Can the perfume flavor in the ballroom be smelling incense?

If you only talk about the popular classic movie “Smelling Fragrance Women”, for many people, the too profound plot and connotation seem to understand it. So I still talk about it. This article talks about the smell of perfume in the ballroom. How to judge the woman in the ballroom through perfume?

First, the eyes of senior dancers’ eyes and noses do not like the smell of perfume in the ballroom.


What is eye poison? The floor in a ballroom is not slippery and how many pillars are there? The details that these ordinary people don’t pay attention to are clear and clear for senior dancers. Novice dancers have been aggressive. Do n’t you think of the popular factors such as the popularity of the ballroom and lighting sound effects in the ballroom?

The “nose tip” refers to the veteran in the ballroom with the rich experience in the past to “sniff” the different taste of women, not just things that do not use perfume without perfume.

Perfume can make women add charm and more attractive. How to use perfume is a great knowledge. If the perfume is used properly, you can add points for yourself. If it is not used properly, it is counterproductive.

The ballroom and the ball are two different concepts. If you use perfume at the ball, it is understandable. But in the ballroom, especially facing strange male dancers, it is best not to use perfume.

If a certain state is reached, this is the so -called “no incense is better than fragrant”, or “there is no fragrance on the body, there is incense inside”. After all, women are more sensitive to perfume than men. If you let your wife smell the smell of other women in a man, then this matter is not easy to explain. Let’s explain that I just go to the ballroom to read the newspapers, or dances and dance. Whether this explanation is reasonable and reasonable, but it is certain that doubt is certain. Therefore, as long as it is not dancing between husband and wife, it is best not to use perfumes to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and troubles. Elegant dancing posture, temperamental manners, and decent dressing can add points to women, so you don’t need perfume to “draw the finishing touch”.

Second, female dancers and dancers are not the same concept, dancers choose trilogy.

The first stage: the first enters the dance floor, the economic conditions are average.

Maybe it was a factory girl or waiter before. When I entered the ballroom, I couldn’t afford any valuable perfume. The key is that there are not many research on this category. I just buy a bottle of perfume from the Internet.

The inferior perfume not only stays in the incense, but also the taste is not so pure, even with a pungent taste. The dancer who spray this perfume is limited first, and the second taste is not good. No matter how beautiful it is, it is just a good -looking skin. It is better not to use cheap inferior perfumes. This kind of dancer is generally a novice among dancers. There may be no in -depth exchanges with her, and many senior dancers have been able to roughly judge eight or nine.

Second, a mixed ballroom for one or two years, the economic conditions have improved


There is no perfume in the ballroom. If you have to use perfume, the taste is still lighter. After all, the ballroom is also in public, not everyone likes the taste of perfume. The dancer in the ballroom sees more dancers, and the changes and growth of thoughts are particularly fast. The dancer also began to differentiate, and some of them advocated “dancing virtue”, and the other part did not talk about dance morality, and became a locomotive.


If a dancer with a flower and fruit fragrance is basically a locomotive girl. There is only a flower in the dance hall, and there is no need to be proud.

If you use elegant fragrance perfumes, such women are suitable for camouflage, it may be obvious that it is indifferent to fame and fortune, and verify that “high -end hunters are often disguised as prey.” Some people say that this is better than those big -name “Royal Sister Fan” and “Queen Fan” perfume. This belongs to the question of benevolence and wisdom, and cannot be generalized.

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