preferred simple and low -key style, better match. If you want to wear strong sports shoes, the design and color of the clothes should be low -key ~

Is there any low -key, practical, and at the same time that has the recent popular retro sneakers

Intersection Intersection

Poster Shop, such as this


Ins de la fressange


Sports shoes 👇

InES de La Fressange Retro UZS X INES joint sports shoes


Reference price: 1,400CNY


We wrote a French fashion idol last week

, Her dress style is

Adhere to the simple classic model

Essence Therefore, the shoes she made of course also flowed this DNA.


This sneakers are a bit

Light French retro fashionable

, The upper is spliced ​​with different materials and is very textured. Daily commuting dressing, such as suit pants and jeans, under the premise of comfortable


Essence Shoes are also relatively simple and light, and will not look bulky at all ~

There are also blue in the same paragraph. In summer, like Anouk YVE above, it can be paired with white wide -leg pants and white T. This combination of light can already feel refreshing if you imagine it ~

Ins de la fressange classic logo small white shoes

Original price: 1300

Limited time discount: 1,200cny


In addition to retro, there are these more classic ones

The same small white shoes 鞋️. These pairs are the “sister model” in the small white shoes,

A more sophisticated upper calfskin is selected than the general style

Essence Since it is a long -lasting item, we must not be lazy in the choice of texture.

In addition, these pairs of details of red, blue and white webbing are added to the ends of the shoe, and the side of the pinho of European shoe -making aesthetics. From versatile to details, INES reflects low -key, comfortable, and textured wearing. Clothing philosophy.

(Ines de la fressange’s products are all France 🇫🇷 direct mail to your hand)

ROCKFISH British 901 anti -splash canvas moral training shoes


Reference price: 399cny

You can take a look at this pair of Rockfish moral shoes. It is also a veritable heat for the poster Shop



Do n’t worry about wildness and fashion. A wave of newspaper friends have helped you verify!

Take two pictures to demonstrate, these shoes are in line with Anouk YVE’s choice of sports shoes:

Simple, flat, color cleanliness

In addition to excellent appearance, Rockfish is also a very actual brand! Its material has a waterproof function, not easy to dirty, and better care. It is a lazy gospel who loves to wear light sneakers.


Heydress high -waist straight -legged wide -leg pants

Reference price: 329cny

By this idea, I recommend a sneakers “peripheral” item, bloggers


The most commonly paired single -leg pants with sneakers is

Essence You can take a look at the heydress,

Satisfy the two rigid needs of high waist and straight trousers


It can show long legs and tolerance for the body (for example, the pear -shaped figure we just finished).

The fabric is adopted


100%Xinjiang cotton


At the same time, the breathability is quite wide, and the upper body is very sharp! And it is also very advanced, is it very “flowing golden years”!

In the second part, we move to [Going out to play]. This scene is definitely higher!


For example, we mentioned above the recently hot New Balance 550, blogger

Tezzz Barton


Tamara Mory

Using it with sweater and riding pants, the sports hot girl can consider wearing this on May Day ~

Bella replaced the cycling pants with a denim skirt, and the “disappearance of the bottom” was still very long. Moreover, her sneakers are also echoing the color of the sweater. Even if they wear casual items, the overall completion is still very high.


Although this group of street shots changed the new hair color, although the picture quality is not good, the atmosphere is full! Our previous article also mentioned that the popular low -waist pants in the millennium came back again. Kendall is the representative of “meaning”. Basically, she chose more loose jeans to “artificial” this low waist.

Bella and Hailey also have a trend of alignment to the millennium.

Fashion idols in the millennium

Devon aoki

Compared with, the current fashionable girls are different in the matching of shoes.


Looking back at Devon Aoki’s street shot ⬆️, basically low waist pants are paired with various thick -soled shoes. At that time, the trousers of low waist pants were relatively long, and they could cover the upper, which faintly exposed the thick sole. Now,

Whether it is Kendall, Hailey or Bella, you can see that they are matched with sports shoes at a glance ~

However, the item of low -waist pants is indeed not friendly to most of them.

Ordinary people want to catch up with this wave of trends.


Choosing a daddy shoes with a thick and high effect of choosing the soles of the shoe is better.

For example, hailey, the white thick bottom sneakers make up for it

The waist of the pants is “short -legged”, and the soles are completely supplemented by this ratio.


And such a “arrogant” shape must be used to destroy the “flame” with white sneakers.


After watching these street shots above, if you feel that “you can’t do it with low waist trousers”, then pay tribute to the Millennium hot girls and there are vests. With normal mid -waist skirts or mid -waist pants, a pair of sports shoes will be alive!

Girls who like printed dresses, sports shoes are completely different!

Compared with sandals, wearing it is definitely a bigger string meteor. Note that you pay attention —


The color of the matching sports shoes is best refreshing

For example, white, beige, low -saturated horse dragon color, etc., the style is more uniform.



Alexis badiyi


Recently, I used a Sanzhai dress with HOKA sports shoes. This combination is quite unexpected.

Looking closely, the blue decorated on the shoes is actually match with skirts.


Don’t underestimate the plasticity of sneakers

, Everyone can try more in front of the mirror!

We also picked a few of the equipment on May Day holidays.

Keddo full palm thick bottom breathable niche daddy shoes


Reference price: 799cny


First of all, the little friend who wants to challenge low -waist pants, Keddo, this daddy’s shoes.

This shoe heel is 4.5cm high, which has the effect of natural increase.

And don’t worry about walking uncomfortable at all, it

Use the soles of the whole palm, so that your foot is suffering uniformly

, The feet feel very good ~


In terms of design, the white editor is really recommended. The stitching of cowhide+canvas makes the overall more layered. Basically, any of your pants can be hold. There are two colors of black and white.

Keddo “Dang & Jam” Basic Basic Daddy Shoes

This a bit soft “dough” thick soles shoes are also very popular in the shop ✌️, the overall is also the classic foundation’s daddy shoes,

The heel height of the rear is 5cm


, To increase the king, the foot feeling is also real and comfortable!


This shoe on the shoe body is used


3D glue skeleton

The design is mainly to make the shoes more durable lines. There are three colors of rice white, yellow, and black.

MayAli buddha blue and blue two -color round neck knitted top

Reference price: 1280cny


Continue to give you two “surrounding” items, Mayali this knitted top


Special in color

With the beaver and Ken Dou just now, they are fashionable enough. This knitted texture will give you a whole “

Refreshing texture

“The more such a” visible “style, the more the texture is needed to add points.

GANNI striped tower tower dress 2022 spring and summer new model


Reference price: 2,520cny

Finally, a refreshing bomb, from

Ganni2022 spring and summer new dress

Intersection This light green has a very sense of summer atmosphere. V -neck and bubble sleeves are pressed on this year’s fashionable point. It is beautiful with white sneakers!

Ganni’s dress design understands, it is the kind of good wearing and a little design. This sleeve design is very friendly with girls who worship the meat. The skirt length can also cover the calf belly, exposing a thin ankle, everything is perfect!

If the May 1st long time arrives, it is definitely the most comfortable for sports shoes to play! Everyone can refer to today’s wear formula ~ If you can’t go out, you can also wear a sports shoe with Liu Genghong to jump a period of fitness exercises!

Finally, I wish you all a happy holiday! We will accompany you throughout the holiday! Intersection

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