A 50 -year -old man should buy clothes “less and fine”. These 3 necessary winter clothes are fashionable and tasteful

If we are young, we can put all kinds of clothes in the wardrobe. Whether the trendy style or the design of the personality, the more, the better; the better;

Then when we are 50 years old, we should be “less and refined” when buying clothes, mainly to show the basic funds of fashion taste.


To be a delicate and tasteful man, temperament peace is the key, and dressing is also important.

In this issue, I will talk to you about 3 winter clothes necessary for middle -aged men 50 years old. The correct selection and matching ideas make you look handsome and not greasy.

1. A coat with texture

As a single product that takes into account the temperature and demeanor, the coat plays an important role in winter.


The 50 -year -old middle -aged man wants to put on the coat out of color. First of all, he must pay attention to his version, color and material in the selection, followed by matching.

① -type coat

With the increase of age, most middle -aged men’s figures are reflected, such as upright when they are young, and some even show signs of blessing.

Therefore, when choosing a coat,

Try to avoid waist and shaped styles, with a loose H version as the best

It helps to modify the body;

The small man requires the length of the coat


, So as not to look at the height of too long, it looks shorter.

② Basic color coat

Middle -aged men pay attention to taste. They do not need to use bright colors to make bloggers. Instead, the more basic colors, the more advanced.

It is recommended to choose black, khaki, camel, and brown to avoid elements such as plaid, stripes

The foundation solid color is easy to create a “stack” effect, and the sweaters, jackets, and suits can be better enhanced.

2. Stretching and stylish jacket


Suitable for middle -aged men’s coats,

The version should be stretched, the fabric cannot be loosened

Otherwise, it will look very cheap; followed by shaping,

Try to emphasize the waistline as much as possible

It helps to divide the proportion of the upper and lower body;


The style cannot be too exaggerated


, Simple, leisure or formal.

① suit jacket


The suit is a sign of a mature man. In the selection of models, we must consider shaping effects and style shaping.


Shoulder, waist

The effect of the effect can highlight the waistline and enhance the sense of upper body quantity;

The color can be selected according to the occasion,

Formal occasions “complete set” solid color suits, such as black and dark blue; leisure occasions can choose bright colors with plaid elements

, With contrasting pants to enhance the sense of fashion.

② baseball jacket

Based on the characteristics of its version, the hard -standing fabric and hormonal style are beneficial to the characteristics of their version. Middle -aged men are fashionable and stylish, and they can also have an age reduction effect.

With Kaya or trend

With jeans and Chelsea boots, gentlemen are also elegant; with sports pants and knitted caps, the upper and lower colors echo the fashionable and personality.

3. Modify the pants of the legs

Pants play an important role in wearing, directly determine the proportion of the overall figure.

For middle -aged men,

Pants must choose to modify the leg effects. Pulling the legs of the legs can also modify the leg flaws such as the legs of the O -type legs.

① wide leg pants


Large -legged pants benefited from the advantages and characteristics of its version. By widened the looseness of the leg legs, it can be comfortable and stylish to modify the leg shape.


in addition,

Compared to tight pants, wide -leg pants look bigger and decent

It does not take the power to match, and has no sense of disobedience to combine the format or casual jacket with the suit or casual jacket.

② casual trousers

West pants are indispensable items in middle -aged men. Try to use casual trousers on the selection of models to show the taste while taking into account the sense of fashion.


More versatile than orthodox trousers, casual trousers will not look too serious and look old.


After the age of 50, it is a taste. For middle -aged men, the key to the clothes is the version, fabric and color. Try to choose the basic model of the versatile, which can meet the needs of formal and leisure occasions.

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Author: ArticleManager