The “clavicle hair” of age reduction and stylish, straight hair is fresh and thin, and the curls are more stylish

Celastoma hair is a stylish and age -reducing medium -sized hairstyle. The effect of modifying the face shape is very powerful, and it is also the type that can show the sense of fashion. This hairstyle is very common in life, because the length of the hairstyle is just on the bottom and bottom of the collarbone, and the clavicle is called.

Is the clavicle hair look good or hot? This is also a question raised by many netizens. The topic of this issue focuses on sharing for everyone. Whether the collarbone hair should be hot, is there any difference between hotness and not hot, or how much the difference is. Let me explain it from three aspects:

Do you want to be hot?

In fact, hot and non -hotness depends on your own preferences or requirements for hairstyles. There is no specification that the clavicle hair must be perm to look good. For multiple hair quality conditions, the cut is very suitable for face shape and temperament. In addition, it will take care of it. However, the amount of hair is small, the scalp is soft, or it is not good at taking care of the hairstyle. It is recommended that it is better to get hot.

High hair quality is good, straight hair curls are suitable, and it will not change much if hot or hot. For example, the comparison of Zhang Junning’s set of hairstyle pictures, straight hair on the left, but the end of the hair is slightly buckled. Simple and casual. The picture on the right is curly hair style, which is slightly mature compared to straight hair, but it is more charm.

Straight hair gives people a simple and pure feeling, while curly hair is more fashionable and foreign, which can be said to have their own beauty. There is also personal preferences and aesthetics that determine that you like straight hair or curls, so you still have to say that hotness is still not hot.

In addition to personal preferences, it also depends on your hair quality and face shape. The hair quality is thick and elastic, with a fluffy feeling, and it is not hot. However, it is recommended to make a slightly internal buckle effect. The face is thin or small, and the perm can be considered, which can increase the outline of the hairstyle and also mature slightly.

Straight hair is fresh and thin, curled and fashionable

Whether or not the clavicle hair should be hot, it can be said that the benevolent sees the wisdom and wisdom, and there is no unified standard. However, straight hair and curls can bring people a different feeling. The straight hair is pure and thin, and the curly hair style is fashionable and foreign.

For example, the comparison of direct hair and curls above, the model is the same person, the left picture is the straight hair effect, and the picture on the right is the curling effect. Do you see what is the difference? Straight hair innocence, curly hair, different effects, different feelings.

Everyone’s plasticity is very strong, and there are many suitable hairstyles. This requires you to be good at digging your potential. You will find that you are not only suitable for straight hair, but also for curly hair. It is also very beautiful, so do n’t restrict yourself in a circle. You can try the different feelings brought by straight hair and curls. Is n’t it a very interesting thing?


However, the hairstyle of the clavicle hair is either buckled or turning in the inner buckle. Because the length is just in the shoulder, it is impossible to leave a long hair -like drooping feeling. If the perm is perm, don’t be hot, the more natural, the better.


Three cases that are not suitable for perm

Although everyone is suitable for many hairstyles, some special circumstances should not be hot. For example, in the following three cases, I don’t recommend perm.


1. The fluffy and heavy sofa hair is not suitable for perm


The sofa is a kind of dryness and hairy hair. It will also appear frosted and irritable without hotness. The key is very fluffy. The hairstyle of this length of the clavicle is too fluffy, which will not look good, not only affects the face shape, but also affects the overall beauty.

If you are a sofa hair quality and like this medium clavicle hair, it is recommended to make a ionic hot, and then hot the end buckle, the effect will be improved by a grade. This kind of hair curly curly hair is difficult to control. It is not easy to take care of it. The key is that it will not be able to make a good -looking effect at all.

2. People with big faces and big heads are not suitable for perm

The big face is not suitable for medium and long hair. It is best to choose long or short hair, because the long hair is tied to a sharp, short hair is refreshing and capable. The clavicle is not long or short, and it will show a big face and big head, so it is not recommended to perm.


People with a fat body should not choose collarbone or hot collar hair, because the length of this hairstyle is just piled on the neck, which will make your neck look thick and short, very unsightly. Therefore, it is best not to perm in this situation. It is recommended to cut short hair more suitable for fat people. No matter how good the hairstyle is, it is not suitable for nothing, so it is best to choose the hairstyle that suits you.

3. People with short necks are not suitable for perm

The neck is thick, not to mention perm, that is, the clavicle hair is not very suitable. Because the length of the clavicle hair is located up and down on the shoulder, and it is covered with the neck and shoulders, it will make your neck more thick.

If a person with a thick neck is curled, it is the same as the fat person who has said it above. It is not suitable for not good -looking. If the clavicle hair has been cut, it is recommended to choose straight hair, it is best to thin the hair end, or it is more suitable for you.


The above is some suggestions for the clavicle hair to be perm, I hope to help everyone.

The final summary:

1. The clavicle hair can be hot or hot, mainly depending on the personal preferences and the requirements of the hairstyle;

2. The hair volume is small and soft. It is recommended to have a better effect.

3. The sofa is not recommended for perm, and the face is not recommended to perm. It is best not to perm if the neck is thick and short.

This article is talked about fashion original, which only represents the personal point of view. The pictures come from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact and delete it. I hope that my professional interpretation and unique insights can help everyone. More topics can continue to communicate or vomit in the comment area below.

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