Is the kitchen door with a matte glass or a transparent glass?

In the kitchen decoration, many people will choose the sliding door design, and the sliding door is relatively convenient, and it also saves space. People don’t have a dispute in the kitchen door, some people say that the kitchen door is used as a frosted glass, some people say that the transparent glass is good, then the kitchen door is used as a frosted glass or a transparent glass? What do you pay attention to in the glass door? Come and learn together with Xiaobian.

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First, the kitchen door is used as a matte glass or a transparent glass.

1, transparent glass door advantages and disadvantages

Transparent glass door advantages: The benefits of transparent glass sliding doors are good light transmittance, and the glass surface is easier to clean, and the overall decorative properties of the kitchen and elsewhere will not be destroyed. Nowadays, the house is small, the room is small, the kitchen space is smaller, the kitchen installation transparent glass door will make the space in the home look more, it will not make people feel suppressed and occluded, and the transparent glass kitchen, Can see the situation in the restaurant, you can communicate well with your family.

Transparent glass door disadvantages: Turn the door with transparent glass, the kitchen should always be clean and tidy, otherwise the situation of the kitchen is unobstructed, it is very bad. Moreover, the transparent glass is very dirty, and it will be seen above, and it is necessary to wipe clean.

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2, the advantages and disadvantages of matte glass doors


Advantages of matte glass doors: Scrubbed sliding door is now generally double-layer (two frosted layers, outside is flat), which helps daily health clean, frosted glass to let the kitchen form a more independent space It can effectively protect the kitchen privacy, even if it is not in time to take care of the kitchen, you can use the scrub the door to slide the door to block the door, avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Disadvantages of frosted glass doors: the light transmissivity of the sanding glass sliding door is poor, so that the kitchen is not good, then the use of frosted glass will make the overall environment more dark, and the environment of the cook is easy to make people feel too depressed. .

Second, the push-pull door installation consideration

1. When we install the glass sliding door, we must also check if there is a quality problem in the glass sliding door. We can see if its appearance is flat, and whether the reserved door hole is complete and accurate.


3, if used with oil ash, the ash should be filled with the light. If the rubber pad is used, the rubber pad should be embedded and secured with a press and screws.


4, if the bar is fixed, usually press the strip on the 4 or both sides, and seal it with a sealed rubber.

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