The man shouted a briefcase, 3 kg, gold ornament, worth overman, or sentenced

Western couple doing business

男子顺走一公文包内装3公斤金饰 价值超百万或被判无期

The mall is stolen when eating

The lawyer said that the husky man is not surrendered

After the network, it may be sentenced to life imprisonment.

When Mr. Zhang for the golden ornamental business, she accidentally walked a briefcase with 3 kilograms of gold. According to Mr. Zhang, the value of 3 kilograms of gold has exceeded 1 million yuan, and the state of the inscriptions have been involved in the survey.

The police argue that the bag should invest surrenders as soon as possible. According to the Criminal Law, theft value of millions of gold may be imprisoned. “The case is great, the public security is bound to detect. Once the suspect is caught, when the gold has been saved, it is still being discarded, he will finally face the law.” A first-line police said, “At this time, since the first investment, it is The only way to leave the suspect. “


I found that the golden package was gone.

男子顺走一公文包内装3公斤金饰 价值超百万或被判无期

At 9 o’clock on the evening of August 14, Zhang Mr. Zhang, who came to Xi’an, Xi’an, from Gansu, was busy, and his wife went to Lijia Village Wanda 3rd Floor to feed. “At that time, there were not many people. When I finished eating, I found that the briefcase was gone. This package I am in the next time, how can I not see it?”

This package is ordinary, and the things in the package are surprised. “A total of 2996 grams of gold jewelry, according to the market price of 328 yuan / gram, these gold jewelry have exceeded one million.” Mr. Zhang said.

According to Mr. Zhang, his family did a golden jewelry business in Gansu. “I opened a gold shop in Gansu, there is a new business, and I will take the Sanjin Decoration of Xi’an Lijia Village almost every month.” Mr. Zhang said, “This value is millions of gold.” Also on the three fists in the adult, it is not conspicuous in the handbag, but safe. Always doing the same year, who knows this time, it is lost. “

Hotel employee memory

男子顺走一公文包内装3公斤金饰 价值超百万或被判无期

A man put it on the phone and went away

Yesterday, Huashang reporter came to the Third Floor of Lijiacun Wanda, and the staff refused the reporter to view the demands of the monitor.

“Our store is hit at 9:30, the incident time is about 9 o’clock, there are not many people in the store, a pair of middle-aged couples suddenly say that their packages are lost, and the bag has been worth more than one million gold. “The staff said,” At that time, the two people were particularly panicked, the woman kept crying. The monitoring of our store just took the whole process of men’s lost packets. It is another man who lost the main two people. Hands with the bag placed next to it. No one will think that there is so much gold inside. “

A citizen called Huadian reported that he was also eating in the store. “The two people are outside voices. After the package is lost, I suddenly lost God as crazy. The expression, the expression is definitely the performance of valuables. Everyone knows that it is worth more than 1 million worth. Gold jewelry. “This citizen said,” Everyone helped them to find it, and later looked at the surveillance in the store, it is indeed been stolen by a black man. “

Monitoring clearly visible black men’s stealing

Huashang News reporter gave a number of surveillance of the incident. Multiple monitoring video clearly captures the face of criminal suspects. The man is 30 years old, thin, black trousers black long sleeves.

The video photographed the man called the phone at 8:57 to get into the merits and drinking shop, 9:03 quickly walked out of the store, and a black leather men’s handbag was taken on the right arm. Then, take the elevator to escape from Li Jia Village. The meritorious food staff said that the man may be criticized and the theft is extremely concealed. “Our stores come in a customer, the waiter will help it, order. At that time, the man came in, I followed it to prepare for service. He looked at me and gently greeted it. Call, slightly. I haven’t always followed it. The man stood around the couple, I didn’t think too much, who knew he would wait for the stealing. “

At 11 o’clock in the morning, China Business News reporter saw that the police of the police station of the Public Security Mono-Branch Office was in the store. The police said: “At present, the police still detect the stage and inconvenience interviews.”

The package is the only way out as soon as possible.

Huashang News reported Yesterday, Zhang Xingmao, Zhang Xingmao, Shaanxi Leyou Law Firm, said: “According to the” Criminal Law “and” Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court on the specific application of the legal case “, individual stealing public and private property worth RMB 300,000 Yuan is more than 500,000 yuan, the amount is especially huge. Crime of crimes, especially the plot is particularly imprisonment or life imprisonment, and penalty or confiscation of property, the plot is particularly serious, Others are particularly serious. “

“Once the suspect can be arrested by the police, it may be sentenced to imprisonment. The only way out of the man is to invest independently as soon as possible, return gold to the owner, and strive to be widely treated.” Zhang Xingmao said, “If the suspect can surrender, The original court will be considered, and the sentence will be under ten years or less. “Hua Shang reporter Xie Tao photography

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