Spider-Man may also use this black technology-hand-track wristband

Question? How does Spider -Man’s clue?


1: The ability to get after the Spider -Man’s own mutation

2: Self -made spider silk transmitter

3: The high -tech that Dad Tony Dad does

The answers are correct, because this is also different from the clue launch of different versions of Spider -Man movies. If you know why, you can leave your opinion in the comment area.

Such black technology does look very dazzling, so is there similar glove black technology in reality?

Today I will introduce a technology wristband,


Such a company with related products realizes similar prototypes.

To put it simply, the wristband with four thermal sensors to achieve the hand tracking experience.


This is the prototype design of the SCIFI Laboratory of Cornell University, coupled with the help of the University of Wisconsin Madison, proposed a unique wristband equipment. The wristband equipment uses four small (9.30mm) synchronous thermal portrait instruments To provide more accurate VR and AR hand tracking experience.

The device is called FINGERTRAK, and it looks like an upgraded version of Spider -Man’s online shooting game. However, this device does not trigger the network, but captures your hand movements, and then transmits data to the computer connected to a computer. The computer is then running deep learning model, which can predict all 20 finger joint positions.


Each thermal image is tracking the movement of the top, bottom, left and right on the top of your hand, and then divide each image in real time into a single stitching hot image. Because FINGERTRAK uses hot images to track your hand movement, the system can perform more accurate hand tracking compared to options such as the Leap Motion controller or Oculus Quests.


In order to announce the advancement of hand tracking technology, the science fiction laboratory released a white paper and videos to introduce its work on thermal tracking equipment in detail. In the video, you will get POV of the user naked, because they can handle daily activities, such as reading notebooks, writing diaries, holding a cup of coffee, and picking up their mobile devices.

You can even track the delicate hand movements. Low resolution (32 x 24) Thermal imageriors can estimate naked hands by tracking the contour of the hand.

The video also shows how FINGERTRAK enables you to control the robot in real time. When the user moves his fingers, fists, close and open your hand, the robot will mirror each move in real time. It turns out that this technology is very useful in various dangerous conditions, such as eliminating bombs, exploring dangerous environments, and even providing basic home care services remotely.


However, according to the science fiction laboratory, there are still a lot of work to do before their products are preparing to invest in mass production. Similar to most other forms of consumer hand tracking technology, FINGERTRAK cannot provide any form of tactile feedback, which is difficult to complete the task that you can “feel” the surrounding world. Another problem is that the angle error rate of FINGERTRAK is very small, fluctuating between 6.46 and 8.06 degrees. Although this sounds like a big deal, this may bring a lot of differences on activities that need accuracy (such as a specific wires on a bomb).

Although this prototype wristband in science fiction movies is still relatively rough, this product still thinks more for Black Technology. Most of the body -sensitive gloves on the market are like this:


The overall wrapping is wrapped, and there will be auxiliary dynamic catcher peripheral sensors on the gloves. It feels uncomfortable, and it needs to wear gloves to increase the cost of user operation. No matter how breathable it is, it will be uncomfortable to wear a glove in summer.

The wristband using such armoser to achieve the hand tracking experience. It really liberates the fingers and can make the fingers more flexibly. Like Spider -Man in the movie, Spider -Man’s operation is completely portable and natural.

Whether it is the touch knob launched by the Microsoft Surface all -in -one, or the latest design TouchBar of the Apple MacBook is still a new trend to us, and it is closer to the human -machine experience of natural interaction. Both hands who have been trained by the mouse must be liberated for many years, and use more real movements and touch to achieve our control of the machine. Therefore, various gestures capture the operation of the operation and the mixed reality glasses. Go to make your own gesture interaction.

Touch gloves solve the problem of touch feedback in the current hybrid real interaction to a certain extent. Like the thermal touch feedback gloves mentioned earlier, if the technology is really made breakthrough, it is like the body -sensitive clothes in the number one player. Put on that can definitely get a more realistic game experience, then if you give you a touch glove to play games, which aspect will you help?

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