Rotating crusher Belly arms, lining plates, inside and outside copper sleeve maintenance steps and equipment maintenance maintenance points

As a commonly used head broken device, the prominent advantage is that the production capacity is high, the crushing ratio is large, which can reach 6-9.5, the individual situation is 13.5, and the work is stable and the vibration is small. In order to ensure a good running state during work, it is necessary to strengthen its daily maintenance and maintenance.

1. The focus of daily operation surveillance

Do a good job of maintenance and surveillance in the daily work process. The operation surveillance on the rotation crusher mainly includes the following points:

(1) During the daily use of the equipment, we must carefully observe whether its running status is normal, whether there are material blockage, etc.

(2) During the operation of the mechanical equipment, check whether there are abnormal sounds inside it;

(3) Regular inspections should be performed for auxiliary equipment such as oil pumps to monitor whether each indicator is within the normal range;

(4) Under normal circumstances,

45-55 ° C is the normal range of its lubricant temperature, and the oil return temperature is usually lower than 50 ° C.

And normal pressure is about 0.1-0.15MPa;

(5) For some fastening parts of the device, check whether there is a failure;

(6) Regularly detect problems such as excessive wear of the dynamic cone lining plate. Usually, the particle size discharged by the material can be investigated whether the dynamic cone lining plate is excessive wear.

Second, maintenance cycle

First, small repair, the general minor repair cycle is about 10 days

It is mainly inspected and maintained for inspection reinforcement and the operation of the accessories of the crusher. Through the test results of oil and oil, the fixation of some parts must also be carefully checked.

Second, medium repair, the interval is about six months

It is mainly aimed at whether the dynamic cone lining plate is worn to the limit to check and detect. If necessary, the dynamic cone lining plate that is worn to limited is replaced. Based on the basic content of small repair, it also includes the detection and repair of the transmission mechanism and the replacement of some wear parts. In addition, during the mid -repair process, some electrical equipment testing and excellent insurance test will also be performed.

Third, Daxiu, the whole cycle takes about five years

The maintenance content is to replace and repair the rack, upper and lower frames, and beams. It is a more comprehensive testing on the basis of medium repair. At the same time, it can also be upgraded and optimized to upgrade equipment -related performance and technology. In addition, at the level of medium repair and large repair, point inspection methods and point inspection effects are closely related to it. Through professional point inspection, the problems of existing must be repaired in time. The maintenance cycle of medium repair and overhaul is closely linked. Therefore, the relevant detection and maintenance of the rotary crusher must be done to ensure its smooth operation.

Third, the maintenance of parts

(1) Maintenance of the beam arm frame

For the boring arm frame, it is necessary to ensure its smooth installation and good lubrication effect, mainly because it is affected by a large dynamic load. During the running of the crusher, it is necessary to ensure that the beam -to -jales must be firm and not loose. Under normal circumstances, it can rotate freely regardless of the positive or reverse spindle, and it cannot exceed ten turns per minute. If you turn too fast, it means that there are some problems in this part. If the inner copper sleeve and beams are worn greatly, it will cause the dynamic cone to be greatly reduced and the output will greatly decrease. Therefore, it is an essential work to repair and replace it. Regarding the formulation of spare parts such as internal copper sleeves, beams, and stop bearing, it is necessary to ensure that it is consistent with the material and size on the drawing, so as not to cause differences and assembly in the future. The beams rack part is a very important part of the crusher. During its daily operation, it is necessary to detect and repair in real time.

(2) Motivation of dynamic cone lining plate

If the thickness of the dynamic cone lining plate is very serious, it is difficult to perform related restoration work, and you must keep an eye on the dynamic cone lining. Combined with the actual situation of the dynamic cone lining plate wear, the replacement range is determined according to the relevant analysis. For the dynamic cone lining plates of different degrees of wear, the replacement range is also different. Mainly divided into the following cases: both the fixed cone lining or the motion cone lining plate is replaced; a lining plate in the dynamic cone lining plate is replaced; A lower lining plate in the cone lining is replaced; there is local replacement.

(3) Maintenance of internal and external copper sleeves

When a large number of cracks, severe burning traces appear in the inside and outside, or the comparison of the comparison between the cooperative gaps exceeds 1.5 to 2 times, it is necessary to replace or repair. When the large and small umbrella gears have more than 25%to 30%of the wear phenomenon, the gear cannot be continued to be used, and it must be replaced.

During the maintenance process, the oil should be released first, and then the inner and outer copper case should be hung out to check the inner and outer wall conditions and the measurement of the measurement. When installing, you must apply the lubricant to ensure the smooth contact surface. For the burrs of the internal and external copper jackets on the surface of the surface of the copper jacket, it should be actively dealt with accordingly. At the same time, related cleaning and grinding work must be performed. After completing the installation of the internal and external copper sleeves, it is necessary to ensure its sealing and prevent oil leakage during the installation of the dust prevention part. In addition, to ensure that the meshing gap between the large and small umbrella gears is within the specified range, and the relevant measurement must be performed before disassembling or after installation. Through the change of these data, the wear of the gear can be analyzed to a certain amount of analysis of the wear status of the gear. Explore the relevant laws. Excessive or too small is inappropriate, and related adjustments need to be made.

4. Precautions for daily maintenance

1) Make sure to install the test normally

(1) The device should be installed on a horizontal concrete basis and fix the foot bolts of the ground.

(2) Pay attention to the vertical of the main body and horizontal when installing.

(3) Check whether the bolts of each part are loose and whether the host warehouse door is tight after installation. If any, please fix it.

(4) Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power of the device.

(5) After the inspection is completed, the air load test is carried out, and the test can be produced normally.

2) Maintenance of the machine


(1) The bearing is full of the load of the machine, so good lubrication has a lot to do with the life of the bearings. It directly affects the service life and operation rate of the machine. Therefore, the lubricant that is injected must be cleaned, and the seal must be good.

The main oil injection of this machine: rotating bearings, roll bearings, all gears, activity bearings, sliding planes.

(2) The newly installed wheels are prone to loosening and must be checked frequently.


(3) Pay attention to whether the work of each part of the machine is normal.

(4) Pay attention to check the degree of wear of easy wear parts and pay attention to replace the wear parts at any time.


(5) Putting the surface plane of the active device should remove the dust and other objects to prevent the machine from encountering the machine that cannot be broken. The active bearing cannot move on the chain, so that a serious accident occurs.

(6) The temperature of the bearing oil is rising, and the cause of the parking should be eliminated immediately.

(7) Rotating gears should be stopped immediately and eliminated if there is an impact sound when running.

In the process of daily use, correctly operate, carefully observe the working status of the machine, deal with problems in time, and regularly repair, medium repair, and small repair, so as to effectively extend the service life and improve equipment performance.


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