How does a “grass platform” eat the giant site and promote the world’s first?

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Once the oligopoly did not expect, a humble grassroots “small company” gradually captured the market city and redefined the industry market map. From the imitation to the leader, from the gaps to the world, how did they do it?

Wen: Zhu Dong

Editor in charge: Xin Guoqi

Many Chinese private enterprises, which have been born in the 1990s, are undoubtedly very different from those unicorn companies and popular companies under the Internet. At that time, although the government was actively promoting industrial policy to motivate entrepreneurship, the “going to the sea” and the social business wave of state -owned enterprises and institutions became the characteristics of the times at that time, but weak private entrepreneurs faced the development of foreign brands in the Chinese market. And the monopoly of international giants, the living environment is extremely bad.

Many well -known Chinese brands and leading enterprises today need to face the reality of “all walls” in the environment of product quality, core technology, and brand fame. It is a blessing to be able to survive in the gap.

This has also led to a large number of enterprises when they first involved in the market, they all produced similar products at a lower cost and lower costs to gradually win market trust. When the number of production and development roads for foreign products was found, these companies also found their own hard core competitiveness in the exploration, and then slowly went smoothly on the roads such as production, brand, technology, and marketing. Treasure butterfly.

After the size and strength of the enterprise became a certain climate, the demand for domestic markets in China has grown rapidly, and the watersheds have begun to appear. Some companies have embarked on the path of diversified and multi -business development, and even step by step for camps and deployment. In terms of scale and professionalism, some companies have become more and more vertical, and they become more and more vertical, and they have become “invisible champion companies” in the industry.

Hangzhou Organic Silicon Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhijiang Organic Silicon Company”) is the latter.

As the first “China Founding Champions”, which was initiated and selected by “Sino -Foreign Management”, and as “China’s Leading Enterprise”, Zhijiang Organic Silicon Corporation has been segmented by the building seal in the building. Stable in market share first.

In addition to the deep cultivation of the building glue market, Zhijiang Organic Silicon Corporation has been drilling in the field of deep drilling industry in recent years. The products involve more than a dozen industrial segments, especially in high -end electronics, integrated circuits, chips and other fields. Products provide high -value -added innovative sealing bonding solutions for each application industry.

Invisible champion companies may not be very large -scale companies, but must be companies with strong market position. Zhijiang Organic Silicon has been in business for more than 20 years, and it has been in the industry for more than ten years. Starting from the start of the scratch to the professional market, they did not have much “legend” story. From the founders to the front -line employees of the company, they steadily won the company’s characteristic label. Even the owner of this company, He Yongfu, rarely appeared outside, and rarely knew the outside world. This is really a veritable “invisible champion”. Because of this, this company is more mysterious and worthy of taste.

From 0 to 1: trip to the market, grab experts

In 1992, after Xiaoping’s southern tour, China ushered in a national tide of entrepreneurship. The large -scale urbanization movement in China has also brought huge market space to the real estate industry and the construction industry.

This year, in the place where Zhejiang, a “good businessman, hi rushing”, various companies have sprung up like a mushroom. At that time, He Yongfu, an accountant of middle -level cadres of state -owned enterprises, did not expect that his “career” and life’s life had a major reversal because of a classmate society.

At that time, a classmate of He Yongfu worked at the Architectural Design Institute. He mentioned a thing called “Industrial MSG” during his classmates, which stimulated He Yongfu’s uneasy nerves. The industrial product of this scientific name “Silicon Gum” has a strong demand in the construction market and is the blue ocean in the market.

He Yongfu was excited. Just do it!

At the end of January 1996, the Spring Festival is approaching, a dilapidated warehouse in the southwestern suburbs of Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, the Dongshan Warehouse, and the “Hangzhou River Organic Silicon Chemical Materials Company” (that is, Hangzhou Zhijiang Organic Silicon Co., Ltd.) is officially listed. He Yongfu, who was born in a accountant, laughed at himself as a foreigner in the industry, and has been working with less than ten employees who are also foreign men.

