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There are many quotations in “Little Prince”, one of which is about the sense of ritual.

The so -called ritual is to make this day different from other days, so that this moment is different from other moments.

The sense of ritual is the condiments of you and my life. For example, listening to music, some people are attached to vinyl. Some people are still insisting on the film. Because the former will have more sense of participation and ritual than the digital form.

▲ Picture from: lomography

玩转 NOMO 相机 app,看这一篇文章就够了

So you can see that there are many mobile phone photography apps that simulate film shooting. The more famous ones are NOMO, FIMO, OLDROLL and so on.

What we want to introduce today is the NOMO camera family, including NOMO CAM and NOMO RAW applications, and both iOS and Android can be downloaded and used.

The former has been selected by the App Store “Excellent Local APP of the Year”. The novice veterans of photography can easily get started, and the latter is more suitable for enthusiasts.

First of all, it is necessary to declare that the two applications need to be subscribed to have a good experience. The cost is 188 yuan/year. If you just subscribe to NOMO RAW alone, the price is 98 yuan/year, or 20 yuan/month.

Both applications can be tried for three days or a week. If you can’t accept this price, you can jump directly to the third part of this article to see the tips for mobile phone photography.

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Nomo cam, make the photo full of fun

NOMO CAM is proud of its rich “camera”. Subscribers can download and use up to 49 cameras to obtain a unique operating interface and color. And NOMO promises to update a new camera every two weeks.

NOMO CAM adheres to the design of the proprietization to simulate the operating experience of the real camera. Each camera shutter, flash, and switching buttons have different positions and styles.

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▲ The camera interface of the “135 M3” camera in the app

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In the specific operation method, we do not introduce too much. Because of the joy of exploration, I will leave you in person. What we want to solve is your choice difficulty, that is, telling you how 49 cameras should choose.

The warmth of color is very easy to distinguish and can bring different feelings. According to the color tone, I divided 49 cameras into three categories: cold color, warm color and black and white. Pick a few more detailed introductions in each category.

Warm color drivers usually give people warm, bright, hot, happy, nostalgic. Nearly half of the NOMO CAM camera group is warm. I often use the following 6.

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1. 135 TC

This camera is inspired by Minolta TC-1, which has the iconic color of Kodakchrome film. It is extremely universal, and portraits, landscapes, and food are applicable.

▲ iPhone 13 Pro Max shooting, 135 TC filter

2. 135 m6

The operating interface of this camera simulates the classic Leica M6, which is also the color of Kodak film to adapt to various scenes. Compared with 135TC, it has a fresher performance of green, and it may be possible to try in spring.

▲ iPhone 13 Pro Max shooting, 135 m6 shooting

3. #FR2

This camera was jointly launched by NOMO and Japanese tide brand #FR2. The color and granular texture of the film came from Fuji’s disposable camera. It is characterized by high contrast and strong color. The film will add a little rabbit brand logo in the lower right corner, which is very cute.

▲ DJI MAVIC 3 shooting,#FR2 filter

4. 503CW

Hadu’s 503CW medium -frame film camera is also a classic in the camera industry. NOMO fused it with the color of Fuji film to create this camera. It is worth mentioning that it supports the “portrait mode” of the iPhone to simulate the shallow scenery of the medium format camera.

▲ iPhone 13 Pro Max shooting, 503CW filter

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5. EATS Food

It can be seen from the name that this camera is suitable for shooting food. Interestingly, it has three built -in “film” to replace. It is suitable for dinner, drinks and desserts. It is very suitable for food and visitors.

▲ iPhone 13 Pro Max shooting, EATS food filter

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6. 1234

The camera is inspired by Lomography Supersampler. Its name is the same as the function. Press the shutter button, the camera will take four photos in a second in a second to fight together. Send a circle of friends with the photos it takes, and become a literary youth in seconds.

▲ iPhone 13 Pro Max shooting, 1234 filter

Compared to warm colors, I prefer cold tones. It gives people cold, transparent, quiet, refreshing. In the cold color filter in Nomo Cam, I often use the following 6 models.

