The brain is clear! Coca -Cola is red, the Yangtze Hall goes out of the mask, netizens: Lao Genmam’s perfume

Today, Coca -Cola was unreasonable, and even sold lipstick on Tmall. BlingBling’s cola red packaging definitely attracted many people’s eyes.

At first glance, this lipstick is a classic LOGO of Coca -Cola, but in fact, the inside contains a lot of designs. For example, the lipsticks of this series have their own flavor, and they can’t help licking, sweet. This joint series also includes six categories: 9 -color eye shadow plate, air cushion BB, powder, lipstick, lip glaze and lip -staining liquid. Tmall will be launched at the end of May. Feeling a set, you can draw a beautiful cola. Do you dare to try such a mouthful of cola and a pink girl heart?


In fact, major brands have already played cross -border in Tmall, and the results are surprisingly effective. For example, the mask came out of the health hall, and netizens said that it can be prolonged? This kind of mask comes with a dozen.

Even more amazing, do you count the perfume from Luzhou Laojiao? In fact, as early as September last year’s “9.9 Tmall Global Drinking Festival”, Luzhou Laojiao’s first perfume ‘Luzhou Laojiao X -Smelly Library customized pale perfume’ has been released. This perfume has been in Tmall, and it is also a netizen: Will you be drunk if you apply it? A little scared.


I went to Tmall to search for it and found that Grandpa KFC was also selling makeup! You are right, you are really selling makeup, and the sales volume is very good!


I used to think that buying fresh and buying big names in Tmall is already great. Now this kind of cross -border products are constantly appearing.

Maybe the day of the old godmother’s perfume is really coming! If you really produce such a perfume, do you choose micro -spicy or medium spicy? Anyway, I choose perverted spicy!

Author: ArticleManager