However, after all, silicone gum belongs to technology products, and “King Kong Diamonds” without professionals must not start. He Yongfu, who has always been stable, knows a truth. Even if there is a product, if this industry does not have its own core technology, it is even more difficult to do.

Therefore, no one will invite people.

In terms of seeking sages, He Yongfu has always been a momentum of all costs, and this atmosphere has continued to this day. This is also for Zhijiang Organic Silicon Corporation to maintain its strength in technological innovation, and then develops into an invisible champion enterprise in the future.

As a result, the first batch of “treasure talents” settled in the river organic silicon company, which included a “big name”. In 1995, Ni Hongzhi, who was 60 years old, retired from the director of the first research center of Chengdu Organic Silicon Research Center of the Ministry of Chemical Engineering. Immediately, Ni Hongzhi became the fragrant citron in the eyes of many companies.

He Yongfu flew to Chengdu for this purpose and visited Ni Gong himself. Even He Yongfu himself knows that in terms of treatment and company’s reputation, his advantages are really not obvious. But this is the confidence of hoping to lead the national brand from an unknown generation to the leadership of the industry, and the sincerity of He Yongfu’s “squatting” in Chengdu, and the sincerity of repeated visits and talks, and finally moved Ni Hongzhi. , Together with the hard bones together.

On May 18, 1996, the commemorative album of the Jiangjiang Organic Silicon Company was loaded. On this day, in the humble warehouse, the JS-222 neutral glue was successfully tried under the efforts of Ni Hongzhi and others and officially put into production. At that time, the Chinese Lunar Lunar Year of the Rat was the “golden rat” in order to get auspiciousness.

Subsequently, Zhijiang Organic Silicon Corporation invited more treasure experts, such as Yangtze River scholars, winners of the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund, and Professor Zheng Qiang of Zhejiang University Polymer Research Institute.

The “old photo” of that year witnessed the “old veteran” in the early days of “Zhijiang Organic Silicon”

As the company’s veteran figure, Zhang Xu, the current deputy general manager of Hangzhou Jiangjiang Organic Silicon Co., Ltd. (hereinafter collectively referred to as the co -organized silicon company), recalls that time is still very excited.

In the interview, Zhang Xu mentioned the “four thousand” spirit of Zhejiang people: everything, thousands of mountains and rivers, thousands of hardships, and thousands of words. Simple sixteen characters are vividly reflected in the entrepreneurs of Zijiang Organic Silicon Company.

At that time, the sealing and organic silicon material industry was almost occupied by the international big names, and the building sealing products produced by the Jiangjiang Organic Silicon Company were really unknown compared to those imported glue. “At that time, no one knew us. Once we did not have a good dealer connection. The second was that there was no system brand awareness. The product promotion was all displacement. The carpet -like sales, the one -sided attack, and looking for customers.” Zhang Xu said.

Several old employees still remembers that at the time, in order to sell goods, the sales staff divided into several groups and drove a van to go out early every morning. The trunk was contained in a few boxes of glue. Communicate with the building materials dealers and leave a few boxes of glue requests for each house. After a few days, the sales staff drove to the car to check out. How much settled the settlement was sold. The business is done a little bit.

In addition to developing business locally, He Yongfu has made the goal to make business nationwide from the beginning. Therefore, soon after entering the company, Zhang Xu, who was divided into the market department, received a difficult task, went to North China and Northeast China to develop markets, run customers during the day, and live in small hotels at night. Using “walking thousands of mountains, passing thousands of water, running legs, grinding mouth” to describe the daily life of Zhang Xu at that time, it was really not too much. In this way, on the basis of poor and two -white, Zhang Xu is a long -term market for the poverty -stricken river organic silicon company.

After some talents have funds, Zhijiang Organic Silicon Company began the rhythm of going up and steadily.


With the rapid growth of national policies and markets, Zhijiang Organic Silicon Corporation became one of the first batch of silicone gel manufacturers identified by the National Economic and Trade Commission in 1998. At that time, the “Golden Rat” may not know that it will go out of Xiaoshan in the next 20 years, becoming a champion brand that allows the world’s predecessors to set up a thumbs up.