1. 135 TI

This camera is very versatile, suitable for various themes such as landscape, portrait, and static objects. The core reason is its color, which simulates Fuji’s extremely classic SuperIA film. The operation interface simulates the Nikon 35 TI camera. I believe you will fall in love with it.

▲ iPhone 13 Pro Max shooting, 135 Ti filter.

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2. Swirly 2

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The reason why I like this camera is in addition to color, and it is also a true rotating scene with falsehood. The film effect is similar to that of the classic lens of Herona. NOKton 50mm f/1.5. In addition, you can also import the photos and adjust the size of the aperture manually, which is very playable.

▲ iPhone 13 Pro Max shooting, Swirly 2 filter

3. 67

In the medium format camera, the common sensor specifications are 6 × 45, 6 × 6, 6 × 9, etc. 6 × 7 is relatively small, but the victory is delicate in imaging. In this camera, it simulates a 6 × 7 medium -frame camera and supports iPhone portrait mode. In addition, it will stitch four photos into one to facilitate social platforms.

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▲ iPhone 13 Pro Max shooting, 67 filter

4. 135 Lune Moonlight Machine

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I always feel that night view photos are common? How do you look good? Try this camera. It is taken from Fuji’s moonlight machine Natura S. It is bright in color, strong contrast, and prominent grainy, which is very suitable for night scene shooting.

▲ iPhone 13 Pro Max shooting, 135 Lune moonlight machine filter

5. 135 SP

With elegant saturation and delicate granules, Kodak GOLD film has won the hearts of many film enthusiasts. This camera simulates the Olympus 35 SP camera, equipped with the old -time -faded Kodak Gold film.

▲ iPhone 13 Pro Max shooting, 135 SP filter

6. Tropical pasta

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This is a wide camera, produced by NOMO and “Tropical Past” movie. The style of the film is dark, the contrast is high, with a wide and delicate grainy, making your work full of film.

▲ iPhone 13 Pro Max shooting, tropical past filter

In addition to the warm and cold tone, there is a batch of black and white cameras in NOMO CAM. As the saying goes, “black and white is always out of date”, some so -called waste films may turn decay into magic after black and white treatment. The three models I often use are as follows.

1. 135A

This camera simulates the first mass -produced 135 camera Leica I (Type A). The granules are delicate and rich in layers, suitable for shooting most of the subject matter.

▲ iPhone 13 Pro Max shooting, 135A filter

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2. 135 m3

This camera is inspired by Leica M3, which simulates the hue of the iLford HP5 black and white film. Compared with 135A, the grain of this camera is more prominent and the “story sense” is stronger. More suitable for humanities.

▲ iPhone 13 Pro Max shooting, 135 m3 filter

3. 135 GR

Ricoh Gr is the artifact of street shooting enthusiasts, which is loved by Moriyama Avenue. This camera simulates Ricoh GR21, equipped with Kodak Tri-X400TX black and white film. It is characterized by high degree of contrast and its style is extremely prominent.

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▲ Nubia Z40 Pro shooting, 135GR filter

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The above 15 cameras are all tested artifacts. It is recommended that you choose a camera within 10 models and stay in the bottom bar of the APP. Too much is easy to confuse, because their names are too difficult to remember.

Nomo raw, the iPhone is excessively sharp and saved

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Unlike NOMO CAM, NOMO RAW cannot import photos in the album, and can only modify photos taken with this app. In addition, the design is no longer integrated, but the flat style of IOS.

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▲ nomo raw shooting interface

If NOMO CAM win with a rich camera, nomo raw is known for its professionalism. The latter can refine the photos, such as adjusting the parameters such as the contrast, color, and saturation to leave a larger space for manual enthusiasts.

First look at the nomo raw filter. It currently provides 20 color schemes, including the color of classic cameras or film such as Leica, Fuji.

The advantage is that what you see is obtained, you can preview the color of the film when shooting. After taking the photos, you can also change the filter in the editor and make more fine adjustments.

▲ Rich color solution

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As a professional tool, its biggest highlight is not an excellent color solution, but a high -level function hidden in the settings.

The first is to reduce sharpness. The deep fusion algorithm of the iPhone brings annoying excessive sharpness. Some scenes always feel dirty and not transparent and clean.

