A hearty snack report: teach you to distinguish the “enemy army” and “friendly army” in snacks

“Life Times”: Do you pick up snacks as a recreation between work and study?

Not long ago, the “Development Report of the Snack Industry in Consumption Upgrade” released by the Ministry of Commerce showed that China’s current total output value of the snack industry has reached 2215.64 billion yuan. Netizens have exposed their own contributions and said: “I am also a person who has participated in over trillion projects!”

For “snack control”, the pleasure of eating snacks is obviously more guilty. But snacks are also divided into good or bad, not all snacks are not good for the body.

The Chinese eat 2 trillion yuan a year

When it comes to “snacks”, many people feel that they are just recreational and supplemented, and there is no sense of “presence”. Not long ago, the “Report on the Snack Industry in Consumption Upgrade” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) released by the Ministry of Commerce showed that China’s current total output value of the snack industry has reached 221.564 billion yuan.

The “Report” states that snack foods have accelerated market penetration through online e -commerce models, cultivating and increasing the purchase habits of consumer groups, and snacks account for nearly 30%of online food sales. Little Twist sold 15 tons in 4 days, totaling 2 million; small crisp biscuits sold 10769 in 4 days; a snack brand for 8 years is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan in 2019 … China’s snack industry is unprecedented in the past Speed ​​outbreak.

It is understood that the main consumers of snacks are young people aged 20 to 30, and they have both delicious and healthy demands for snacks. The sales data of the e -commerce background also verified this conclusion. For example, the daily nuts series of “low baking, no addition” sales last year increased by nearly 190%; the sales scale of dried fruits and vegetables, organic fruits and other products also showed a rise.

In the past, drinks that focus on taste have also done everything possible to have a healthy relationship, including plant protein drinks, coffee, MCT, dietary fiber, etc. Even the bottle body design is like dumbbells, giving people fitness association.

Six kinds of snacks that nutrition experts love most

Many people have the habit of eating snacks between two meals. They can not only “put on hunger”, but also supplement some nutrition.

However, in the face of a large amount of fried, puffed, and high -fat “junk food”, how to choose snacks has always been confused.


The following is a “good snack” recommended by 5 nutrition experts



Ma Guansheng, director and professor of the Department of Nutrition and Food and Health, School of Public Health, Peking University

It means that nuts are excellent nutritional “champions”, which not only contain high -quality plant proteins, but also rich in dietary fiber and antioxidant.

But the high fat content of nuts is a high -calorie food.

Do not eat too much

Essence If you accidentally eat more, you must reduce the amount of oil and diet of three meals a day.


Fan Zhihong, Associate Professor of the School of Food Science and Engineering, China Agricultural University

Said that when the two meals (1-2 hours before the meal) feel a little hungry, my preferred snacks are yogurt, which can prevent hunger and nutrition, but also prevent the next meals from excessive appetite.

Yogurt’s role in promoting growth and improving nutrition is better than milk. The lactic acid in it can also inhibit harmful microorganisms, promote gastrointestinal motility and digestive fluid secretion, and increase the absorption of multiple minerals.

As a snack, drink 100 grams (1 small cup) at a time, and eat it with other fruits and nuts. Middle -aged and elderly people with hyperlipidemia can choose low -fat yogurt, and people with diabetic and obese should choose sugar -free yogurt.


Sugar gourd

Yu Kang, Deputy Director of the Clinical Nutrition Department of Peking Union Hospital

It means that the vitamins and minerals in hawthorn are rich in content, especially the liposura enzymes can promote the digestion of fat foods.


But sugar gourds are not the healthiest snacks, so the key is to control the amount. Eat at most once and eat up to twice a week.

If you eat too much, it is easy to cause excessive gastric acid secretion.

High blood glucose, people with gastric ulcers, gastric canal reflux symptoms, and elderly people should eat as little as possible.

In addition to the sugar gourds made of hawthorn, the sugar gourds of Mashan medicine are also more common. It is recommended that you eat alternately, so that the nutrition is more abundant.