Today, when I look back, at the beginning of this Chinese invisible champion company, it was not the pioneer of the industry, but facing a large European and American big -name enterprise in the international mature market experience. Constantly learning has become the best choice for “imported alternatives”, and slowly play its own sky in the Chinese market.


Playing a brand: Let top customers end up

The so -called marketing of most companies is actually “selling goods”. However, with the maturity of the company and the needs of the market, opening its own brand in the new market field becomes the necessary development of enterprise development!

As a B2B company, this link really requires a longer dissemination time and trial and error time. The approach of Organic Silicon Company is to bind top customers to endorse them for their own brand.


As Zhang Xu said before, in the late 1990s, overseas brands occupied the “all walls” of building seals and organic silicon industries. Carpet sales are obviously not long -term. And the core technology of the river organic silicon company, determined to let its brand go out of Hangzhou and the world.

But the premise is to establish a strong brand cognition in the market. In Zhang Xu’s words, it is “I have to recognize you in the market! Believe you!”

The star project of the “Jiangsu Building Project” at the time of Shenzhen was definitely a milestone turning point for Zhijiang Organic Silicon Company.

At the end of 2000, after fierce competition with foreign brands, Zhijiang Organic Silicon Company obtained the qualifications for the large -scale curtain wall project of the “Jiangsu Building Project”. The so -called curtain wall glass is the emerging glass curtain wall decorated with the traditional mosaic exterior wall. In the building of the high -rise building, the huge glass curtain wall is full of five or six square meters, close to 100 kilograms. Essence

The 54 -story and 208 -meter Shenzhen “Jiangsu Building” was one of the top ten high -rise buildings at that time at that time, and it was also one of the iconic buildings at the forefront of Shenzhen’s reform and opening up. After defeating the internationally renowned brand of bidding in the same period, after winning this project, He Yongfu and his team were really excited. After all, being able to make the business card project of this city means that the architectural sealing materials of the Jiangjiang Organic Silicon Company can also truly have their own place in the Chinese construction glue market.

But just when the company was immersed in happiness, the construction site came from an emergency call: the glue did not solidify!

If this fatal problem is not found and resolved smoothly, it means that the brand reputation of Zhijiang Organic Silicon will be directly “beaten into the cold palace” by the industry.

When life hangs, He Yongfu led the technical backbone to fly to the scene to test immediately. All high -level technical departments of the company conducted urgent consultations, adopted decisive measures, requesting the suspension of construction, and strictly tested all the projects one by one.

After layer of investigation, the reason was finally found. It turned out that the construction party was rushing and did not strictly operate in accordance with the construction process, which led to the latter series of oolong. The problem was solved, and He Yongfu’s hanging heart was also put down.

The battle of Jiangsu Building allowed customers to see the attitude and rigor of the problem solving problems of the Jiang organic silicon company. The company also carried the market inspection with quality. This cooperation has also become a “shocking” in the history of the “Golden Rat” brand development.

In the next few years, the sealing products of Zijiang Organic Silicon Company have continued to be rich, not only selling well in China, but also exported to Australia, Japan and other countries.

In 2007, the organic silica gel used in the entire project of the Xinhongqiao Airport Terminal of Shanghai was the product of the Jiangjiang organic silicon company used. To this end, it also triggered a controversy of “using imported glue or domestic glue”. The glass and aluminum plates of Terminal T2 Terminal T2 of Ningbo Airport use all the JS2000 weather -resistant glue series products provided by Hangzhou’s company to provide a sealing bonding solution for the third phase of Ningbo Airport.

The Jiangjiang Organic Silicon Company, which earns enough vision, has changed a qualitative change. In He Yongfu’s words, “We jumped to a new level. Every year we have new products to be put into production, and new technologies are generated every year.”

The premise of all this is absolutely inseparable from the hard product quality and the solid brand reputation.

The father of the invisible champion “Herman Simon” (first from left) visited the Jiangjiang organic silicon company with industry experts, and discussed the company’s future and direction with He Yongfu (first from the right)

After eating “Xinxin Pill”, stay away from the temptation

On December 11, 2008, the Jiang Organic Silicon Company, represented by He Yongfu, took a trophy in the selection activity of an authoritative institution -the star of the future.

