When is Pu’er raw tea the best? How young is the best?

The charm of Pu’er’s raw tea is that each bubble tastes thousands of taste, which makes people feel that it is endless. The texture of the raw tea is fierce, and the taste is mostly bitter to return to sweetness. People who do n’t drink them often ca n’t fight, so drinking Shengpu must wake up tea.

After buying it, it is properly preserved to make it aging. After a few years, it becomes smooth and mellow. So how long is Pu’er raw tea?

The taste of raw tea storage every cycle and each stage has its own taste.

How long can Pu’er raw tea be stored? Among the six major tea, Pu’er tea raw tea is very suitable for long -term storage and can be up to decades.

Of course, there is also a prerequisite, that is, good tea is easy to store, and the raw materials are good for storage environment.

Good raw materials, good craftsmanship, good storage environment, not satisfying this condition, it will not be delicious for a long time.

Generally speaking, the basic characteristics of tea cakes can be displayed for more than a year and a half for 6 months. However, the specific storage periods are different, and the taste will be different.


Pu’er raw tea, everyone is generally called Shengpu, refers to Yunnan tea based on natural fermentation transformed through natural fermentation.

The production of raw tea refers to the withering, killing, twisting, and drying of fresh leaves and become raw tea (sunbird tea).

The taste of Pu’er’s tea is overbearing, and the tea is heavier. Chen Pu, who is naturally aged for five to seven years, is transformed into a substance such as catechin and tea lutein, which is more suitable for drinking.

The freshly suppressed tea is placed for two or three months, the tea is heavy, the tea is strong, the taste is also green, the advantages and disadvantages are obvious, and the aroma is overflowing. At this time, the tea is suitable for shallow taste. Because the tea is too strong, it hurts the stomach and should not drink too much.


One year later, the water vapor in the tea faded, the taste became stable, the thickness of the tea soup was enhanced, and the taste was strong. At this time, it was tasting and the true temperament of a tea.

The key to storing tea is not time, but the quality of the tea itself. If the quality of the tea itself is good, then it will naturally become aging tea after a long time. Of course, it is also related to the preservation method. The scientific and reasonable preservation conditions are also important.


Precautions for drinking Pu’er tea:


Shengpu tea is not suitable for people with poor stomach and stomach, which will stimulate the stomach and intestines, so it is better to choose a cooked Pu’er tea.

In addition, the amount of Pu’er tea is not too much every day, just drink it appropriately.

However, raw Pu’er tea has a good effect on the effect of human body, so we can often drink Pu’er tea in moderation.

In fact, different Pu’er tea, different drinkers’ understanding and understanding of tea, will affect the difference in judgment of a tea mouth.

Therefore, Pu’er tea does not have a particularly specified drinking time. This time varies from tea and varies from person to person. We only need to taste according to our needs and tea habits, just drink it along the tea.

Some tea feels very good for the first time. After a while, it is not good for the first time. Many times because the tea is being transformed, the tea soup rushing out at this time will be more turbid.

The later transformation is the second life of Pu’er tea. Therefore, we must remember these laws and know these rules, so that we can drink high -quality Pu’er tea, so that we will not disappoint, this encounter.

Due to the different temperature and humidity of the climate, the transformation speed is inconsistent, and there will be some disconnection. However, for tea friends, it is still recommended to maintain pure and natural conversion. This is the most secure and best storage method.

Those who study tea should try at every stage of tea and feel the changes in it. The tea that you save is best to drink every one or two years. Make adjustment in time.


Of course, tea is used for drinking. As long as you drink it yourself, the relationship with the year is not particularly great. After all, some people may prefer new tea.

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