Bi Ya Bi: Anti -quarter good price: UGG Dakota Swirl women’s wool cotton shoes $ 55

This UGG lady casual warm shoes are made of waterproof sheepskin, wool lining, excellent heating and breathability, and can regulate the temperature well; the inner bottom uses UGGPure ™ sheepskin coat, which is comfortable and easy to wear;Cute and durable, and adjust the width of the shoe type, suitable for people of various feet.

6PM price

比呀比: 反季好价:UGG Dakota Swirl 女款羊毛棉鞋 $55

$ 55

比呀比: 反季好价:UGG Dakota Swirl 女款羊毛棉鞋 $55

, Maroon and pink are optional, 7 yards are available, transferred to hand -in

400 yuan (without tax)

比呀比: 反季好价:UGG Dakota Swirl 女款羊毛棉鞋 $55

, Playful styles, I like the sister paper, refer to the specific purchase method than the exclusive 6PM Haitao tutorial. For more Haitao information, please move the Haitao Channel.

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