From the international brand Lin’s organic silicon industry, to snatch the right to speak for Chinese companies, and then grow to the “future star” that represents the development prospects of Chinese companies, Zhijiang Organic Silicon Company ushered in the highlighting moment since its establishment. For more than 300 companies, annual sales reached more than 400 million.

The company’s development of the wind and grass type has made He Yongfu a little tangled.

Looking back at that period, the real estate market in China is hot. After many private enterprises have funds, confidence, and strength, they have begun to move about the cake of real estate. The popularity of the real estate industry has indeed achieved a lot of entrepreneurs who “make fast money”. Not only that, bigger and stronger, and even launching the market has become the natural cognition of most Chinese companies.

However, He Yongfu, who was born in a accountant, has been steadily stabilizing in the silicon industry to “press the soldiers”. This focus and persistence coincides with the “invisible champion” theory of a managers who are far away in Europe.

In fact, as early as 2005, He Yongfu read an article called “Revelation from the” Invisible Champions “from Germany”. The article mentioned a core point: invisible champion companies only follow the things that customers pay attention to. In the competition, the invisible champion is Enterprises are not better than opponents. They often concentrate resources to ensure that the company is better than the opponent in the field where customers care about.

This view attracted He Yongfu’s attention. However, the “puppet” in He Yongfu’s heart is: After the grassy period, the 15 -year -old Jiang organic silicon company has already achieved a good start. Which direction should the company go in the future? If you focus on the market segment of a certain industry, how to achieve bigger goals?

Until October 2010, Professor Herman Simon (hereinafter referred to as Simon), the father of the “Invisible Champion”, visited Zhijiang Organic Silicon Company. The two -day visits and exchanges made He Yongfu’s “tangling” finally the cloud. Fog disperse.

“There are indeed many Chinese entrepreneurs who are very ambitious and are pursuing growth, but please note that the goal of profitability is the real goal. For enterprises, while income growth, it must maintain its boundaries. Sufficient profit margins. Real growth should pay attention to the improvement of product quality, improvement of technical services, and improvement of personnel quality. “Simon answered.

In addition, Professor Simon further pointed out that although there are many development opportunities in China -just look at the 2010 Chinese Rich List, and six of the top ten are involved in the real estate field -but companies enter any market for core competitiveness. This includes technology, including understanding of customers, and the ability to solve problems for customers.

Simon even recommends He Yongfu to focus on a certain industry. Become a leader in the industry is not to say that it is done well, but must be global.

the reason is:


First of all, the stealth champion is usually very focused, focusing on miniaturizing the market, and too narrow market positioning will bring problems. To make the market bigger, globalization is an inevitable path. Secondly, today’s internationalization trend is becoming increasingly obvious, and the market cannot be divided by national borders. To become a first -class company, you must also face the international market and participate in international competition.

This exchanges also made He Yongfu ate “Xinxin Wan” and strengthened the concentration of the hidden champion. To this day, Zhijiang Organic Silicon Company is still adhering to the original intention, and because of this persistence and persistence, the company can maintain the championship position in the construction sealing industry for more than ten years.

“Force yourself” expert

It is believed that many companies will experience such a stage when they make a rapid progress: iteratory capacity and eliminate old equipment to expand new factories. For technological innovation, in order not to be “stuck in the neck” at the critical juncture of others, Zhijiang Organic Silicon Company also “forced itself” experts in this process.

“Chinese and Foreign Management” visited the Linjiang plant that covers an area of ​​150 acres of organic silicon companies. There are not many workers in clean and orderly production workshops. Fully automatic equipment has met the production and processing needs of the entire process. There are more than 100,000 tons of construction capacity every year, and this data is far ahead of domestic peers.

Here, “China and Foreign Management” also saw a “global limited edition” German imported high -precision professional canned sealing equipment. It is said that there are only three equipment worldwide, two are overseas, and one is here. “China and Foreign Management” also see that nearly 10 million investment in the automatic pouring machine and a fully automated production line imported from the well -known German Schward Company, which are also operating in an orderly manner.

