In the first pair of shoes in spring and summer, I choose “shallow mouth flat shoes” and wear more advanced levels according to “Korean aunt”

For ordinary people, your shoes are highly comfortable or not, and shoes play an important role. In spring and summer, choose a pair of light and flat shoes that are both comfortable and full of mind. Effective way to make full comfort.


However, there are too many styles of light and flat shoes. What styles should we choose and how do we match? Don’t worry, the Korean bloggers who shared this time can provide us with a clue. In the first pair of shoes in spring and summer, I chose “shallow flat shoes” and wear more advanced levels according to “Korean aunt”, let’s take a look!

1. Light -mouth Lefu shoes


Light -mouth flat shoes have higher practicality in spring and summer. Whether it is the workplace or daily wear, it will not cover the feet. With the flat bottom design, it is absolutely comfortable to wear and not tired.

If you don’t know which shallow and flat shoes are most suitable for you, it is recommended to try shallow love shoes. The biggest advantage of this kind of shoes is that the versatile is practical and not picky, and its style is very simple and generous, which is in line with the elegant and intellectual temperament of middle -aged women.

Spring and summer is suitable for wearing white loafers. With the tender and clean white system, it enhances the sense of high -level shape. With blue jeans or the same color nine -point pants, simple and high -level is not losing the femininity of mature age.


After the middle -aged stage, if it is a loyal enthusiast with a simple and elegant style, there is no shortage of light -mouth Lefu shoes in the closet. High -level sense.


However, it should be noted that if you use wide -leg trousers with loafers, you must not only use the same color method, the material of wide -leg trousers must also have a sense of drape, and the length is covered with one -half of the instep.

Second, shallow grandma shoes


In spring and summer, it can not only take into account high -level and comfort, but also versatile and practical shallow flat shoes, as well as grandma shoes.

If you want to stretch your legs with high heels, but you are worried that high heels are uncomfortable and difficult to control, then use grandma shoes to replace high heels.

Grandma’s shoes are more typical thin tools. Most of them use pointed design, which adds femininity and can stretch the leg length, which is tall and thin. And grandma’s shoes are also a good hand to create elegant temperament, making your shape full of intellectual femininity.

Third, metal decorative light mouth single shoes

In the spring and summer season, most tide people will choose light -mouth single shoes to create street or workplace look, but the light -mouth single -shoe style can lead to different styles.

If you like the comfortable and breathability of light -mouth single shoes, and you want to add elegance to the shape, then it is recommended to choose a shallow flat shoes with metal decoration.

This kind of shoes not only simple and generous styles, but also to create a more comfortable and comfortable spring and summer shape by exposing the instep. With the unique metal decoration, it is very fashionable to wear it every day.

It is recommended that you choose some light -colored metal decorative light -mouth single shoes, such as beige, apricot, or milk camel color, etc. This kind of light -mouth single shoes are simpler and elegant. With the same color top and lower clothes, you can also emphasize the coordination of the overall dress. sense.

Everyone should pay attention to. It is best to increase your charm value by exposing your ankle and instep on the ankle and instep of pants or skirts in the same color.


Fourth, one word buckle light mouth shoes

Because of the addition of the design of the fastener design, it will be even more chic, especially the flat model, especially the flat model, which is comfortable and fashionable.

However, it should be noted that such shoes have some requirements for the shape of the foot. If your foot type is hypertrophy, it is not recommended to choose a word -buckled light -mouth shoes. Conversely, if your body is slim and slender and the foot shape is beautiful, then such shoes are definitely suitable for you.

If you want to wear more casual fashion, it is recommended to pair with light blue high -waisted jeans, while adding a sense of fashion, but also intellectual.

Five, flat -bottomed sandalwood


Finally, I recommend everyone’s flat shoes. Maybe many people think that sandals are too common and cannot wear a sense of high level. In fact, as long as you choose a more classic sandalwood style.

First of all, it is recommended that you are a flat half -dragging of this type of superimposed -hearted decoration. The slender and narrow shoe shape and shallow mouth design can be used to modify the shape in minutes, making the whole person look taller.

Moreover, this kind of shoes are versatile and practical without losing the high -quality texture. It is also convenient to wear and take off. It has it in the shoe cabinet, and it looks good with pants and skirts.

Middle -aged women value the versatile nature of the sandalwood. You can try the classic coffee colors of the above -mentioned styles above, which is not easy to be outdated and light and comfortable.

In the spring, it will not give people a sense of arbitrarily using it to create a daily look, but also to contracted the sense of fashion.


In spring and summer, if middle -aged women want to use shoes to enhance the comfort and high -level sense of shape, then you must choose shallow and flat shoes. Like the above styles, they are suitable for ordinary people. It is versatile and stylish!

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