Anti -hair loss, hair loss, hair loss planting, loss of anti -deductive shadow “real incense”

According to the survey of the hair loss crowd released by the Health Commission in 2019, my country’s hair loss population has risen straight in recent years, with a number of people exceeding 250 million, that is, one of the average of 6 people has hair loss, about 163 million men, and about 88 million women. Among them, the proportion of hair loss in my country under 35 years of age accounted for 63.1%, and the hairline movement has become a common phenomenon of post -80s and post -90s.

It can be seen that “British Early Bald” is no longer a ridicule, but a real social status.

At present, there are four common methods of treatment and prevention of hair loss on the market. Folk recipes represented by health products and Chinese medicines, various raw equipment represented by laser hair comb, and covering artifacts mainly wigs to prevent the loss from taking off to prevent the prolapse from taking off to prevent the prolapse from taking off to prevent the prolapse to prevent the prolapse to prevent the loss of the loss. Shampoo -based shampoo products, as well as drug treatment and hair transplant surgery.

Compared with the side effects of drug treatment, high hair transplantation costs, and the risk of failure of hair transplantation, many people with hair loss also tend to choose anti -hair loss supplies to prevent hair loss. According to the “Investment Analysis Report of the China Defense Division of Shampooing Water Industry in 2020” in Guanyan World, in recent years, the scale of China’s defense and shampooing market has continued to expand, the growth rate has continued to increase, and the commercial potential of hair loss products has huge commercial potential.

对抗掉发、断发、脱发 植脱辉影植物防脱去屑洗发水“真香”

Compared with ordinary shampoos, in addition to the basic cleaning and oil control function, the anti -shampoo can also promote the health of the scalp, strengthen the root of the root, and have a certain anti -off effect. It is understood that “Consumer Report” has recruited 30 volunteers who have troubled “hair loss” to the whole country to conduct a trial of anti -shampoo for nearly a month, and collect the hair loss, combing hair, and blowing after blowing. , To evaluate the anti -free effect of anti -free shampoos. The test results show that most of the shampoo that claims to be “anti -proof” and “anti -fell hair” has a certain anti -decapitation effect.

对抗掉发、断发、脱发 植脱辉影植物防脱去屑洗发水“真香”

In response to the pain point of anti -hair loss demand, Zhumang also launched a technological innovative product “planting of the decapyles shadow plant anti -deductive shampooing water”, which not only occupies a favorable position in the market, but also provides “early bald youth” to solve the problem of hair loss problems. A good dose.

“Planting a loss of dandruff shampooing water” is excellent from improving the scalp environment to changing hair quality. It has a lot of anti -breeding, strong hair, improvement of head oil, pure hair health, plump and bright, etc. Excellent performance.

It is worth focusing on that “Chinese medicine fermentation” technology is one of the biggest highlights of this anti -dehydration water. It is reported that “planting and removing dandruff hair washing water” focuses on “plant anti -de -decaying formula”. Bark “6 plant science compatibility. On this basis, the “plant -prolapse plant anti -deductive shampoo” innovative research and development “Chinese medicine fermentation” process, through the 210 -day plant fermentation process, transform the effective macromolecular in the plant essence into the scalp hair follicles, it is easier to be easier The absorbed enzyme small molecules make the scalp easier to absorb nutrients, strong hair roots, not easy to break and fall off, making the hair more flexible.

Persist in the planting from the perspective of consumer perspectives. In the era of looking at the face, it is “king” for everyone. “Planting a loss of dandruff shampoo” is suitable for people with hair problems such as hair loss, hair loss, and fragile hair. However, it should be noted that anti -de -de -de -de -shampoo is a special use cosmetics and does not have medical effects. Therefore, severe hair loss needs to seek medical treatment in time.

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