However, in front of the first equipment, Zhijiang Organic Silicon Company also experienced a “reform”.

According to Shen Xiang, the executive deputy director of Linjiang Base of the River Organic Silicon Company, in 2000, a Shandong infrastructure project selected the building sealing of the building of the Jijiang Organic Silicon Company, but the appearance of the glue was not enough after construction. The delicate reason is that the accuracy of the equipment to produce this glue can only be the same. After receiving the feedback from Shandong customers, Zhijiang Organic Silicon Company’s reply was: immediately rework!


In this way, this product has gone through continuous modification and re -processing. After five rounds of back and forth from Hangzhou to Shandong, the customer’s nod is satisfied, so that the Jiangjiang team will let go of it.

After experiencing this toss of labor and the people, the senior management of Zhijiang Organic Silicon Company also realized that it could not wait for a moment. It must be eliminated and produced with more accurate and modern equipment.

“We can import a set of advanced equipment, but the subsequent work is not as simple as it is. How to operate accurately? How to repair the machine, how to repair it?” Shen Xiang said, sometimes the machine “has a temper”, technology, technology, technology, technology The personnel have to write emails to foreign engineers, and they have to consider the problem of jet lag, and they cannot get a reply from the email immediately. The engineers who are hired abroad are hired to debug and repair. The maintenance cost is calculated at $ 2,000 an hour.

“At that time, the maintenance cost of maintenance was really high. Even if the problem was resolved, what if there was a problem in the future? Can we study the equipment? Even some components can be processed by ourselves? Only the core of the society is the core of the core. Technology and imported equipment are really their own equipment, “Shen Xiang recalled.

Next, the technology department of Zhijiang began a series of disassembly, assembly, and innovation … Clarify the principles of software, improve the craftsmanship of hardware, go to overseas groups to study, and even develop more advanced equipment models. At that time, the company’s technical team broke from “Xiaobai” to “Da Na” step by step around import equipment and domestic alternative equipment. Until now, many special equipment in the factory building of Zijiang Organic Silicon Company were independently developed by the technical team.

The history of Organic Silicon Company about equipment and technology is actually a microcosm of the times. At that time, the so -called “imported goods equal to high quality” was a symbol of a group of times. At present, China’s manufacturing and research and development capabilities have completely reached or even exceeded international standards, and China’s manufacturing owners no longer have to superstitize “import goods”.

“We develop and assemble production equipment ourselves can achieve the quality of many old -fashioned international brands. We have the ability to develop and innovate. This is the core thing. This is the trump card that is not stuck by others.

If there are no these core technologies in your hands, you only rely on copying and attachment, then how many doctors and high -tech talents are recruited are useless. A company can go far, have hands and feet, and soul.

“Shen Xiang said deeply.

In 2000, Zhijiang Company purchased a set of imported filling machines, but relying on the experience and research and development strength of the technical team, he soon assembled a domestic alternative equipment with almost almost a few production accuracy. The company exclaimed inside and outside: “Strange”!

“Such a huge machine and equipment have not been used before, and have not seen how they produced it, but the technicians successfully assembled a copy of a function, quality and high quality. This is indeed a difficult thing ! “Shen Xiang recalled that he was still a little excited.

In fact, the growth and success of a company requires a lot of professional talents behind it: let professional talents run the market, professional talents to do brands, professional talents to develop research and development, and professional talents to maintain after -sales …

Therefore, one of the biggest characteristics of invisible champion companies is professionalism. This professionalism is not a narrow concept, but in all aspects of the industry.

It is one of the magic weapons of the Organic Silicon Company of Organic Silicon. In addition, there are “win -win” on the industrial chain.

“Elite Win -win” industrial chain

Du Lele, Zhongle?

The invisible champion companies known for focusing on a certain field of deep development may not be very popular in the C -end Volkswagen’s popularity, but in the field of focusing on their focus, it is definitely a company that praises peers and upstream and downstream partners.

The relationship between the Organic Silicon Company of Zhijiang has always been based on the relationship between the industry, the upstream and downstream, and even the competitors, and the agent.