Poria cake

Zhou Jian, a professor of nutrition at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Said that traditional Chinese medicine believes that flour and spleen and qi, Poria strengthen the spleen and saze, honey nourish the face, walnut replenishes kidney yang, brain health, nourish the liver and kidney, and moisturize the intestines. “The effect of” longevity “, Poria cake is especially suitable for middle -aged and elderly people.

However, it has a sweet taste and should not eat more. Poria cakes are large and small. Eat one daily, and 2 small ones.

Patients with hyperlipidemia, obesity, diabetes need to eat with caution

Essence In the summer, the rainy seasons are heavy, and they should eat less.



Wang Xingguo, Director of Nutrition Department of Dalian Central Hospital

It is said that apples have high nutritional value and are rich in sugar, organic acids, cellulose, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and flavonoid nutrients, and are easy to digest and absorb. fruit”.

People with weight burden are best to eat before meals, which can bring full sense of fullness, reduce the amount of meals, and help control weight.

Usually eat one a day, or three or four per week, and eat some other seasonal fruits to diverse diet.

In addition, due to the hard texture of Apple, it is best to chew slowly when eating to avoid gobbles, so as not to damage the stomach.


Chen Yuming, Secretary -General of the Guangdong Provincial Nutrition Society

It means that the protein content of peanuts can be as high as about 30%, and nutritional value can be comparable to animal foods, such as eggs, milk, lean meat, etc., and it is easy to be absorbed by the human body.

The peanut kernel contains eight types of amino acids necessary for the human body, and the proportion is appropriate. It is also rich in elements such as polydematic fatty acids, lecithin, B vitamin E, vitamin E, and a variety of essential minerals.

Most people are suitable for peanuts, but it is best not to eat infants and young children

Because peanuts are easy to plug the trachea. Because peanuts contain a lot of fat, do not eat too much. Eat 1-2 two a day with shell peanuts (a small amount).

3 levels of the nutritional value of snacks

Snacks have the differences between advantages and disadvantages, or not to eat or not. Experts believe that it can be roughly divided into three levels according to nutritional value snacks.

Level first: snacks that can be eaten frequently

Mainly low -fat, low -salt, low -sugar foods. Including four categories:


Dairy and dairy products

The high -quality protein is beneficial to grow and develop and enhance bone density;

Fresh fruits and vegetables

, Increase vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber intake to enhance human body resistance;

, High nutritional value, can also increase satiety;

Be potato food

, Rich in carbohydrates and dietary fiber, are a good source of energy.

It should be reminded that although the above foods are rich in nutrition, they must also be appropriate. According to the requirements of the “Chinese Resident Dietary Guide (2016)”, it is recommended that soybeans and nuts are 25 ~ 35 grams per day; fruits are 200 ~ 350 grams per day; fruit juice cannot replace fresh fruits.

Grade II: Snacks that can be eaten appropriately

It mainly refers to foods containing medium amounts of fat, salt, and sugar.

For office workers and students with a large workload and learning volume, only three meals can not be enough. All kinds of dried fruit, meat, and soda biscuits are good choices for supplementing energy.

They contain anti -oxidative ingredients, minerals and dietary fiber, which can effectively supplement energy, but their sugar content and salt content are high. It is not recommended to eat more often.

Level 3: Restricted snacks for consumption

Multi -finger high sugar, high salt, and high -fat foods. Such foods are often called “junk foods”. Eating more is not beneficial. Typical representatives are ice cream, burgers, fried chicken, puffed food, honey, cream sandwich biscuits, etc.

Regarding snacks, there are 3 reminders:

Pay attention to dinner, try to choose natural sources as much as possible, biscuit snacks, etc. It is best to stay away from the high processing food of raw materials.

Try to eat between two meals and before meals. Do not eat it after full meal, especially at night.

If the amount of snacks is large, the amount of meals should be appropriately reduced to prevent obesity.


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