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If you have such troubles, you can close RAW sharpness in the settings of Nomo Raw. The sharpness taken in this way is normal, and the perception is significantly improved.

But it should be noted that this feature is only provided to users of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro series. Because these models support AppleProoraw.

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The second is a rich shooting format. In the upper left corner of the shooting interface, you can see the format of the current photo. Users of the PRO series are recommended to open AppleProoraw + Heif.

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AppleProORORARAW can provide greater later space, reducing the picture quality reduction due to adjustment parameters. Heif is a compressed picture stored by an image optimization based on the RAW file. The advantage is that the volume is small and suitable for daily sharing.

The third is to master the lens in your own hands. When the light is not good, you will find that the iPhone’s telephoto lens cannot work properly, and the system will choose to cut digital cutting by the main camera. This is not ideal for the picture quality.

In nomo raw, which focal length is selected, which lens is to work. Even if the light is very dark, the telephoto lens can be forced. It is very easy to use during night shooting.

▲ iPhone 12 Pro Max telephoto lens using nomo raw shooting

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In addition, for professional users, NOMO RAW also provides quite a lot of practical functions. Such as horizontal indication, peak focus, zebra pattern switch, P3, SRGB, Adobe RGB color options.

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In general, it is very suitable for photography enthusiasts, as well as the iPhone 12 Pro series, and users of the iPhone 13 Pro series.

Try more ultra -wide -angle and telephoto lens

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The current mobile phones are basically equipped with ultra -wide -angle lenses, but after investigation, we find that users are not using its frequency.

This is a pity. Because of the strong sense of perspective of ultra -wide -angle lens, it can often bring visual wonders that people cannot see.

When shooting portraits, we are used to using the main angle or telephoto lens. At this time, you may wish to change your mind and shoot with ultra -wide -angle lens. You will find that the physical and posture of the characters becomes dramatic, and the photos become more tension.

▲ iPhone 13 Pro Max shooting, 135 Ti filter

However, it should be noted that when shooting portraits, the head of the character should be placed as much as possible in the center of the picture. Otherwise, the perspective will cause deformity to stretch and be easily beaten.

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In addition to portraits, ultra -wide -angle landscape or architecture is also a must. If you don’t like the deformation of the building brought by the perspective effect, you can modify it in Lightroom or Snapseed.

▲ Mobile version of Lightroom one -click eliminating distortion

In addition, many mobile phone ultra -wide -angle supports macro shooting, such as the iPhone 13 Pro series.

The texture of the clothes, the flowers blew, the bubbles of cola, the branches and leaves of the backlight … are all good objects of shooting macro. Close the camera to an object you never observed, and you will get surprises.

▲ iPhone 13 Pro Max Macro shooting

How to take a good macro? Gu Jiahao, the winner of the Apple Macro Photo Contest, told us that he has so many tips:

First control the light. For macro photography, light is the top priority. Good light can not only highlight the texture of the subject, but also avoid shadowing because the mobile phone is too close.

The second is to open the countdown shooting. Because the macro -coke planes are narrow, slightly shaking may be lost or composition disorders. The countdown function can provide greater fault -tolerant space.

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If you are a user of the iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro, remember to turn on the PRORAW format to obtain a larger post -processing space.

▲ Gu Jiahao @Hojisan Apple Micro -Follow Contest won awards

For friends with telephoto lenses on the mobile phone, you can try to use telephoto.Because the viewing angle of the telephoto is relatively narrow, it is more convenient for composition, and the same compression effect will make the picture more concise.

At present, the long -focus lens on the mobile phone has an equivalent focal length of 50mm.With the portrait mode, it can easily shoot the effects of shallow scenery.

▲ Nubia Z40 Pro telephoto shot shooting

I often use telephoto to shoot food, portrait and landscape.Without enlargement, the imaging effect can be comparable to the camera.The social platform is completely enough.

There are two weeks, and the May Day holiday.Taking advantage of the holidays, you may wish to try the filters and shooting methods mentioned in this article.I believe you will definitely get the lead in the “Friend Circle Photography Contest”.

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