In May 2004, at the 8th anniversary celebration of the Organic Silicon Company, the global company world -renowned companies such as the American Silicon industry such as the United States, Wak, Germany Akzinobell, Japan Nobunaga, and East Gongcatson came to Xiaoshan. The “birthday banquet” of Jiangzhuang Organic Silicon Corporation.

It should be known that in the earlier years, these giants in the international market, including the Chinese market’s silicone seals in the Chinese market, were almost 100 %. Once the oligopoly did not expect, a humble grassroots “small company” gradually captured the market city and redefined the industry market map. In only eight years, the Organic Silicon Company of Zhijiang is enough to make these giants look at it.

Zhang Xu was particularly proud to introduce the reception on November 4, 2010. At the banquet hall of Kaiyuan Gehua Hotel Beijing, the lights were gorgeous. Zhang Xu and the well -known artist Liu Yan delivered a speech and opened this grand party. The leaders of the domestic and foreign industry associations such as China Architectural Metal Structure, European Door and Window Association, China Architectural Glass and Industrial Glass Association, China Aluminum Door Coward Crowne Platform Committee, Australian Door and Window Association, and customers, partners, and agent dealers of well -known enterprises in the industry, with a total of 200 Many people, gathering together, the connection and cohesion of Zhijiang Organic Silicon Company can be seen. In Zhang Xu’s words: “They are all circles that Zhijiang Organic Silicon Company depends on.”

It is not a day’s work to promote this circle to open up and downstream industrial chains, and all stakeholders can be blended with water and milk.

This goes back to the “game rules” between Zhijiang Organic Silicon Company and dealers. In the early days of the establishment of the company, He Yongfu agreed with the dealer that the gold mouse product of the specialty silicon company of the Jiangjiang organic silicon company -this is also the development strategy of the Jiangjiang organic silicon company in exchange for a larger market. The company promised to give a large profit space to each dealer, but he kept a small part of it, in order to attract more dealers to expand its market share.

This method meets the psychology of “big interests” of each dealer. Therefore, once the company’s market share in the industry exceeds one balance point, this approach will soon bring a win -win situation for manufacturers, distributors, and customers.

At the same time, Zhijiang Organic Silicon Corporation has formulated the provisions of “no dealers must fight with dealers”. Even if agents and dealers change their careers, the inventory products that cannot be sold can be returned to the manufacturer. In addition, in order to strengthen cooperation and communication with distributors from various places, Zhijiang Organic Silicon Corporation provides various services such as technology and after -sales service for dealers in major cities across the country.

Under the principle of “comparing the heart, change of affection, sharing of resources, and win -win benefits”, with years of heart -to -heart, many suppliers and distributors of distributing gold mouse products have developed into a reliable “Old Iron” friendship.

Many suppliers distributed across the country have cooperated with Zhijiang Organic Silicon Company for 20 years. Follow the way and achieve each other. He Yongfu often emphasizes that he will never betray the future for the benefit of your eyes. “Our products are not low, but the price is high. Customers will pay 100 % loyalty because of the value we provide.”

Zhang Xu explained that the company’s marketing ideas are now thinking about the industry chain. The company’s marketing headquarters set up several departments, including the real estate cooperation department, the large customer project department, and the consultant consulting department of the design institute. them

Constantly refine the marketing, open up different fields of industrial chain, all employees have implemented the marketing chain of marketing from top to bottom, and transform themselves from the sales of “selling goods and products” to experts who can provide customers with solutions.

“We are not selling goods to agents, dealers and customers, but to provide solutions. We can also be a decision expert on the industrial chain. This is a win -win and ecological industrial chain concept.” Zhang Xu concluded Essence

In Zhang Xu’s opinion: the big pattern, youthfulness, intelligence, informatization, and globalization must be the direction of stealth champion companies in the future

In the future, the “five cultivation” in front of

“The big pattern, youthfulness, intelligence, informatization, and globalization must be the direction we are going to develop.” Zhang Xu emphasized several major events that invisible champion companies must face at the moment.

Compared with Germany and Japan’s hidden champion companies, China’s invisible champion companies have their own pattern problems. “I think the pattern of China’s stealth champion companies is not high enough.” Zhang Xu admitted.

