Raiders at home! Must -see soft outfit at home, 3 decoration styles create a comfortable and high -end living room

Today, talk about the three design styles of the soft outfit in the home. Even if the whole house cabinet has been customized, there is still the possibility of turning over. Pull across, want to use soft outfits to save the hardfill, as a result, make it into a rental house. How can the whole house custom soft and have a high -level feeling. Today I will talk about 3 soft design schemes. Favorites, renovate in the future.

1. Modern rice white living room:

Hard installation: The shape, thickness, and stitching of gypsum lines create a French atmosphere.

Soft outfit:


Main sofa: 2+3 sea blue pine tea colors/simple tofu block shapes, bright yellow and peacock green pillows are embellished.

Leisure chair: bright yellow/foot of foot+back, comfortable adjustment.


Sofa stool: sea blue pine tea color/metal frame.

Coffee table: White marble face combination coffee table.

Side: How many are the magazines.


Lantern: ring -shaped rings/black minimalist fishing lamps.

Decorative painting: modern decorative painting.

Curtain: white yarn curtain.

2. Milk Coffee Modern living room


Hard installed: milk coffee color and milky white background wall, smooth and simple lines.

Main sofa: 3 gray leather sofas, orange, white and dark gray plaid pillows for embellishment.

Casual chair: dark blue casual chair.

Coffee table: White marble round coffee table.

Side: Gray marble high -footed side.

Lighting: Star -like chandeliers.

Curtain: light gray, blue and white contrasting curtains.

3, green modern living room

Main sofa: 2+3 French milk coffee sofas, bright yellow, peacock green and brown pillows for embellishment.

Leisure chair: peacock green, gray column -like casual stool.

Coffee table: White marble square coffee table.

Side: White marble taller side.


Lighting: All copper carved retro crystal glass chandeliers/white minimalist lamp.


Decorative painting: geometric decoration painting.

Curtains: peacock green, white color matching curtains.

Everyone who is too lazy to spend, and wants to dress up his own family can make a whole case.

If you have more troubles or questions about decoration design, I will reply after seeing it. I will reply to the design inspiration of home decoration every day. The style of custom decoration style in the whole house will be updated from time to time every day.

Soft outfit:

Decorative painting: modern decorative painting.

Author: ArticleManager