He further explained that China’s stealth champion enterprises are basically private enterprises. How private enterprises improve their patterns, especially the role positioning pattern and leadership of the enterprise, and the leadership pattern must be gradually guided. “It is recommended that you don’t stand at your own corporate perspective to see the problem. You also have to stand at the perspective of the industry to see the problem. You must jump out of inertia thinking and stand at a higher level to look at the survival and development of the company. Pay attention Think more about foreign hidden champion companies, such as the reason why the century -old companies in Germany and Japan have long -lasting reasons. “

Zhang Xu has his own perception:

Japanese stealth champion companies actually undertake the role of social officials. This is what China’s stealth champion company needs to pay attention to, that is, a sense of social responsibility and pattern.


“Many hundred -year -old crown companies in Japan will be controlled at about 10%, not only profitable in their eyes. They pay great attention to corporate social responsibility. And we will find that Germany’s invisible champion contributes great to the industry. These champions Enterprises are seeking their own development rationally, while also leading the development of the entire industry. “Zhang Xu said.

Young, that is, the second -generation inheritance of the enterprise, this is the problems faced by most Chinese private enterprises that start a business today and even the 1990s. Most of the company’s heads are older generations over the age of 50 or even 70 years old. How to let the second -generation successor in the inheritance of the company is really not easy.

How to inherit? How to plan? And how to play the value and role of young second -generation successors? How can the youth inheritance continue? Zhang Xu revealed that Zhijiang Organic Silicon is currently focusing on promoting this work.

In terms of intelligence, Zhijiang Organic Silicon Company has been layout. “The intelligent project of an enterprise is the first -time cognitive project.” Zhang Xu introduced that Zhijiang Organic Silicon is the first company in the same industry to introduce overseas intelligent devices in China. Now the entire workshop is intelligent equipment. This is also inseparable from He Yongfu’s management concept. The first leader is a positive attitude towards intelligent development, so the intelligent construction of the enterprise is a matter of water.

Informatization is also a very critical step in the process of corporate management. Nowadays, it has reached a new stage of management of advanced development. Enterprises can no longer “clear customs” with their enthusiasm and hard work. “Without a systematic rule, the enterprise is not far away, and the information construction can provide a good platform for the scientific management of the enterprise. And we also put it in research and development costs, tackle core technology, cultivate and introduce innovation innovation The leader is what we have been doing. “Zhang Xu said.

As for globalization, it is the most unavoidable problem in the development of the times. Even if there is currently signs of globalization, from the long run, globalization is still a big deal. From a Chinese brand to a world brand, it is the era mission of invisible champion companies. Zhijiang Organic Silicon has also opened its own branch in the European market, based on Switzerland, intending to radiate the entire European market, and implement the principles of local recruitment and localized management.

In addition, Zhang Xu also added: “The characteristic culture of creating an invisible champion enterprise is also the core driving force of the development of the enterprise.”

During the development of enterprises, it can be from unknown to the world. From the initial imitation and replication of other people’s technology to finding its own core value and original power, the real core value culture of the enterprise cannot be copied.

“To form your own unique corporate culture, in general, you must have your own backbone. As managers, you must think about it and say that you can do it; as an enterprise, you must quickly respond to the customer’s service capabilities.”

Zhang Xu (right) received the award at the first “China Made in Hidden Champions” selection and award ceremony sponsored by Chinese and foreign management

Zhang Xu feels that invisible champion companies are not necessarily invisible, and it may be completely under the magnesium light in some aspects. Whether it is an epidemic in the world or how many external and internal impacts, the hidden crown enterprises must be those companies that can come up with the real things. Nuclear competitiveness.

“If your corporate gene is suitable for stealth championship, and leaders also have the concepts and wishes in this regard, they can develop along this road. But if some companies do not have conditions, or from the beginning, they choose one other other. The road, such as bigger and stronger, such as going straight to the market, it is not necessary. The key is to find a way that suits you. “Zhang Xu added.

Zhang Xu’s words are very willing. After all, creating a “invisible champion” is a career that tests and patience.


1. Positioning accuracy and stable stability

How do I find the number of product roads? The experience of Organic Silicon Company is to enter the market segment, or even a highly segmented market, to achieve the first to sales, continue to improve, and gradually find comparative advantages, and then obtain opportunities for survival in fierce competition. After obtaining market recognition, Zhijiang Organic Silicon Corporation began to adopt market strategies in a targeted manner, and established a high cost -effective impression in market segments and in the minds of customers, thereby winning scale growth.

The eyes and courage of corporate leaders often determine whether enterprises can make correct judgments in product innovation and overall direction. Zhijiang Organic Silicon Corporation can maintain steadily in the market ascension channel. It is officially understood by He Yongfu and his management team on the industry and operations based on his management team. From a new person in an industry to a strong company that can dominate the market.

2. By relying on customers and binding experts

Excellent enterprises have an inexplicable development experience of entrepreneurial stories and turning in the turning point. They may just make the right choice at the right time. Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Haier Group, once said: Enterprises are people, and management is to borrow. In the primary stage where marketing, brand, and talent advantages are not obvious, Zhijiang Organic Silicon Company “binds top customers” and “absorb industry experts at the expense of cost”, which perfectly uses the “borrowing force” law to realize the company from 0 to 1 from 0 to 1 Break.

3. Do not fight for the overall situation

The agency rights of the Organic Silicon Company of Zhijiang are excluding him, but they guarantee that each dealer has a large profit space, and even formulates the provisions of “not to compete with dealers” to create a win -win and ecological type of altruism and ecological type. Industrial Chain -This is the embodiment of pattern and mind. If the laws of superstition jungle are inevitably lost by small benefits. The approach of Organic Silicon Company of Zhijiang seems to be “suffering”, but has won greater development space for himself.

Supply chain enterprises, expert reviews:

Schwerdtel, Schwerdtel, Germany

Since its establishment for more than 20 years, Hangzhou Zhijiang Organic Silicon Co., Ltd. has continuously worked as a market leader in the world sealing glue industry. Its advantage is its core professional knowledge and value -driven factor, and firmly believes that focusing and innovation than blind diversification is blindly diversified than blindness. More effective.

I am glad to see more and more Chinese companies such as “Zhijiang organic silicon”, not only put forward the hidden championship strategy, but also apply it to the operation of daily companies. The company focuses on market segments, attaches importance to innovation to enhance competitive advantages, pursue sustainable and high -quality growth, know how to motivate employees, maintain a streamlined organization, and commit to becoming first -class in the industry. These are the core values ​​of the invisible champion.

Herman Simon, the father of “invisible champion”

As a well -known global sealing glue and chemical adhesive product supplier, Schwerdtel, Germany, has always been committed to the pursuit of quality and precision technology. The company’s standards for cooperation customers are the same.

Hangzhou Organic Silicon Company focuses on the market segment and achieves the ultimate in the market segment. It builds the core competitiveness of enterprises in multi -dimensional products such as products, marketing, innovation, and services. value. Over the years, the Jiangjiang Organic Silicon Company has gained excellence, continuous innovation, and sincere development. From the “small volume” at the beginning of entrepreneurship, it has developed into a champion -based enterprise that has its own popularity in China and worldwide. Essence Through more than 20 years of concentration and adherence, adhere to “professionalism, internationalization, and sustainable development”. Lean organization.

We have witnessed the growth and continuous growth of the Organic Silicon Company, and we are proud of being able to have such cooperative customers.

Not long ago, the Beijing Stock Exchange was established, and the “Special New-Invisible Champions” small and medium-sized enterprises in various market segments have become a hot topic of attention.

In this context, the fourth “China -Mreal Hidden Champion” Changqing Summit, hosted by Sino -foreign management, will be held in Qingdao on September 29, 2021, with the theme of “Digitalization and Industrialization Chain of Hidden Champions”. Under the strict review of the 18 high -quality candidate companies, who will receive the honorary title of the new “Chinese Hidden Champions” and “Times Craftsman” for the new Chinese and foreign judges and experts? Let’s wait and see!

Author: ArticleManager